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  1. Thanks everyone! This is really helpful!
  2. I know this may vary, but in general what are the breakfast options and hours on the Encore? We will be doing a med cruise in October and I am trying to decide what time to schedule some private tours in the ports. Also, if we decide on room service for breakfast, do they tend to deliver pretty close to the time you request? Thank you!
  3. That was my original thinking, but there are 4 of us. So it is $300 more for all of us to do UDP. I have a free specialty dinner for 4 from my TA so that is 4 dinners accounted for out of our 7 nights. I don't think we will want to do specialty restaurants for all of our dinners anyway. We definitely plan to try Playmakers and Portside BBQ, but we are not big eaters and I can't imagine we will spend another $300 at those places. Plus we have another $400 from my TA to use up (which can't be used in the Cruise Planner), so we will be able to use that on any extra food. I was just re
  4. We got the 3-night dining package on Explorer for $79, but I have not seen it below $99 for our upcoming Oasis cruise. Is it just a difference in ship class or is there a chance it could go lower on Oasis as well?
  5. Just wondering what you are basing this on? Is it an assumption based on number of passengers or do you have specific knowledge that this is a problem?
  6. I realize this and I follow the things I am interested in and watch the fluctuations. This is a giant leap in one day that I have not seen before. I am guessing that it is because the Beach Club opened last weekend and they are getting a good response, so they think they can charge more. They are probably right - I didn't think anyone would spend $2000 on a cabana, but apparently I was wrong.
  7. It's been ranging between $75-95 for my cruise. I guess it has gotten off to a successful start if they suddenly doubled the price!
  8. It goes to Rio Secreto. We did this tour and loved it. A couple things to be aware of - you have to take the ferry to the mainland, which makes many people seasick (we were okay). And the footing underwater in the cave is a bit uneven and slippery, so I wouldn't recommend it for someone with mobility problems. That said it was one of the best excursions we have done, the cave is gorgeous and really fascinating.
  9. I recently redeemed a $400 coupon and received the whole $400. I also had Seabourn OBC from the Set Sail event and they allowed me to have both (for a total of $700 OBC).
  10. I don't want to eat that early. I have MTD and I am happy with that. I was just hoping not to have to wait till 10:45 for shows, but I guess we will have to. Or maybe I will make specialty restaurant reservations for 6:30 on some nights.
  11. We will be on Oasis in May and we have MTD. It looks like the main shows at night are usually at 8:30 and 10:45. If I schedule MTD at 7:00, is that enough time to get to the 8:30 shows, or will we need to wait for the late shows? The earliest available MTD is 7:00.
  12. Also, it doesn't look like they are using the Deck 3 dining room for overflow from the early seating, at least according to this. Maybe the time change is a server allocation issue? Maybe it's not that they don't have enough room for the early seating on deck 4 and 5, it's that they don't have enough servers during that first hour or two to service all three levels. Who knows. It doesn't bother me but I can see people with young children or elderly parents being put off by not being able to book MTD before 6:45.
  13. I just went on the app to see if it listed dining times. My cruise isn't available yet, but I checked one in February. It looks like MTD is still only in the deck 3 dining room, and the times available are 6:45-9:00. This is for Oasis so it may vary on other Royal ships.
  14. We are booked on Oasis in May and have MTD. I just checked my Cruise Planner to see what my options are, and all nights except one have the earliest reservation as 7:00 (one night randomly had 6:30 for some reason). I guess it is possible that all of the earlier times are booked already, but I doubt it this far ahead. I checked specialty restaurants also and they appeared to be wide open, even hibachi. We have the UDP for this cruise, but I may make some MTD reservations anyway in case we want to try the MDR also. I wouldn't want to eat much later than 7-7:30 and it seems like thos
  15. Ours too. And my father in law neglected to tell us the dress code, so we were actually asked to leave one day in the summer when we were wearing shorts. I don't think they enforce the dress code on RC that way.
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