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  1. It doesn’t show advanced hour on the current cruise compass. I’ll report back on whether they actually do advanced hour. Strange as it was always listed in the compass.
  2. Did they end this? It doesn’t seem to be on oasis anymore.
  3. Nice. Yes bigger than deck 14 ats on oasis. I think you will love it. Nicer than a GS imo.
  4. On the vision I don’t think there is much for a jr suite other than the suite line at check in. Other than that it is just a bigger cabin with nice shampoo and you get double points for the cruise depending on how you upgraded. You will appreciate the space on a TA though.
  5. What deck are you on? I’ve had deck 11 on oasis and loved that cabin. The balcony is enormous. Deck 14 however is a much smaller balcony so deck 11 and 12 are preferred.
  6. That’s him. He was so nice to us and our daughter that I was hoping he would be in the coastal kitchen again. Last time I saw him and had been six months since I was on prior and without giving him my card or anything he address me by my first name. Glad we will at least get to see him in the solarium.
  7. We had the same guy for several cruises over a couple year period in the CK. I don’t think they move around much. Not like bartenders etc.
  8. Won’t be a problem imo. Once the bartenders know you a bit they will know you both have the package.
  9. I’m going on oasis. I wonder if set sail functionality is in place for that ship. I’ve swiped all ways and looked at everything. I doubt I missed it. How many days out did you see it?
  10. I’ve done my set sail pass but it doesn’t seem to show in the app. I see all the functionality but not that. Mine shows several tabs like activities etc when swiped to the left but none for set sail pass. No biggie. I’ll just print it. The app seems cool though. Im wondering if you can text through it while onboard? The old royal iq app had that functionality as I recall.
  11. Just downloaded the app. I see my calendar and lots of stuff but nothing that shows the set sail pass? Where did you see it?
  12. I got the offer to bid with JR suite being the highest category a day or two ago. Nothing sense. I think the odds of winning any bid would be small anyhow. Likely a waste of time and hope for almost everyone.
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