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  1. Hello, Does anyone know where the Rhapsody will be from 26th October 2019 to 8th November 2019? The ship arrives in Barcelona on 26th October and doesn't start the Transatlantic until 9th November.
  2. I normally book with a TA or preferably on board. On my recent Rhapsody cruises I wanted to book but the prices were high, no discounts and a $250 deposit per cruise which could not be used as OBC on my (then) current cruise. I was disappointed that I couldn't book. I've just booked 3 cruises with Royal because I noticed that the dates I wanted had a 30% discount and free wi-fi. Prices were much lower than I was quoted on board - around £300 - 400 per cruise. Also cheaper than my usual TA. Amazing! It seems that good deals are no longer available on board.
  3. Apologies, can't remember.
  4. CD was Patricio Honares and Activities Manager was Dani ......can't remember his surname.
  5. No, I didn't see any. There was 30% off on drink packages for Diamond Plus though.
  6. Chops was excellent. I had an interior which was obviously small but clean and just right. Didn't go to the theatre but the general entertainment from the CD and his staff was very good.
  7. Just returned from 2 weeks on Rhapsody. Happy to answer questions.
  8. I've done many B2B from Venice and that's exactly what happens. They make it very easy and comfortable.
  9. Anyone know where Captain Tommy Nyseter is now?
  10. Not another new ship!! Fresh news from the website.........Orbiter of the Galaxies - construction well under way, I hope there's a CL but don't miss the ship. What's the date? :p
  11. Cabin 7049 on Splendour is one of the largest J cabins on the ship (no, they're not all the same size) and is convenient for the centrum elevators and stairs. :rolleyes:
  12. Yes there is definitely another strand to this story and the guest is highly likely to be at fault. If however, the 2010 'Cruise Vessel Safety & Security Act' really exists and Congress has made it compulsory for cruise ships to have a man overboard system installed, and it is illegal not to then why don't RC ships have one?
  13. Yes, OP chose to sail with Royal and paid the going rate. As a by-product of this he qualified for the company's reward and incentive scheme, reached the highest level, and was rewarded with a 'free' cruise which appears not to be 'free'. The point is why promise 'free' and then ensure that your most loyal guests have to wrangle about the cost of 'free'?
  14. Cheaper oil = cheaper cruises for summer. How long should it be before current prices are reduced? :cool:
  15. Is that double points for every cruise after October 2013 or do they include any cruises before this date? Thanks.
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