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  1. Sometime after they actually start cruising again, then I'll probably book something.
  2. Anybody who is on a December 5th cruise has already paid in full so Carnival is not "raking" in money on it and if they do end up cancelling it customers can opt for a full refund instead of rebooking.
  3. If it was you would need to have that same offer when you rebook to keep it as they don't just let you keep them. I know my casino offers usually change about every 3 months.
  4. They want to be careful with the wedding. A wedding with like 62 people in a small town here ended up causing 177 cases and 8 deaths around the state. The county this was held in has only had 279 total cases and 6 deaths since the start of this. https://wgme.com/news/local/eight-deaths-now-tied-to-millinocket-area-wedding-outbreak
  5. Was this a casino offer by chance?
  6. The Liberty sailing that was there earlier is now gone and November is greyed out.
  7. First cruise available for me is Nov 9th on the Liberty.
  8. This should hold you over. https://www.onthemosway.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Marine-Engines-running-on-LNG-for-submission-Ioannis-Bakas.pdf
  9. 1000 points is for less than 5 day sailings. 5 days an over are 1500 points.
  10. All post offices that did passports before are still doing them. The only thing done online is setting up an appointment for whatever office you want to go to. But even that has changed recently. You can now setup an appointment at the office or do it online. For renewals you only need the post office for the form (if you don't print it online), a new photo (if you don't have it done elsewhere) and to mail the renewal in.
  11. We got them to extend final payment for 30 days. Was due July 6th, now due August 6th for an October 4th cruise on the Breeze. Still thinking they will cancel, just a matter of when.
  12. Only if you can rebook with that same offer.
  13. You should call and see if they will extend your final payment date. We did this for a Breeze cruise we have booked on Oct 4th. Hoping they cancel before the new date now just to make it easier and we won't have full payment tied up with them. Either way we won't be going on the cruise so will have to see how everything plays out.
  14. We were booked in March on basically a free casino cruise that was cancelled. I had no look rebooking under that promo because when they cancelled we no longer had the offer. We ended up rebooking for an Oct 4th sailing under another offer (cruise was $700 more but we had $1600 OBC with the new one). Final payment was due today for that cruise so we called this past Friday to extend final payment. They did give us a month. Got a feeling the Oct 4th cruise will be cancelled and are hoping they do it by August 6th now.
  15. Here you go: https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3490/~/locations-where-you-can-smoke
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