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  1. Great review! Can't wait to read the rest.
  2. Great review! Looking forward to being on this ship in a few weeks.
  3. lilcruiser25

    Infant on a cruise

    Thanks so much for the information!
  4. lilcruiser25

    Infant on a cruise

    Hi, Does anyone know the policy for bringing an infant on a cruise? Like the minimum age and required vaccinations. Any tips or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. lilcruiser25

    Glory Fun Times

    I am looking for copies of the Fun Times for the 5 day Glory to Canada. I will be traveling with a group in August and I am trying to plan activites for each day. Thank you!
  6. lilcruiser25

    REVIEW: Carnival Glory May 1, 2011-May 8, 2011

    I love your review. I will be on the same cruise leaving this Sunday!
  7. lilcruiser25

    Carnival welcome letter/brochure

    Can I please have a copy of the welcome letter? lorifranchino@aol.com Thank you!
  8. lilcruiser25

    Carnival wedding

    I was able to see the options for that package just not for the sit down lunch. I was told by a representative that we would be mailed the options after we booked the wedding. However, before I book I would like to have an idea about the options.
  9. lilcruiser25

    Carnival wedding

    I am thinking about having my wedding aboard the Carnival Glory in the summer of 2012. Does anyone know the menu choices that Carnival offers for their lunch package? Thank you!
  10. lilcruiser25

    Looking for templates and samples

    Can I please have a copy too? Thank you. My email is lorifranchino@aol.com.
  11. I would love a copy also. My email is lorifranchino@aol.com. Thank you!
  12. lilcruiser25

    brochures for guests?

    I would love to see a brochure. I am thinking about having my wedding in the spring of 2012 aboard one of the Carnival ships. My email is lorifranchino@aol.com
  13. lilcruiser25

    Europe June 2011

    Thanks everyone for all the advice. It is making my planning much easier.
  14. lilcruiser25

    Early Saver Price Monitoring Question

    How long is the early saver available? I am looking at booking a cruise in June 2011 and there is an early saver rate however I was not preparing to actually book until October. Will I still be able to have the early saver rate?
  15. lilcruiser25

    Europe June 2011

    I am also interested in advice as to what are the best attractions in each port.