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  1. It's 2020, the investment to be able to put photos on thumb drives has to be a minimum; all the photographers are shooting digitally anyway. And almost everyone keeps and shares photos digitally now. All the cruiselines are still selling photos the same way they did in the 80s. There is no excuse that this process has not been drastically improved across the board.
  2. I cannot understand why they won't sell an all-digital photo package across all their ships. I guess they think it would stop people from buying prints, but I buy at most one print per cruise because of the price. If they sold me an all-digital package of my photos for $200 I would buy it every cruise. So they're missing out on $200 sale so they can try and collect $20-30 at a ridiculously high margin; doesn't sound like good business to me.
  3. if you use the App, can you request a table location? or is it limited just requesting a dinner time?
  4. i feel like this happens every couple weeks...it usually comes back to normal within a day or two
  5. Congratulations on reading the rules, there are a million rules across all cruise lines that serve much more like suggestions/guidelines than gospel. I've gotten Platinum and Diamond perks because I was standing next to people who had earned them, that's against the rules. Security has allowed to me reboard at port and take a full bottle of liquor to my room, also against the rules. I have seen people escorted from the areas for being obnoxious, even though no rules were broken. It sounds like everyone (including security and staff) was fine with the environment around the pool but you. That means you were the one with the "everyone else be damned" attitude....but I get it, you read it on a piece of paper, so forget everyone else the paper must be followed. This seems like a concept some of you have failed to grasp; but maybe when you're having fun, you don't need to structure and restrict that fun strictly based on any and every rule you can find.....
  6. We're sailing on the Ecstasy next week and would love to see the FTs and schedules. Thanks for all of this
  7. They most likely do it to cut down on payment processing costs. Otherwise they would find themselves processing 42 gift card for a total of $9.72 towards someones cruise. Everything else's markup is so ridiculous it benefits them heavily to push the spending on board. Not to mention with the GC you have to spend it with them anyway, or lose it, so the policy bears no risk of them losing out. The GC business is very shrewd; both sides have opportunities to win if they play it right.
  8. There's an itinerary out of Port Canaveral that does an overnight in Nassau. I can't remember if its Carnival or RC, but I'm sure it was one of these 2. We were considering it as an option about a month ago.
  9. Most of the specialty restaurants will give you a full refund as long as you cancel 24 hours before your reservation. As long as you don't want a reservation the first night and have a credit card with a little room you can play the system. What we do is, we set the reservations we want, and pay ahead of time. Then if we want to pay with OBC we go to the restaurant on the first day and cancel and rebook with the host/hostess. By the time you get back home every dollar has been refunded to your credit card.
  10. With UPS My Choice you can have them rerouted and delivered to other places too. I have mine delivered to the CVS across the street from my office.
  11. My next trip sails in ~25 days and Carnival just dropped the price. We are well past the final payment date and price adjustments are not allowed by policy. I still called and asked for the new price; they gave me the "policy" line once, I gave them the "nothing you can do?" line once and then almost immediately they matched not just the lower rate but also the new increased OBC offer. Whole call lasted maybe 10 minutes total and it was not even a little bit confrontational. I am now going on this cruise ~$300 richer Lesson learned: it's always good to ask, even when you know the policy is against you, or in the words of Michael Jordan "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take"
  12. Because they'll get the money back anyway, especially if its moved to OBC. People spend OBC like monopoly money and they don't feel pain when doing it because it can't leave the ship. Also, if you spend $1,000 on your cruise and get $200 refunded, even as real money, you probably push it right back into the cruise fund because you had already planned on spending it. The direct refund offer was surprising, but I can fully understand why it is too their advantage to not get into a fight over $200 they can play right back into their pocket anyway. Their profit is not made on the rooms, it's made by getting you on board to have a good time and forget about the true value of money on land.
  13. while that is generally true it is apparently not a hard-line rule. I had a casino offer rate and they moved me to a last minute booking rate. I never had an early saver rate on this booking and they still provided the adjustment. my port taxes and fees stayed the same, the only adjustment they made was to the actual room rate and increasing my OBC to match the new posted offer. There are clearly more factors being taken in to account by Carnival than a simple 2 sentence policy. lesson to be learned is that it never hurts to ask, politely
  14. this proved to be 100% true today....they gave me the "beyond final payment, can't do anything" one time and then went ahead and gave me the lower price and extra OBC, offered the price difference as OBC or a refund too. I was very pleasantly surprised with the result
  15. I'm a little less than 30 days out from from sailing and Carnival just sent me a offer to book my same cruise for $200 less and $75 more in OBC. I am past final payment and was wondering if anyone has ever had any luck getting them to match a price reduction after final payment, or this close to sailing? Also, them sending me a sale notice on my current cruise is kind of a jerk move if they're not going to honor it, right?
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