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  1. Thank You!, Some how I missed it on my previous Princess cruise. T
  2. What exactly do you hang them on? Sounds interesting. T
  3. Hey all again! Does Princess have Slot Tournaments? Will be on Star Princess early November. T
  4. Sorry, It's a buffet--I'm not a fan!! T
  5. I am amazed by the cavalier attitude about safety and the concern about Lugging those Heavy Cumbersome life vests to your Muster station. I've spent my life working on Drilling rigs on and off shore. Let me tell you, we wrote up a safety concern every day. It's not a joke or an inconvenience. It could possible be some ones life. OK Jumping off my soapbox! Have a great cruise everyone!! T
  6. Thank You Shmoo for that valuable Info!! Much appreciated!!
  7. Hey All, going on a cruise from LA to Hawaii in and back in November and on the night before we get to Ensenada is the peak of the Leonid meteor shower. I realize it is all dependent on the marine and cloud cover but If by chance it is clear, are there dark areas on deck to watch this? Thank for answers in advance. T
  8. Not meaning to sound Stupid-What does POA stand for? Off the top of my head I can think of 2 things but don't think they apply. T
  9. Oops-I missed some letters. I meant to say Escargot
  10. Hi all I've heard Princess has cut back on escargot on dinner offerings. Is this true? T
  11. Thank you Diver, I will check that out.
  12. Hey all, this looks like a quirky cabin/balcony combination. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to this cabin? The balcony looks a tad bigger that the others.Some of the few pics I've seen looks like the balcony opening faces forward. does this cause windy conditions?. Thank you for your complies. T
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