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  1. All our three Panama transits over the last twelve years have been different.Varies from nothing to Deck Show at lunch time and a Captains commentary with a Panama Expert alongside.Three different Captains three different transit arrangements but each was an enjoyable Silversea experience.
  2. Great description by Observer .One additional duty which we always utilise the Butler for is making all our Restaurants Reservations at preferred time and tables.Cannot put into words the help and assistance provided by the Suite Butler and of course all the excellent SS staff throughout the ships.
  3. Greece may be okay today but most of other countries that usually feature on a Med cruise are not.Do not fancy a Greece only Med cruise or the alternative of a UK/Greece return including two weeks of sea days to get there and back.It is sad that the Cruising industry faces more than its fair share of problems to overcome before we can all enjoy the unforgettable memories of the past with some sense of Normality!!
  4. With twenty successive years on Silversea we tried Saga November 2019.for a winter sunshine trip from UK to Canary Is round trip .It was very enjoyable ,excellent suite,food and service throughout the ship.So good we did not even notice the 800 fellow passengers after been used to the 292 on Wind and Cloud.A big plus for us was private taxi to and from Departure Port which was first class and super efficient.Enjoy your 2022 adventure and hope you enjoy as much as we did.
  5. Terry..once again many thanks for all your detailed updates which help to assess the current circumstances in a meaningful manner.Forecasting the ultimate outcome which I am happy to leave to the experts is the difficult problem for those directly involved in the Cruise Industry in plotting a route ahead.Hope the Silversea Management can find a route ahead which will enable all the loyal supporters to start again with the wonderful experiences we have all been fortunate to enjoy in the past.
  6. Having been fortunate to have a two night stay in St Petersburg on a SS Cruise a few years ago it was certainly the highlight of our Baltic cruise and the reason for going.Silversea should do the right thing and refund in full if missing StPetersburg Stay is the current position.I would speak to Silversea to establish your position if SS materially change the itinerary you booked.A difficult one particularly if SS try to wriggle out of their responsibility to refund if they are unable to produce the cruise you purchased.Best of luck,Hope it works out as you the customer would wish.
  7. Totally agree Lois.Our UK Government should have made it compulsory to have the Vaccine to protect the whole population.As long as a quarter of our population refuse we are all at risk.Same regulations should apply to the Cruising industry to keep everyone safe.
  8. Came across Mr Duct Tape ,Joe, on one of our more recent cruises 2017/18. Always great company ,thanks for the positive reminder from the past which helps to bridge the gap to SS cruising again.
  9. Hope it all works out and cruising on Silversea is back to normal for your birthday cruise.Enjoy.
  10. Mayflower....Thanks for Information on Seabourn.You will know from previous cruises together how much we enjoy the Pool and surroundings but the Silversea Mermaid Mary does not need loud music all day to accompany her swims! Nor do I care for a noisy Pool Area with loud music.Hope to meet up again when permitted to cruise again with Silversea whenever that might be.
  11. Happy 63 Lois R.Its my 79 on the 28th.Myself and wifey do not celebrate birthdays with a nought on the end so will have some fun this year as the celebrations have to last two years.
  12. Thank you for bringing back so many happy memories of our Silversea cruises over the last 22 years.You have filled a gap which has been far too long with no end in sight for resumption of normality for Silversea.The videos are brilliant and very much appreciated.
  13. Thanks for the comparisons of the share movements of the major players.Pleased to see RCL only down one third compared with the other two down 50% from a year ago.Sorry Terry I am not clever enough to even attempt an answer to your important question of where they will be in 2022.Just hope it’s no worse position than now and cruising is up and running towards some kind of new normality.
  14. Great update.Hope your return to partly normal for the cruising community is more accurate than mine.Fingers crossed!
  15. Thanks for further updates Terry even if the content does not inspire us to consider a future booking anytime yet.Too many Conditions are going to be in place to make the resumption of cruising anything like the experience of the last 23 years on SS.Hope it changes for 2022!
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