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  1. Outside insurance for May 2020 Alaska cruise. I forget the voucher details but it was extended for travel through at least EOY 2021. Called them to apply to Oct 2021 Caribbean cruise and they applied it to that.....and just got a refund check yesterday for the difference (Caribbean definitely cheaper than the Alaskan cruise.) Hope you get a refund (fingers crossed)
  2. Ok.....but Covid and vaccinations had nothing to do with the OP "i love to play tables but i dont smoke i am very disappointed that they are allowing people to smoke...who can we speak to about this maybe they will change there mind." Stay on track or this thread ABOUT SMOKING gets shut down too
  3. Smoke doesn't bother me but there are some cigarettes that just stink. So, I finally decided the best way to cover up the smell is to create my own. I find me some nice smelling cigars (nice smelling to my anyway) and light it up. 99% non-smoker
  4. Went on a cruise once that was "not full." It had some issues the week before our cruise so it was delayed in getting back to disembark meaning our 7-day was now a 4-day. We couldn't plan anything else so we stayed with it instead of a full refund they were offering. Cruise director said it was 75% full but it felt more like 50-60%. Walked right up to the counter to embark......flew right through. Climbed the rock wall as many times as I wanted because no one else was in line......or I should say I climbed it 3 times in a row and my arms couldn't take it anymore. Front row seats to the shows without arriving early. Wife played bingo and won an upgrade to an owner's suite.......one that was decorated for someone else's anniversary that had cancelled. Didn't even use a rum runner to "sneak" on my bottle of Jack.....just put it in my checked luggage. And once I tipped the bartender, he would fill my mug with Coke for free.......just 3/4 full so I had room for libations. Chairs by the pool were easy to find. A cruise we started out thinking was going to be so-so turned out to one of the best.
  5. Yep, fully vaccinated does not mean full immunity to COVID-19 or even ability to spread (yes, I know, GREATLY reduced.) Which is why I don't understand either the reluctance or surprise of some vaccinated to take that extra precaution of masking up to get these ships sailing. If they relax that restriction soon then this is a big ol' nothing-burger but I could see mask requirement for the first few months while testing the waters. Small inconvenience to get back to doing what all of us here enjoy.
  6. I was told 21 days when I got my outlawed J&J shot It wasn't "outlawed" at the time I got it obviously
  7. Some people like staying onboard in ports. That was true before 2020 and will be true after.
  8. It is scary what data is collected which is what probably upsets most. If a contact tracing device is used ONLY for contact tracing of COVID, I could get on board with that. On a cruise ship, I don't have as much of a concern it would be used for anything more than that. But outside of that, there is this assumption that when I buy a phone that it gives every marketing company the right to trace my every move, purchase, places visited.......and then either flood me with suggestions or tell the world about where I've been. I've turned most of that off on my phone but so many apps require it be on to even function. I would hope this device is only used for what it is intended. If not, give me some booze and I won't care.
  9. I love me some Yahoo news........right on the front page reads; 1st N. American cruise since 2020 marred by COVID Click on the article and the headline is; 2 passengers test positive for COVID-19 on 1st North American cruise since 2020 Marred? I'm the first person to admit that I do not have the best grasp on the English language and misuse words from time to time......but marred? She can tell you about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye. SIAP If you want to read the garbage; https://www.yahoo.com/gma/2-passengers-test-positive-covid-003023545.html
  10. We have sailed with RCCL maybe 5-6 times and CCL about twice that many. It's whatever fits our schedule, budget, and itinerary. It wasn't until about the 4th time we had been to Cozumel when we said, "Let's try a different itinerary." We were booked on HAL for Alaska before the pandemic 😞 As far as RCCL's approach to reopening cruising, not concerned at this time. Or I should say, not concerned enough at this time to look elsewhere.
  11. I agree with that but that poll and the RCI situation are different animals. Vaccinated: Am I comfortable with RCI's approach where there will be unvaccinated on the ship? Unvaccinated: What additional requirements, restrictions, and/or costs will I have and can I even be one of the 5-10% unvaccinated they let on the boat? The large appetite of people here can wish all were vaccinated but that doesn't seem to be the case with RCI so they have to ask themselves the question above. I reserve the right to change my mind as often as the cruise lines change theirs in this ever-changing time 🙂
  12. That poll was for an individual getting a vaccine to cruise. Not "Would you cruise with other unvaccinated passengers?" Or "Would you cruise unvaccinated if there were tighter restrictions placed on you?" I see what dodgestang is saying. RCI has put their approach out there and so has CCL. Each pax has to decide if they are comfortable with that. We are vaccinated and booked for October. Procedures, guidelines, requirements will change by then, if we get to cruise at all. But we have decided we are comfortable with what RCI is expecting to do at this point. If another passenger doesn't feel comfortable with their approach, they can try a competitor or a different vacay more suitable to their risk tolerance.
  13. I'm going to get my vaccine card enlarged and screen printed on my shirt. I read all 10 pages of this thread but all I still know is my cruise is October and the process will change several times by then. Good luck to everyone on upcoming cruises and stay safe! Ali McG Outlawed J&J Single Shot
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