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  1. Have you looked at Tours By Locals? We have used them in Canada, British Isles and will be using them in Tauranga and Akaora
  2. Thank you. He’ll check into it.
  3. May I ask what exactly is the Western Digital solution? My husband is looking for a way to backup his pictures while we travel without having to take a laptop. Thanks
  4. Not nit picking, I did indeed misspell Manly and I knew better. 😁 Looking forward to it, we return from our tour of the Blue Mountains by the Parramatta River. Hi
  5. We plan on making our last day in Sydney our ferry ride day, Cockatoo Island and Manley Beach are places we'd like to stop, any suggestions for lunch? These will probably be our only ferry rides since I remembered our Blue Mountain tour ends with a cruise down the Parramatta to Circular Quay &/or Darling Harbour.
  6. Thanks. We were planning on an opal card but weren’t sure how much we might need. Knowing we have to get off and then back on again helps. We are only there for 4 days before boarding a cruise and with most of what we’d like to see within walking distances, the ferry is probably all we would use the opal card for.
  7. Hi, Is it possible to stay on a ferry from Circular Quay to the end of the route and then back to Circular Quay? If so, how much would it cost, the cost of 1 way or both ways? We would like to see as much of Sydney Harbor as possible and the ferry sounds like a nice relaxing ride (weather permitting of course). Thanks
  8. We are in Sydney for 5 days pre cruise, so I was figuring we would have to stop at an ATM. Guess we should plan on stopping at one in our first port in NZ.
  9. We are planning on check them out!
  10. May I ask what you do with the XPF you have leftover? This is most likely the only time we will visit this part of the world.
  11. Thank you, we usually use a credit card so we don't have a lot of experience with the local currencies
  12. We sail out of Baltimore often. We've always heard that it was the Key Bridge and not the Bay Bridge that is the problem. She only clears the Key Bridge by 13 feet.
  13. Doing a TP, Sydney to Vancouver and we are trying to figure out how much local currencies we will need or will USD's and credit card be ok. We will start in Sydney, then NZ, Pago Pago, Tahiti and Moorea. Our excursions will be paid for, so it would be tips and anything we might buy in port (souvenirs, something to eat or drink, etc). Also does anyone know what time Papeete "rolls up their streets" as we will be in that port until 4 AM. Thanks
  14. Does anyone know if RCCL offers a free shuttle from Black Falcon Cruise Terminal to Fanuiel Hall Park? We will be in Boston on 5/2 and didn’t want to do the HOHO this time, but did want to wander through Quincy Market.
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