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  1. Anyone know why? Looks like it should have left at 1600.
  2. Does anyone have the activities list for this cruise perhaps? We sail in October, I know there will now be a Halloween dress up night on all cruises in October, but anything else we should plan for other than elegant night?
  3. Yes, we usually get the drink package and it is cheaper, we get specialty coffee's and large bottled water at dinner to take back to our cabin we like and I can buy CCL gift cards thru AARP with points, so I actually pay less on the package, about a day's worth free and then I put those cards on our account so it usually covers the costs of tips. I noticed NCL grats were higher than CCL their's is 15%, so when we booked I chose the "free" drink package NCL offers and it actually comes out a little cheaper, may also purchase the restaurants to try a few, I do like getting on a ship though where I know some of the staff already, especially the bartender's, lol, I had one call me by name when we boarded on Sunshine, haha, he remembered I love his key lime martini's, he makes the best!
  4. I don't know about redneck, lol, but we have never had any problems, yes the shorter cruises 3-4 days are a little more "party" atmosphere but 7-8 days have always been great but we cruise with friends a lot of times and have our own stuff planned, lately the last 2 or 3 cruises I see many changes that are not for the better happening, so we thought let's try another line and see how it compares. We live in FL but like to cruise out of PC/Tampa if possible so CCL has more choices for a quick getaway but Breakaway looks awesome.
  5. We like cruising out of Port Canaveral when possible, so we just booked our first NCL cruise on Breakaway for Nov 2019 in PC, we have done 12 cruises with Carnival so far, thought we would spread our wings a little, this will be the largest ship we have been on also, glad to see she get's some refurbishments in 2018.
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