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  1. We have returned from our Transpacific on the Solstice from Sydney to Hawaii. It was a wonderful trip and I hope to do it again one day, perhaps in the reverse order. As for Papeete, we ended up going on a circle island tour with Kevai tours. It was booked in advance. We had a great day. It was a private 4+ hour tour for 6 people and cost $600 USD in total. Our guide was knowledgeable and funny and it was just the right amount of time spent driving around and looking at things. We had lots of stops where we could take photos, grab a drink or a nibble. The only problem we had with Papeete was that we were in port on Easter Monday and almost everything was closed however there were some markets and dancers plus a few of the stores along the front opened as well. Our favourite stop of course was Bora Bora. The water was exquisite. We used Patrick's on that day and it was fabulous. They run a smooth operation and we had a great time with them. Moorea came a very close second. We used Moorea Miti tours and they were a highlight. We had the most charming guide, Wilfred who taught us so much about the island and gave us the best day out swimming with sharks and rays, snorkelling the coral reefs, learning about medicinal plants, weaving hats, making poisson cru, singing island songs and making us laugh and laugh. I simply cannot recommend this company enough. All three days spent in French Polynesia were wonderful and I am currently looking at flights to go back again and spend a week rather than just 3 days. We are so lucky to have had this experience and if you get the chance to visit I highly recommend it.
  2. Thank you so much. I have emailed him and have my fingers and toes crossed.
  3. Thank you both for your suggestions of Taina Tahiti and Unique tours. They were both crossed off my list a month or two ago as they are already fully booked. I was hoping there would be locals at the port that we could use to take us for a drive around the island. We really don't want to hire a car. Petoonya, thanks for the suggestion about taking the ferry back over to Moorea for another excursion there. I will definitely look into this as it sounds like a great option and perhaps the best one. Thank you again.
  4. We will be on a Transpacific cruise which visits Moorea, Bora Bora and Papeete (Tahiti). We have organised private excursions for Moorea and Bora Bora but have nothing planned for our stop in Papeete. Will there be locals at the port that will offer various things to do? We'd quite like a drive around the island to see the waterfalls and the Marae with a stop to swim/snorkel somewhere if possible. I have tried very hard to book a private excursion online however they are all booked up so now I'm thinking we should just wait and see? Thoughts? Alternately, how easy is it to access the lagoon to go swimming/snorkelling? We will be snorkelling on both of the other islands and understand that the snorkelling is better there but if the opportunity is there to do it again in Tahiti then we might do that instead. I know there is shopping/markets etc close to the port which we can visit just by walking but would like to also see more of the island. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  5. We were in 1598 on the Equinox and heard very little noise from above. No scraping of chairs, occasionally a little music drifted down but it was during the day so not an issue. We were never woken by noise from above and I'm a light sleeper. I carefully selected the room to try and stay away from the main pool area and was concerned but needn't have been. We were very happy with our cabin.
  6. That's not true. The sale started in December and the drinks packages still remain at the sale price right now. This is on the Solstice Sydney to Hawaii Transpacific on April 12, 2019.
  7. What strikes me most after watching the video is the lack of colour. The revolution seems to be all about muted and washed out rooms and public areas. It all seems very bland.
  8. I was replying to Diver who was talking about the bed on their Princess cruise.
  9. Did you ask for a different mattress? Surely they would have spares or could get one from an empty room, if there happened to be one.
  10. Well the positive is they have not done away with the Sky Lounge (Cosmos lounge) thank goodness! I read somewhere that the balcony cabins can't actually be changed to IV cabins due to the structure of the ship so hopefully that is the case as those IV 'balconies' have got to be the biggest ruse I've come across in a long time.
  11. . Does anyone know what is involved in the edgification of the rest of the Celebrity ships, especially with regard to the staterooms? I'm interested to know if the current regular veranda cabins are going to be refitted with Infinite Verandas. I'm really hoping they aren't as I love being outside of my cabin and would very much like to know what the plans are. Anyone able to enlighten me?
  12. I agree with awhfy. Place your cabin of choice on hold via the website. Then call tomorrow to organise the pricing.
  13. We booked a future cruise while on board in September. We got the fare including grats, $200 USD OBC, wifi for 2 and a classic drinks package each. We were also able to book a Concierge cabin with a huge balcony and midship for $200 pp less than a regular veranda. It was a great deal and too good to pass up. We also only paid $100 pp deposit.
  14. Yes, I had the same problem on Tuesday. It only shows the list of cabins available and the deck plans are blank. I ended up loading the deck maps from the Cruise Critic site in a new browser window and then just clicking between the two to check the location of cabins. It was annoying but it helped.
  15. For your transport to the port from your hotel look into Johnny cab, Charley's taxi or Hawaii 23. They all have prebook and set price options which are much cheaper than just hopping in a taxi. We have used Johnny cab before. They were on time for pick up and we paid the set amount in cash on drop off. It was easy to arrange and we will be using them again next year.
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