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  1. ColinIllinois

    NCL Spirit May 8, 2019

    Welcome to the forum. The place you want to post this is in the Roll Call forum. To find your sailing click on the "Find your roll call" link at the top of the page.
  2. ColinIllinois

    gem skipping private island

    I believe the OP is referring to where they are sailing right at this moment.
  3. ColinIllinois

    Is ncl.com search box working for anyone?

    Didn't work for me just now.
  4. You should ask this in the "Help Center" forum. Here is the link for you: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/859-need-help-check-here/
  5. ColinIllinois


    They will need to throw earplugs in the ocean for all the dolphins, whales and turtles.
  6. Why not just bring some from home and just pay the corkage fee?
  7. ColinIllinois

    Send as a gift

    Because you don't need to be on the cruise to buy the package. You can buy it as a gift for a friend or relative who is sailing.
  8. ColinIllinois

    NCL Belize Cruise Port Map

    Is this what you are looking for? http://www.ppigroup.com/Web_Maps/BZE_shopping.pdf
  9. ColinIllinois

    Breakaway from NOLA- #CruiselikeaDavis

    No thanks, it's too cold to take my clothes off.
  10. ColinIllinois

    Bringing some cookies onboard?

    Why waste time calling? The will just repeat what is written on the website. Not allowed.
  11. ColinIllinois

    Ideas for Christmas Gift for Crew Members

    This thread just reminded me that it's almost time to get the Festivus pole out of the attic and get prepared for the Airing of Grievances.
  12. ColinIllinois

    Bliss current Excursions

    You can check the Port of Call forums for each of the ports you are visiting to get good information on things to do, transportation, etc. Here is the link for you: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/456-caribbean/
  13. ColinIllinois

    Beverage Package

    When the UBP is from a free promo the third person does NOT have to purchase the package. If the UBP is purchased that is when the third person must purchase also.
  14. ColinIllinois

    Beverage Package

    No, they don't.
  15. ColinIllinois

    Bringing some cookies onboard?

    1. Take ziplock bag on to ship with you. 2. Procure cookies from the buffet. 3. Place cookies in ziplock bag. 4. Present cookies to other guests and tell them to enjoy.