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  1. @Tom-n-Cheryl Tom, if you use the @ sign before a user name on here they should get a notification that you mentioned them in this thread and hopefully check it out.
  2. If that was the smoking side on Carnival you wouldn't be able to get near them! LOL That's not an anti smoking comment, just saying is all.
  3. I can't see the video (at work), do both the smoking and non-smoking have a pit with tables all the way around?
  4. In both pictures you are actually playing with your back to the views. The dealer gets a nice view though. Like Tom said above, most people playing a table game aren't paying any attention to the view from the table.
  5. And the very next post after yours fixed that for you. LOL
  6. @BlerkOne Did you notice if they changed Bud Light and Mich Ultra from the aluminum bottles to 16oz cans?
  7. Last one we got at MGM was $500 for the day and included $500 in food and drinks. Heck, got one at Hard Rock Casino in Florida for $500 and included $250 in food and drink and that was just this past June.
  8. I doubt very much they could get an appointment for a cruise. That wouldn't be considered "urgent" travel.
  9. That's all? My wife can do that on a slot machine in 20 mins! LOL
  10. Vaccines are required to sail out of Florida right now and it's not like California is way ahead in vaccination rate.
  11. Would of been on the Horizon this weekend if we could of made it work last minute. Balcony for $600 plus $200 OBC was almost too good to pass up until I saw the price of airfare.
  12. How long is your cruise?
  13. I don't have an FJ1 offer but do have FJ4 and FJ5 (4 balcony, 5 Ocean View) Same price for both. $200 to book room, $200 back in OBC plus have fun play with each one.
  14. You may find that you read wrong. Normally you have to be actively playing to get free drinks.
  15. This link gives you tons of info on the port area. http://www.puertamaya.com/Port-Information.aspx Last time we were there we went to Mr. Sanchos and had a lot of fun. https://www.mrsanchos.com/
  16. I'm pretty sure it is actually up until final payment date. I have 2 booked from months ago that I can still add the insurance.
  17. Carnival is only talking about July and August cruises right now and has said they do not know anything at the moment for cruises past that.
  18. I would agree with what @ProgRockCruiser posted. If you can spend the OBC on other things it would make most sense to pay for Cheers in advance and get the discount.
  19. I know quite well how the real world works. Like you yourself said, you have the freedom to make the choice and deal with the consequences. Anyone that feels a cruise vacation is that important should be prepared if they cruise now with so many unknowns. It's exactly why we have nothing booked until next year and just took a vacation to Florida instead of trying to cruise.
  20. Those people chose to book those cruises. Anyone who books and goes on the first month or so of cruises should be prepared for anything. And no, it doesn't matter if you booked 2 years ago or not. They have had plenty of time to move to a later date.
  21. Right, you can believe the nonscientific poll if you would like. There are so many things that can skew any poll like say the age of those polled for example. I can guarantee you will get totally different results from asking those over 50 vs those in their 20's and 30's. And for the record, I'm not against any cruise line starting with vaccinated cruises. If it gets them sailing I'm all for it. The point I was making is it's not some vast majority as the original person I quoted said.
  22. Of course not everyone cruises. I'd be willing to bet though that there are more people who have cruised that aren't even on CC than there are members here.
  23. The under 12 group can't book but they have been on many cruises with family. I wasn't arguing the fact that Carnival is starting with vaccinated cruises.
  24. The person I quoted was referring to unvaxxed vs vaxed, but I do agree that there are a lot more who have some immunity from already having Covid.
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