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    The long wait was my concern too as I read your review. Do you remember if the 2 hour delay was unusual, caused by something specific, or did you get the impression this seemed normal for Korea. From what I gather S. Korea has a Visa Free period between 04/01/23 and 12/31/24. In the past a K-ETA was needed where people had to line up upon arrival to complete an arrival card costing $7.77 . A K-ETA visa for American citizens is supposedly quick and easy to get online. Several on this cruise have applied for a visa which I think is $9. They're banking it might be worth it, hoping they will get off the ship faster if they have it, and may not have to line up for the arrival card. Can you tell us how the procedure went that day?
  2. Hmm - as I said I now have 24 people going with one seat left. Guess I'll still go since I put a lot of work into this.
  3. Thanks - I did eventually find a minibus that holds 25 passengers. There's only one seat left if anyone is interested $25 plus $2.50 tax.
  4. A group of us would like to go from Ensenada's port to the blowhole but don't know how to go about finding a minibus and driver. Are they waiting at the port, or does anyone know how I can find one. Thanks
  5. A group of us would like to go to the blowhole but I can't find a minibus and driver. Are there any waiting at the dock? Or can anyone recommend one?
  6. Can those who have been to Dubai passing through, not necessarily disembarking, tell me how long it takes to get off the ship and through security. I read once it can take as long as 2 hours. We'll be visiting in early May. I realize getting off the ship for an excursion can vary but I'm hoping this will give me a rough gauge. The ship stops at Abu Dhabi the day before, and If the delay getting off is long, perhaps we could take a taxi to Dubai from Abu Dhabi after touring, or find an excursion company to take us there. Just a thought that I plan to research. Thanks.
  7. Can those who have visited Ashdod tell me how long it took to get off the ship and through Israeli security? I understand one day can vary from another, but I thought this might give me a rough idea. Thanks!
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    I believe our ship docks at Yeongdo Island. I thought we'd stay on the island and go to Jeoryeong Coastal Walk on Yeongdo Island, but its on the island’s opposite coast, and since the island is car restricted, I tried to figure out how to get there. Googlemaps only shows public transportation - 50 minutes, 50% of which is walking. In fact if we decide to tour off the island, it looks like it takes about 35 minutes, again I'm confused about this car restricted thing. Has anyone else been to this port and would you mind sharing your experience
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