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  1. Thank you everyone. It is Princess insurance and I posted there before I was aware of this board.
  2. Is there an advantage to paying for insurance at time of deposit? I think it was to do with pre existing conditions b I’m mot sure? TIA
  3. Considering we have never cruise Alaska in late April, just after any opinions from anyone that has please? Thank you
  4. Just back yesterday and sadly no Olga😔. Loved the staff, expeditions were great and the teams. First time kayaking on the ocean was awesome! Being in the zodiac that close to a glacier, seeing the stellar sea lions, orcas and humpbacks! Had a great humpback group bubble feeding on our last night and they slowed and circled for a while so everyone could see them. We used the frog togs they have onboard for zodiac and kayaking. I actually bought a pair of extra tuff boots in Ketchikan and I love them, plus I will use them here in Missouri. If you already own water proof pants or jackets I’m sure they will work better, but I just wore theirs over my jeans and over my parka and I was never cold or wet. We had rain, so the waterfalls were running full force and so beautiful. Don told us about the one bag of laundry and it is a big bag free of charge one time during the cruise. They say in the “brochure” they have irons and ironing boards on board to use, they were shocked when I asked. Not the crews fault, lack of communication from AQV. But they have pressing service and it worked great! If all of your electronic devices are fairly new you should be fine. I know for sure there were several fried curling irons. I asked before using mine and they told me it would not work. My cpap machine and phone charger worked just fine. I’ll be very happy to answer any questions. I was concerned about a few things and Don and Navy Veteran were great. You will love it.
  5. I talked with the director of marketing and she told me we did not need either and she was on board a few weeks ago? I am not sure if my c-pap is dual or not? So if not sure I need a convertor? Thank you for your answers.
  6. This is for the Ocean Victory, do we need convertor or adaptors on board? I read they have 230 V outlets. Leaving tonight and big oversight on my part if we need them, thank you🥰
  7. He is very mobile just slow and off balance with polio and then hip replacement in polio leg, so therefore the cane. I’m sure he will do great with them. Thank you!
  8. Don, when you use the zodiacs as tenders to the town are you sitting on any type of seat? I’m asking because my husband uses a cane and will need help into and out of the zodiacs. Like you said, this was not mentioned in any information I read about the cruise. Thank you.
  9. Well my husband loves lamb so he will be very happy! I’m sure it will be fine and again sorry you were both quarantined.
  10. Thank you for all of the great answers! My sister is booked on the Anan bear excursion but I’ll tell her about Alaska vistas. That is a big savings! We are doing Vancouver to Sitka and staying over one night in Sitka before flying home. Although I am now a bit worried about about some of my group getting sick on board or anyone for that matter. A real waste of a trip to be quarantined! I was aware they had a few cases on the first sailing but not since then. But we can’t hide under the bed the rest of our lives and hope to not catch Covid either! Glad you had a great trip and I appreciate your time❤️
  11. I’m so sorry to hear you had to quarantine after day 6! Were you very Ill? That’s a little concerning to me for the older people in my group. We have all been so very careful to not get Covid before our trip and it’s on the boat? Did you have insurance and did it cover your stay at the Hyatt? And your airline wasn’t a problem to re schedule? Thank you for your post.
  12. I’m sorry to hear the food isn’t the best, are they still short staffed so they can’t prepare better quality out just the chefs? Look forward to meeting Olga. We will enjoy our trip and we are all looking forward to it. Thank you for your post.
  13. We booked the one in Petersburg, it goes to the Le Conte glacier.
  14. We booked the one in Petersburg, it goes to the Le Conte glacier.
  15. That’s great news! I didn’t know we could have anything washed👏 Color me happy!
  16. Thank you elegantlotus, it sounds like most people didn’t change for dinner? I don’t plan on taking anything dressy just pants and light sweater or top for evening? What type of waterproof pants did you take and did they go over your clothes? If you don’t have water proof shoes or pants do you get soaking wet in the zodiacs or just a little? Are there any towns that you can just walk off the boat? I know Don mentioned yesterday that they used them to tender at some towns.
  17. Thank you! We are familiar with the paddle boat cruises and are really looking forward to this one as well. Thank you for clarifying the speciality restaurant not being there. My group are always flexible with changes so no problem there. I wasn’t aware that the zodiacs were also tenders, but should be no problem. My husband and another fellow use a cane and as long as they have help loading will be fine. We sail on July 30! Were you Sitka to Vancouver or the other direction?
  18. Thank you Don, it shows a speciality restaurant ( I thought) in the deck plans that there is an extra charge. I heard the food wasn’t great and that’s too bad but won’t spoil it for my group. Did you enjoy any excursions over another more? Thank you so much for answering our questions. How was your weather? All I see for this week is rain!
  19. Yes please post a review! Thank you and pray you have a great flight and get bumped to first class👏👏.
  20. We don’t cruise for a few weeks yet but I have seen several pics and everyone is wearing jeans and jackets or sweaters during the day and jeans and heavier jackets while on the zodiacs. I’m taking slacks and sweaters or long sleeve shirts for evening.
  21. Has anyone had any issues with flight delays or cancellations arriving into Vancouver to take the Ocean Victory to Sitka? I’m working on a back up plan for my group just in case it happens to any of us. Also if anyone has any pics of the dinner menus that would be awesome! We are on the July 30 sailing. Arriving into Vancouver July 29. Thank you
  22. For those of you on the Victory now, how is it going? Or if you just got I off we would love to hear about your experience! Anyone do the bear excursion or any of the jet boats? I would also like to know about the fishing excursion. Thank you very much.
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