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  1. The recent problem on the website has been fixed but still no news on the 2021 itineraries. I have friends onboard one of the Ponant ships at the moment. They sent me a message warning me that there is lots of buzz about the cruise I have been considering on the Laperouse to the Maldives in January 2021. Considering there are only 92 cabins on that vessel, I gave the go ahead to my TA to lock in my reservation. I’m afraid to wait any longer. Sorry Seabourn, « you snooze, you lose ».
  2. That happened to me too yesterday. Maybe once the circle stops spinning, the 2021 cruises will FINALLY be released.
  3. We are now in August and still no news. I’m leaning towards an itinerary to the Maldives on a different cruise line (January 2021) with limited capacity. I’ve been patient up until now, but I’m worried that if I wait too long... I understand the complications caused by the Cuba situation, but all the cruise lines were confronted with the same challenges, yet most have managed to get it together. I’ll wait a few more days. Longer than that, I might miss out on the other option.
  4. The Crystal pre-cruise hotel is in Dubai. We chose to make the most of our time on in the Seychelles and will be arriving on Tuesday for a Saturday sailing. We opted for the H Vallon hotel for pre-cruise and then a day-use at the Eden Blue on debarkation since our flight home is in the evening. Whatever hotel you choose, make sure you can have the room early in the morning. What dates are you sailing? We are on the January 25th itinerary. I didn’t start a roll call because I didn’t think it would get any response. Maybe I should.
  5. The complimentary soaps (Occitane, Hermès and the bumpy green) have been discontinued or are in the process of being phased out. Seabourn is going green and they are eliminating plastic emballage (straws, to go coffee lids etc.). At least this is information given by staff. I didn’t ask if there were plans to replace all of the Molten Brown products.
  6. Our cruise finished yesterday in Piraeus. My TA offered us a private taxi transfer who showed up 45 minutes late due to a timing miscommunication. Waiting with us were a handful of other pax in similar situations (wrong terminal). We had plenty of time to kill so there was no panic, but had our flight been earlier, we wouldn’t have hesitated to take one of the many available taxis waiting outside the terminal. The majority of meet and greet chauffeurs were in taxis. Regular taxi fare to the airport is 50€, while pre-reserved taxis are 100€. If you are not on a tight schedule, relying on the available taxis is not a gamble.
  7. We had a very good experience with Civitavechia Cab Service. Raphael was our driver. He was more than a chauffeur but acted as a tour guide as well, with both knowledge and enthusiasm. The prices were very reasonable.
  8. If it matters to you, the seas will probably be much calmer in June/July than in late September. The Atlantic can be very angry at different times of the year especially around Lisbon and the Brittany region in France.
  9. If your itinerary stops in Ilhabela, I highly recommend covering yourself with insect repellent before catching the tender. There are giant flies that leave nasty bites if you are not protected but will leave you alone otherwise. Personally I was warned prior to my cruise by a Brasilian and only encountered one on the pier on my way back to the tender. It did a nose dive down the front of my dress. It didn't bite, but I almost ended up in the water.😎
  10. A little off topic - if Komodo Island is what is motivating you to take this itinerary, I remember hearing that it will be closed to tourists for the next year. I don’t know the details, but you may want to look into this.
  11. I hope this is true as Montaudon was the included champagne on Regent a few years ago and is a better choice, however, sometimes Seabourn has a different selection for a special event and will continue to offer it until the stock is consumed. Is it possible that they brought on a different brand for the GP event? Time will tell.
  12. Today, all of the television channels here in France are covering the 75 year anniversary of D-day. Watching this event made me realize that it would be a great opportunity to find oneself on a cruise in the region and to be able to participate in the commemoration. I just checked out CruiseMapper only to find one cruise ship and a small number of river boats in the area. What a shame. While every year there are events on June 6, every 5 years the events are more important. Since cruise lines reserve their ports years in advance, now might be the time to plan for the 80 year anniversary in 2024. A few years ago when I cruised up the west coast of France, there was much interest from other passengers to visit the debarkation beaches. The cruise line even offered excursions from our stops in St Malo and Honfleur.
  13. Thank you both for your responses. I have a future cruise deposit to use and am planning on using it while on my cruise next winter.
  14. Does anyone know if there is a cruise sales specialist on the Esprit?
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