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  1. I have a dealers choice offer. Mine says up to $450 off rates and $200 in fun play. Yours might be different though, who knows. I am leaving Saturday on a different offer and it was a guarantee ocean view. We are definitely at the bottom of the boat on the Riviera Deck. It was a great price though so I am not complaining. It was $447 for my and my DH total and they are giving me $200 to play with in the casino and $200 OBC.
  2. The library sounds like a good option. Whatever you do, please don't take up all of the tables in the buffet. That won't make you any friends on carnival. Just saying... I hope you have a great time!
  3. That happened to me recently too. I waited a while and then I called carnival and they were able to get me into anytime dining.
  4. Thanks for posting this. We will be going on the sensation next week. I have been on her sister so I know what to expect. It was a great deal though that fit the time I had to get away for a bit. If I heard correctly, only balconies and suites get hair dryers. We will have an ocean view this time and I don't think I will be given a hair dryer. No big deal to me though. I don't usually use one. I am glad you had a nice time. I will look for the band you mentioned, Sixth Element.
  5. For San Juan you can do a walking tour of Old San Juan. If it's too much for some in your party, there is a park with benches and a little bar to have a beer literally in sight of the boat at the port. After we did a day at the Fort in San Juan, we just had a beer and people watched until it was time to go back on the boat.
  6. I usually do somewhere around $2 a pull on the pennies but always $3 on a dollar slot.
  7. No, they won't. You could always call the casino and see if they would give each of you money to play with.
  8. There are penny slots but they can take your money just as fast depending upon if you get lucky or not. You are supposed to be actively playing in order to get a drink. I could totally see a bar tender getting you a drink if you were watching someone else play though since he/she will see your DOU card connected to your sign and sail card. Just make sure to tip them and they will keep the drinks flowing while you are in the casino. The DOU benefits do not work at the casino bar though, only in the actual casino. Have fun. on the Inspiration. I have been on her twice and I am going on her sister the Sensation next week. She is an older, smaller ship but I like her.
  9. Carnival has a couple of options, but I am sure there are others. What would you do if you had a 5 pm departure out of Fort Lauderdale. Love the beach and Cuban culture, if that helps. Just not sure who to book through. Must include transportation to FLL airport around 3 pm. Really not wanting to do a tour that drops you off at 1pm. Would rather spend the time having fun than sitting at the airport. We do have FTTF if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance!
  10. I just called carnival to ask about this exact subject. I have the DOU card for me and my husband, but we always get cheers. When I asked them if we could perhaps get something else instead, they told me to wait until I get on board and ask the host.
  11. Me too. We will be on the October 12th sailing. How about you?
  12. Alchemy bar is absolutely the best reason to get the cheers package. Don't tell anyone though. Let's keep it on the down low. It's getting too crowded in there. 😂😂
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