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  1. Ricky Mathews is leaving Mariner May 31st, any idea who's taking his place?
  2. I don't think I'll be going at his level this time. Now come March B2B GC, that's another story... The bother of us together is going to be scary!
  3. Loving the review Rick, you are getting me so pumped! 1st place in Quest 1st place in Lazor Now get out of that escape room!!
  4. I made the kool kids list!?!? Outstanding live blog review Mr. Jarvis! I feel like I was in that grand suite more than my own cabin!
  5. Enchantment handoff is tomorrow April 6th. Michelle is on her last sailing of her contract. (she posted this on social media)
  6. If you look hard enough, you will see Millie in one of their videos...
  7. What am I missing here? 40% off still sounds like a pretty good perk...
  8. Anyone else seen the draft beer card? I've spotted it twice, but far less common. $49+18% for 10 draft beers (pub or pool deck only).
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