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  1. I didn’t read the post but I was on board. The medical evac patient died as we were informed at the b2b party. Was a bit surreal along the line: btw because people asked the person evacuated died. And now enjoy the music and drinks. Fire on the promenade deck near or in the life boat was extinguished really quick and no damage visible after they reopened the promenade deck. Yeah we had a complete stop after leaving Semarang and the azipods were turned sideways without us moving a bit. Tug came and gave us a very minimal push if at all. But as a common theme no communication on this cruise about what exactly happened. Worst thing though the first time ever that I experienced that no individual guests were allowed into tenders for nearly two hours as shore excursions had absolute priority. Maybe Haven got escorted but platinum up were only announced and afaik strictly enforced after nearly two hours. Made us miss a couple of spots in Bali on our tour. Absolute no go and will absolutely remember that for other more unique itineraries like the spirit to South Africa.
  2. Yes they do. IIRC at 2pm after the lecture at 1pm.
  3. Instead we had a little fire yesterday in one of the tenders on the promenade deck. So at least some entertainment. I can be annoyed about any disruption of travel plans and still be happy that guests can be evacuated when necessary. Some flexibility helps 😛 Still believe might be a good idea for cruises with sea days to require a doctors letter similar to Antarctica or similar expedition cruises. Even when unrelated to this case. Just a question of probability.
  4. Once again. Evac by helicopter and now delayed 8 to 10 hours for our overnight in Darwin. Interesting how often captain and CD repeated that it was by order of the Australian coast guard that we had to meet the helicopter near Cairns, where we departed yesterday evening. Wonder how much profit they lose with added fuel and loss of shore excursion and maybe some goodies for people complaining every time those medical emergencies happen.
  5. The only thing of the list I believe is hard to find somewhere else, especially relatively consistent across the fleet is the specialty dining. Otherwise of those that I tried (Costa, MSC, RCI, Celebrity) all are pretty much interchangeable and the differences between the classes of ship and destination/length under one company were much greater than between the different companies for a similar itinerary on a comparable ship. At the moment my best suggestion would be MSC. Interesting itinerary still moderate on board spending costs. Reminded a bit of NCL 5-8 years ago.
  6. Or just use the sailaway rate and cut the onboard spending close to zero. Everything has its time. I remember getting blue label for $3 or $4 dollar surcharge and stoli elit included. But traveling the world is far more important than getting drunk so the priority on where to spend the money is an easy one.
  7. Not anymore. I have probably done more than 180 days with drinking packages, most UBP on NCL. But now the difference between sail away rate and the cheapest cabin for the drinking package promotion and then added fees is just not worth it. And the quality of included drinks has dropped so significantly over the last years as well. Oh and of course > 50 days a year with free drinking is not healthy at all over time.
  8. Yep, I wasn't talking about citizenship, not checking their passports, but the language and group building. Same with huge amounts of for example chinese travel groups on NCL. If the group is big enough the cruise line caters imho to much towards those special language groups, which in turn then approach the staff in their first language which annoys the heck out of me and the whole atmosphere on board changes. I have met great people from a lot of different places all foreign to english just like me on primarily english speaking cruise lines as everyone expected to get out of their language comfort zone. On MSC, same with costa, it is more like 500 italians, 400 french, 300 german, 300 spanish, 300 english, ... completely changes the experience. Sorry for offtopic 🙂 btw: I have been drunk enough on cruises that people thought I was british not german 😉
  9. Yes, platinum+ matched to their highest black level. Afaik regular platinum does as well. It is closer to Costa than NCL, RCI or Celebrity but MSC definitely has potential. They messed up their beverage packages, they exclude drinks from special menus, and actually put out a new "special" Caribbean menu with standard IBA drinks like bahama mama with well liquor but refused to honour it on the package even though the price was the same like a mojito from the regular menu. By the rules it was probably okay because of the "special" menu. But the bar manager promised to check with their office to get permission to change it due to negative feedback and two days later the supervisors were distributing the new rules to the bar staff to include drinks from the special menu for the package. Reminded me of NCL a couple of years back working hard to balance company interests with guest satisfaction. Every time we met somewhere he checked if I had any suggestions and was honestly interested in how his department was doing. Same with managers and asst. managers helping out behind the bar when it gets to busy and actively moving staff around to cut down wait times. If there were just less french/italian/german people on this ship or at least more of them with an international mindset.
  10. Lol. It's not about less than $3 dollar but the platinum voucher is part of thank you for being a loyal customer. That makes it sketchy and actually a negative motivation to come back. Just getting rid of my last cruise next credits. Actually been on MSC recently and the senior officers were genuinely interested on feedback and ways to improve the onboard experience. Yes most of the fellow travellers sucked but the product itself was more than comparable for a much lower price than NCL.
  11. All the bar staff is very much aware of the situation and will check the drink package code on your card before making you the drink. The only drawback I felt is that you have to trust them unless you are an experienced MSC cruiser or have all the old bar menus and old terms and conditions on your phone.
  12. Day 6 Grenada Today I planned a day of relaxation. Just taking the water taxi to grand Anse beach. The beach are was nice but I actually preferred Barbados. In general of those easy to reach beaches have the problem of being to touristy. I am not a fan of those massive amounts of sun loungers and infrastructure on beaches as I removes so much of the natural beauty. So after an hour walk up and down the beach I went back and had a nice relaxing nap. I read a couple of places that you can get the water taxi tickets in the terminal but at least today you payed on the boat. 10USD round trip One funny thing that still confuses me. Men’s bathroom picture from the entrance. Do you notice what is missing? I have never seen a public men’s bathroom consisting just of stalls. I always feel like a walked into a women’s bathroom. Best bar experience so far is the diamond bar on deck six with the wonderful bar waitress Sara just in case someone from MSC reads it 😉 Today I got a pen and chocolate ship in my cabin. Should be the voyagers club gift but once again without any note or letter. Come on MSC... Now dinner at the Galaxy restaurant for the black member dinner. Pictures later
  13. Thanks. It is actually one of the highlights. Not that I am using the suite a lot but just coming back to your room and it is not cramped but you have a drawer for everything and can move freely around is a great addition to the overall experience. Despite my critical remarks I have no doubt you will enjoy your time. Actually i find the whole interior of the ship well designed and the Christmas decorations are in full force. I might do a full post about it later.
  14. That one is actual hard to answer. I mean all cruise lines pretty much deliver the age basics. Arrive at a port, deliver food and beverage services and have some kind of engertauand activities. For me MSC is lacking in details of refined service and big part in entertainment. I think my annoyance of their cruise director staff has been obvious so far. On the general organizational and service aspects I would add the lack of water and cold towels when returning from a port, the lack of written information to the cabin and things like that. Of course we are still in a beautiful part of the world, get drinks and food for free and don’t have to take care of household chores. But so far I feel like they are trying hard to get cruisers from different competition companies to try their product but then not delivering enough on board to win them over. It is a tough competitio. And imho just doing average isn’t enough especially when they try to charge more.
  15. In case I haven’t been positive enough about MSC here an example where I would rank them above all other cruise lines experienced. The buffet experience. Here some pictures of their 1:15am offering. Way superior to the pizza on celebrity and other cruise lines
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