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  1. Sorry to hear of the mishaps you are encountering.We have experienced similar noise problems early am on our recent Wind cruise.We unplugged the TV and asked Reception to delete our suite from messages prior to 9 am .It seemed to work no more wake up messages from Captain or CD!!
  2. Thanks for the info more than enough for us.
  3. We were informed by Saga one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per person is maximum allowed for our SOD cruise next month.
  4. Thought drinks were all inclusive on SOD why are passengers paying for drinks?
  5. We did the same on our recent Wind Cruise.As usual we made four reservations but after first visit cancelled the rest.Poor quality,poor service,hot dishes served cold on cold plates,complained to Maitre d immediate refund and profuse apologies.Never again !!
  6. Sadly 2021 shows a further decline in London London back to back cruises.Difficult to understand as per day they have always been the most expensive per day and all our cruises since 2010 in this category have been full!Silversea seem to be investing more ships and back to back cruises ploughing through icebergs,strange choice?
  7. Pleased you had an enjoyable cruise on the Spirit.Your report covers all the areas that concern us as you know from our enjoyable cruises over the years in your company.Pleased you only encountered a handful of kids rather than a pool full!!Sorry you had to encounter the noisy drinkers on the seven day booze up cruise but trust the first 14 days made up for that.Pleased to hear the food was excellent and served hot when hot food ordered which is an improvement on our last Wind cruise where a number of main courses were returned to sender for warming up of cold plates and food which should have been hot on delivery.I suspect the dress code compliance was down to the good old fashioned Maitre dā€™ Sergio and Antonio will no doubt continue when he boards.Always enjoy your reviews thanks very much!
  8. All our invites to Silversea lunches and dinners have always originated in London.I am surprised that similar events do not happen in the USA where the majority os SS clients come from.
  9. Thanks for your helpful replies kentchris and ibizalover,much appreciated.Lets hope the wide choice compensates for the lack of choice in the MDR for dinner.
  10. Shortly going on SOD.Does the Main Dining Room serve a full English choice breakfast cooked to order?
  11. Have used the same agent for all our annual cruises with Silversea since first one in 1999 on the Wind.....only two small ships then .The service from Silversea on board from first cruise to date has been the best with no room left for improvement.The service from our agent has equalled the Silversea on board service down to the finest detail of making sure our suite is replenished daily with the our list of niceties without even having to ask after our first cruise.The only slight changes occur with the wine requests at our instigating it if we fancy a change otherwise the same request list has stood the test of time for 20+ years .Reading some of the posts on this subject makes us feel fortunate to have had this experience for so long with the same cruise line and agent,long may it continue for all those of you choosing to sail with Silversea!
  12. Received today the individual brochures for the annual World Cruise for 2021 plus an Expedition World Cruise also for 2021 .I consider the World Cruise at 150 days is far too long but even more incomprehensible is the 168 day duration of the First Expedition World Cruise which probably would attract a younger person who is more likely to be from the working rather than the retired population. Both these World Cruises are far too long and will probably result in further early advertising of individual segments.What is the SS top management thinking about or is it RCC calling the shots to increase income at every opportunity despite the consequences for SS regulars,sorry used to be SS regulars!
  13. Deleted ours within minutes of receipt as was once told by a respected Captain that these surveys were feel good impression for recipient and not action points for Silversea as action was never taken!
  14. With Saga providing adult only cruises they will have an open goal to pick up luxury line cruisers like ourselves for their recently launched Spirit of Discovery a luxury small ship addition to their fleet from the likes of Silversea,Regent and Seabourn.We shall see how Saga compare with our past 22 years of Silversea in the near future .Could be a shock to the system or a pleasant surprise and a find for future luxury child free cruising.
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