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  1. The lounger was there on our Bliss sailing December ,2019
  2. It’s not the blanket, it’s NCL beach towel. 😀
  3. Took this shot in Bliss Observation Lounge, my DH and I could found two vacant seats only near sleeping with her bare feet lady , she was really loud in her sleep 😌 We had our drinks really fast and left her alone. Did not stop myself of taking the picture. 🤪
  4. Use it or lose it. NCL won’t apply unused non refundable OBC to your account for the next cruise. Happened to me once 😔
  5. NCL Encore passed under Verazanno Bridge today at 12:30 pm
  6. Mini suite bathroom with bathtub on Escape
  7. My DH and I ‘ve been on the same cruise, had really great time. Miss Escape and warm Caribbean 🙂 Follow and enjoy your review a lot 👍
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