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  1. We were going to be on this same cruise. Cancelled by HAL on 3/30 and we requested refund on the same day. Short story: Received the refund for the cruise just a couple days ago. Long story: Booked cruise thru Expedia in mid-January (didn't realize Covid-19 was "real" yet) Booked travel protection thru Expedia Cancelled travel protection on Expedia (thru Travel Guard) within a few days and bought thru another insurer (mainly covers health emergencies only) Excursions thru Expedia shore excursion group Hotel pre/post cruise thru Expedia Ai
  2. Hey......that was going to be an awesome cruise! We were going to be on the same boat.....still waiting for the refund. Hopefully soon.....
  3. You may have already said in a previous post....... If so, could you remind us when your cruise was, when was it cancelled, and did HAL cancel or you?
  4. My Alaska cruise was for May 3 and I ?think? we were in the 2nd group of cancellations.....I think? We received a notice on 3/30 from HAL about the cancellation. We used a big-online-TA and I don't remember receiving anything through them but a couple weeks later they had a "Request Cancellation" button on their page under my itinerary.
  5. Thanks..... We used a big-online-TA so our interaction (or lack thereof) is with them so I will reach out to them to track down the status but I doubt that does any good considering the other stories. We already paid in full in January and paid our cc and the cruise "just ended" yesterday so I guess you could say the last week has gotten me a little more anxious about seeing my $$. I get the need to give them a reasonable amount of time to process but the fact that my cruise has come and gone and they still have my money.........not something I'm willing to be so patient
  6. When was your cruise? When did you or HAL cancel? Curious so I know how long to wait before contacting the cc company. Does it matter that is was a Carnival cc 😁
  7. I wonder if the canned responses their agents give to us cruisers "approximately 60 days" works with the cc company? My siblings are in retail and have had to deal with a cc dispute and BBB complaint (thankfully not many but you will have a few when you are in business over 40 years) and they take time to deal with. Time that I don't know if HAL has to address on a single case by case dispute. Our big-online-TA said a refund has been issued and it may take 1 to 2 billing cycles for the refund to appear. We will give it 2 cycles and then contact the big-online-TA. Give them
  8. We used big-online-TA for our May 3 Alaskan HAL cruise. Also booked a pre/post hotel for 1 night each thru them. Booked air with Alaska Air. 3/30 we received a notice from big-online-TA that told us HAL cancelled our cruise (which we were patiently waiting for them to do given the situation) and it provided a link. The link went to HAL's website to choose refund or 125% FCC. We chose refund. Once per day I checked HAL and big-online-TA site to see if anything changed on our reservation. One day I noticed one of the hotels on big-online-TA site offered cancellat
  9. "Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings" -- It's a Wonderful Life "Every time HAL books a 2021 cruise a 2020 cruiser gets their refund." -- Cruise Critic boards
  10. Our May 3 cruise out of Seattle has cancelled so we are waiting for our refund from HAL. We also booked Alaska Airlines from Dallas to Seattle and are in a wait-and-see mode......or staring contest.....or game of chicken..... https://www.alaskaair.com/content/advisories/travel-advisories?int=AS_HomePage_AdvisoryBR_L1||2020_CV_AW||-prodID:Awareness&lid=HomePage_AdvisoryBR_CancelFees#flex For us, we purchased before February 26, 2020 so we can either change our trip without incurring a change fee for travel before Feb 28, 2021......or........cancel and get funds into "M
  11. We are going to take the cash. We booked through a big box TA and booked air and excursions on our own so we want as much moo-lah back as we can get. The excursions should not be a problem as they were through a partner of the big box TA (I would hope.) Air will probably be in the form of a voucher or credit. Who knows when we can use that again.... Hotels pre/post cruise already paid in full so it will depend on what their policies are. We are just trying to get as much $ back as we can.......and then try for Alaska again later. Cheers! Ali McG
  12. Thanks all! I was thinking we have the option of waiting up until 48hrs before we set sail to cruise. Even though we never received notification of that other than reading it on their site. We had planned on making a call by 3/31 as that was the original option given to us bit now we will wait. And yes, we totally expect May 3 to be a no-go given the issues now. Thanks, Ali McG
  13. We are booked for May 3, 2020 out of Seattle (Alaska round trip.) We had to pay in full by end of January so it is paid for. First offer was to stay booked and get $200 OBC........or cancel by end of March and get FCC (I am not sure how much is FCC and what is refunded to credit card.) We never received an email about this offer; https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/news/coronavirus-travel-advisory/BookWithConfidence.html Does this apply to us? The way I read, it does and we can cancel 48hrs before our cruise. We have other reasons to hold ou
  14. This lines up with my line of thought. If the business helps Americans, either through taxes, providing jobs, etc. then sure.........just get in line behind mom and pop shops located here on our soil first. Sorry, but mom & pop put food on my table and helped me get an education so I am more worried about those than I am any cruise line.
  15. Very last hour? Like an hour before.....hours....days? Curious
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