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  1. Here you go: https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3490/~/locations-where-you-can-smoke
  2. Talk to the casino host when you get on the ship and be sure to have proof he had the offer. You can also try e-mailing Carnival casino ahead of time.
  3. I just did a mock booking for the March 3rd Vista sailing. I saved exactly $2.00 using my Ultra offer over early saver for the exact same room.
  4. I haven't been on the Horizon so can't answer that for you. Every other ship I have been on has had half the bar smoking though.
  5. Actually, here's a link with info on all of them. https://cclpromos.com/carnivalplayersclub/
  6. They are like a premier but just shorter days. https://cclpromos.com/carnivalplayersclub/premier/
  7. Whatever cruise cash you purchase will be applied to your S&S account as a credit. As you spend that (anywhere on ship including casino) it will decrease. It is use it or lose it. You can go to a slot machine, put some on and do a few spins then go cash out.
  8. If it were me I would choose the Breeze. You got a lot more beach options with that one. And even though there is no beach at Amber Cove I'd bet your kids would love it there.
  9. So I offer you our chairs because we are done with them about the time you like to go out and you call me a chair hog? What does it matter what time I go get chairs? If we are using them that is not being a chair hog. You go ahead and pay extra for stupid things like loungers and TV. I won't be.
  10. Come find us. We are usually done around noon when it starts getting packed. And speaking of towels, when you go up early there are plenty of towels around to use if you need one.
  11. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2596530-log-in-staying-logged-in-access-issues/?tab=comments#comment-56000712
  12. Not every casino offer has the drinks on us card so you will want to check on that.
  13. You do not have to tip each drink. We stopped tipping $1 a drink a few years back. Now we just tip the good ones 5 or 10 here and there throughout the cruise.
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