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  1. While in Ketchikan be sure to visit the Popcorn place. Right there in town by where the ship docks. SO good.👍
  2. I am currently on the Majestic. Aug 22nd sailing. We are Platinum members. We booked just the balcony cabins. On other Princess ships the balconies seem larger than these. We got two upset offers. First $199pp to upgrade to mini suite. Then about a week later $119pp to mini suite. We didn't take either offer. We got on ship and asked about upgrading and they said no "free" upgrades. If I would have know then how small the standard balconies were, I would have upgraded. By the time on ship there weren't any mini's that I wanted. It's all about location for us. So my advice would be..do the upgrade to mini if location is good.
  3. Oh no!! Disappointed in that but I can certainly understand. Glad you got your own.
  4. Oh yay! I did not know they were different beds. I always remember them being so firm.
  5. Just looked at the app. Where would I go to find the special needs? This app is confusing to me. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the replies. I will try the special needs thru the app.👍 The blanket is actually when I'm sitting on the balcony. I have to have a blanket when I'm sitting. Not because I'm cold, actually just the opposite. It must be a security thing from childhood, IDK. And when sleeping I have to have a blanket and fans!! I'm bringing my fan.🤪
  7. My husband and I have the covid test at 11am and that is the kind we are getting at Walgreens. I sure hope it's acceptable. I am taking the print out from Princess to the appt to make sure. I guess I'll find out in a couple hours!!😬
  8. Or do you have to wait til onboard? I have a bad back and will definitely need the pad on the bed. It will be a long week if I have to wait til onboard and they say there are not anymore.😝😬
  9. Exactly! I knew on some ship the Caribe balconies were larger. Thank you for clarifying that for me. Now I wish I would have gotten a mini suite instead. I wonder if they would upgrade me for free if there are a lot of mini's left.🤔
  10. Did you happen to see anyone bringing on water bottles or canned coke?
  11. Ok thanks for that info. So this is disappointing because we will probably be on our deck a lot since we're sailing to Alaska. Oh well, it is what it is. Maybe we should take the upsell offer to the mini suite.🤔 We've sailed many times in a mini suite but thought this time we would just save some money.
  12. I've sailed on a number of different ships with Princess and have always thought that the Caribe deck had a little bit larger balconies. However, looking at the deck plan for the Majestic, I can't really tell if that is the case. We are aft on Caribe next week and have read a couple threads that say Caribe has the smallest balconies. Who knows first hand about the Caribe aft balconies and also are they covered? Thanks in advance.
  13. Does anyone know if when you purchase the 1 device plan, if your still able to connect on other devices just not at the same time? So one device at a time. This is how it was for us on RCCL.
  14. Yes..72 hours is different then 3 days. 3 days before embarkation the test should be taken.
  15. Does anyone know if you can get ESPN on the TV's there? Wanting to watch the little league world series.
  16. Ok. Do you purchase on the Medallion app or personalizer?
  17. Do they still offer a "coffee card" that you can purchase?
  18. Thank you for that info. Much appreciated.👍
  19. So the issues with the wifi..are they just slow or sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't? What about web surfing, checking social media, etc?
  20. Ok great! Thanks for that info. Makes sense now a days.👍
  21. Can someone tell me the price of the basic bands for the medallion? If they are more once onboard? Not the bracelet just the band. They are normally $10 I think. Thanks!
  22. Do you by chance remember or know if in the casino they have the card game "Let It Ride?"
  23. Oh and one more thing. Perhaps it's already been mentioned. But what movies are showing at MUTS? Thanks!
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