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  1. Oh, that was nice. At the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle, one of the bellhops put our luggage on his cart and walked us over to the ship; it was that close. Sounds like this may be similar. Thanks for the info.
  2. Thank you. On arriving at the airport during that time (10:30-ish) on a Fri morning, how long does it take to go thru Immigration before retrieving your bags? Or, can you even guesstimate? I’ve heard it can be a bit chaotic at Schiphol, just wasn’t sure if time of day was a factor.
  3. Thank you! I’ve stayed “next door” to cruise ships before (Seattle, Vancouver) and have walked over, but have learned to never assume . . . ! (Plus, with a longer cruise and cold weather clothes, packing light is not going to happen.). 🙄
  4. Thanks for this info. If we don’t get the City Card, this will be a great alternative.
  5. Thank you. With all the luggage, I was thinking we’d probably get a taxi to the hotel from the airport. We won’t be in any hurry as I doubt we could check in right away since we’re landing mid-morning. I’ll look into the City Card. Thanks again!
  6. Hi: I see you can purchase multi-day tram tickets online ahead of time and then pick up your card once you arrive. Is there an advantage to doing this vs just purchasing them once you’re there? Is it easy enough to just get them at the tram station? I’m thinking maybe 2 to 3 day tickets.
  7. Hello: I realize the Movenpick Hotel is right next door to the cruise terminal in Amsterdam, but is it easy to just walk to the cruise ship if you will be rolling a large and medium suitcase with you? Both my daughter and I will each have two of these with us; they are hard-sided with good rollers that we push alongside us. I just wasn’t sure if the walkway was smooth, rough, cobbled, easy route, etc.?
  8. Hello - do the vendors at the flea market stalls near the PV port take pesos, or do they prefer US dollars? Just curious - may have some pesos left over by our last port stop there and may do a little shopping there.
  9. * Christmas week, there were 3 ships anchored in Cabo. New Year's week, there were 2 ships in Cabo.The Captain made an announcement that tendering will be extremelydifficult and he discouraged passengers from leaving the ship. The Navigator sailed into Cabo around noon. It took hours for some passengers to get on the tender. Last tender tickets handed out were 49 and 50. Thank you, both, for your responses. I’ve been reading about the tender difficulties at Cabo. We have the Key and am hoping that will help in allowing us get off the ship a bit easier. But that’s one of the reasons why I’m leaning toward a ship excursion rather than independent there.
  10. Hello: I’ve been reading the Mexican Riviera board to try to find some specific info on this, but have been unsuccessful so here I am. Of the RCCL-sponsored shore excursions for whale watching on the 7-day Mexican Riviera cruise, does anyone have any advice on which would be preferable? The Cabo one appears to be on a larger boat, but is listed as “moderate” for strenuous activity. The PV one is on the smaller speed boat, but is listed as “mild.” I’m not sure why the difference. Both are the same price. I’d love to see whales up close, of course, but I’m not the spring chicken I used to be. I can still get around under my own steam but no difficult entry/egress into boats, please! We are cruising in mid-February.
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