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  1. mapleleaves

    Best why to get to Monte Carlo

    it's a relatively quick train ride, about 1hr 15 minutes. (I usually use thetrainline.com to get an idea of schedule )
  2. mapleleaves

    Connecting in CDG airport in Paris

    Are both legs on Delta ? If different airlines, look on the CDG web site to see which terminals you will use. We flew into CDG from the U.S. on Delta then connected on AirFrance for Venice. We had 1 1/2 hrs. Luckily both airlines were in the same terminal. It was crazy busy, with so many lines of people it was difficult to know which line to stand in. (Similar to the Venice airport chaos). We were convinced we wouldn't make the flight but we did ! If we needed to change terminals we wouldn't have made it, so check on that.
  3. mapleleaves

    Ending in Genoa - advice needed flying home from Pisa

    flying home to where ? We took the train to Milan as we found more flights there. But if you MUST fly from Pisa, I'd flip your itinerary so that you end up there instead of backtracking. And unless you have specific plans in Genoa i'd skip it. WED Disembark. Train to Florence THU Florence FRI sighteeing in the morning, noon-ish train to Pisa (1 to 2 hrs). Check into hotel then sightsee for a couple of hrs around Pisa. SAT 10am flight
  4. mapleleaves

    Barcelona hotel ... just to sleep

    Placa Catalunya is kind of the 'city center' and about a 20 minute cab ride from the airport. And about a 10 minute ride to the dock. Just use tripadvisor, booking.com or similar site to find a hotel in the Placa Catalunya area that meets your budget and any other requirements.
  5. mapleleaves


    is this a day trip while your ship is docked? or will you have luggage with you ?
  6. mapleleaves

    Barcelona to Dali museum train ride?

    Here? https://www.salvador-dali.org/en/museums/dali-theatre-museum-in-figueres/info-practica/com-arribar/ Looks easy enough to take the train to Figueres Vilafant station, then a 12 minute walk. I looked on www.thetrainline.com and for this Sunday, it shows the train leaving Barcelona once an hr to Figueres-V and it's a 55 minute trip. Perhaps there are more departures in the summer. See if your dates are available but it's probably too early.
  7. mapleleaves

    Why is the Epic so unpopular?

    I'll be on the Epic in Sept and REALLY looking forward to this cruise ! i booked last Sept. At that time people were posting trip reports for the Med itinerary and the reports were positive, except for the occasional whine about the bathroom. I think the expectations are different when you sail a Med itinerary vs a Caribbean itinerary. A Med cruise is about the itinerary, but a Caribbean cruise is more about the ship. Personally, I don't really enjoy cruising. I'm taking this trip for the itinerary; the EPIC is just an easy way of getting me to a few new destinations. If I also enjoy a few decent meals, a few drinks and some entertainment, what a bonus! I'm really looking forward to this trip .... I'm going to have a great time and will enjoy every minute of it. Hope you do too.
  8. mapleleaves

    Palma de Mallorca DIY

    If you look back a few pages you'll find a VERY long thread on DIY for Palma. The thread has over a dozen pages with info on sights, beaches, excursions, etc. I found it very helpful.
  9. The web sites all say "any station' so I'm taking them at their word . I too plan to buy my T10 card at a metro station. https://www.barcelona-tourist-guide.com/en/transport/barcelona-metro.html
  10. the metro web site has all the info you need, and maps: https://www.tmb.cat/en/barcelona-fares-metro-bus
  11. mapleleaves


    Viator is middle man not a tour operator so they will farm this tour out to another vendor. Your post mentions Florence and Pisa but the link is for Florence and Lucca. Which cities do you want to visit? There are several tour companies that are well reviewed on this forum. A car and driver averages about 400-500Eper day ....you can organize a semi private tour, then invite 4-6 people from your roll call to join you and bring down the cost. Or this company does the organizing for you, but you still should advertise availability on your roll call: https://italytoursharing.com/livorno-port/florence-and-lucca-livorno-port Or if you don't need a guide, just take the train to Florence and DIY. Or use tuscany bus is another transportation only that offers a few destinations out of Livorno.
  12. mapleleaves

    Early breakfast in Barcelona

    do you mean a full breakfast ? there are lots of coffee shops in the area. We're staying 2 blocks away from Universitiat at Hotel Lleo and there are several coffee shops closeby, incl a Starbucks. But that only works if you'll settle for coffee/tea and a muffin/donut kinda b'fast.
  13. mapleleaves

    Weather in October

    Use the historical data on wunderground or a similar site. Just plug in your dates then look at several yrs of data. Takes about 3 minutes to look at 10 yrs . https://www.wunderground.com/history/
  14. mapleleaves

    has anyone used barcelona airport transfers?

    Given the size of your group you might to ask this question on the Barcelona forum of tripadvisor. Good luck!
  15. mapleleaves

    Anchorage Hotel and Transfer to Seward

    Only you can decide how important your sleep is. And in reality it will be closer to 5 hrs sleep if you take the morning train. How will 5 hrs sleep affect the rest of your day? are you going to be cranky and miserable all day? sleep all the way to Seward? or can you suck it up and settle for an early night on the ship? If you decide on the train, stay downtown by the depot. Get the drive over with. It will save you from worrying about the 20-30 minute drive early the next day. A cab will be about $25. Check out the Anchorage Grand; walking distance to the depot. There is a cruise-contracted train that leaves in the afternoon. Don't know if NCL is in that mix, but worth a call to find out. The attached map shows the train route. The train tracks run next to the hwy for 75% of the trip, except for the section between Portage Lake and Moose Pass. This is where you can have great glacier views that you won't get from the road. http://www.alaska.org/assets/content/maps/Transportation_Map.pdf