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  1. I loved the crispy triangular hash browns potato cakes for breakfast in the Horizon Court, Also MDR Escargot for dinner T
  2. Does any one know if Princess allows one to bring Ginger Ale on board. It is a definite help to calm our stomachs if queasy. At home we very rarely drink it so I'm not trying to sneak beverages, so to speak, on board. It would be a 6-pack of 10 oz bottles. This is for 2 peeps, 10 sea days, 15 day cruise. Answers are appreciated! T
  3. This might be obvious to most but LA traffic is normally horrendous. With these fires in the area, it could be a lot worse. Always make sure to check your route and the weather conditions for the area. Most AM radio stations have Traffic reports every 10-15 minutes if you are driving through LA. My 2 favorites are KFI 640 and KNX 1070 on the dial. There also is a website named Sigalert which shows Freeway speeds and cautions on the area freeways. Hopefully the winds will diminish for a while, T
  4. Thanks, Everyone!!! T
  5. LOL, Understand that!! Would it be possible to pick up an AT&T signal while on board while sailing from one Island to another? T
  6. Hey All, We will be sailing on the Star Princess from LA to Hawaii and back. AT&T is my provider. Do they have a strong signal while the ship is docked at the ports, I'm not too concerned about getting Wi-Fi, I only need about 10 minutes worth of being on line to set my lineups in my Fantasy football league. OK. I know I deserve all the grief I might get. Data usage is not a problem since I'm on wi-fi at home 99% of the time. No chance I will exceed my limit. How close to land can you start receiving a signal. Any information is appreciated. Thanks T
  7. To me my cruise begins when I get all my documents in order, log on to Cruise Critic every day and start reading and re reading reviews of my ship, my port, my destination, Roll Call for our cruise. Then I start obsessing about the weather, Checking out the layout of the ship, places I want to hang out-mostly around the perimeter but not always. Finding websites that track the ship we will be on and dreaming of the day we will set foot on board--about a month out. T
  8. Thanks for all the replies. Yes, not having to pack, unpack and lug our luggage around is a huge plus. Also, this past year I've loaded up my Kindle with several books I hope to read out on deck. If I'm busy and dont finish them all-that's OK. 10 of our 15 day cruise will be at sea and I can not wait. T
  9. OK Ill split the one word into 2----sea scanner. T
  10. Hey, not sure if you are wanting to know before you cruise or during. Besides the weather channel, I found Cruisemapper and ***** websites to be quite imformative. Enjoy T
  11. In other words-why do you cruise as opposed to taking an all inclusive vacation or a structured tour of some sort? What is your attraction to cruising? I guess mine is I love being on the ship on the water with the ocean motion (within limits of course). I love just wandering around or not. Participating in the activities or not. Trying new and different food every day. Having a Casino handy. Meeting new people.....etc. And you all? T
  12. Our cruise is in 23 days and My phone is supposedly unable to connect to my Wi-Fi or get on line any other way. Thought it might be my VPN but that didn't help, I have a Samsung S7 running 8.0.0 T
  13. Do people mostly power walk or just stroll? T
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