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  1. I chose ‘other’. We have 5 cruises booked starting February 2022 (a few are b2B). Yes we are eager to get cruising again, but whilst we are both vaccinated (and I would want my fellow passengers to be vaccinated also) I really don’t want to wear a mask on board or do ships tours... That will dictate whether we keep or cancel our 2022 cruise reservations. We like to socialise on board, but I can live with being sat at a table 1metre away from other tables if it meant I didn’t have to wear a mask
  2. I’m looking to book one of these 1C at the far end of Deck 6. How often do people/workmen walk past your balcony? Port days or port days and sea days. I’d hate to be changing in the morning...and someone just walks past the balcony!
  3. Thanks for the replies👍 I will be on the Connie just before she goes into dry dock in April, so will be on old WiFi system I guess... But if it keeps me logged in for at least 12 hours that would work for me as I usually log in late at night, a couple of times in the day and first thing in the morning. I guess I’d then pretty much be permanently connected to the internet and any alerts from my alarm systems would then come through to me via the internet...
  4. I too was looking at this Surf Internet 2 Device package - Is the internet package continuous or does it keep logging you out when your phone/tablet device is not being used? I ask as my security system is internet based and sends live info to me, but if the internet disconnects when not in use and I keep having to log in every time I want to use it then I would lose that live reporting.
  5. Just curious.... is Jim Badger, the singer /pianist still entertaining on any NCL ships? He is a wonderful p, amusing entertainer... I can but hope he might be on our ourcoming NCL Sun Cruise.... thanks
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