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  1. Thanks for the replies..I think (thanks to Jeremiah1212) its because of the booking time frame.
  2. Hi: this has probably been hashed out before but Celebrity Air for a month has shown air with $100 off. I went to book it by phone and they said the website price is wrong???!!! It’s $386 on website but $486 on phone. Celebrity claims website is not always the right price? Huh? Any one else have this issue? Thanks
  3. Thanks for all your kind replies. Unfortunately, I have decided to cancel due to uncertainty about Covid.
  4. Hi experts: I’m deciding about final payment on my Sept. 4 Reflection cruise out of Amsterdam in a few days. This has probably been answered but can I do my own tours/walks that are not Celebrity tours? This seems like a deal killer to me if one can only do guided ship tours. I know this might change at any time bit I’m probably not going to make final payment if this is the policy now. Thanks for any insight.
  5. Hi: I was wondering if any one else has noticed this or am I doing something wrong? When I make a faux reservation thru Choice Air its $300 less per person than when I use my reservation # to book our flights. I called Celebrity and they said the “quote” on Celebrity’s site is not in real time! I told the Celebrity agent this is kind of a bait and switch and can they re-set the “true fare”? Thanks for any help.
  6. Thanks for your kind replies. I’m going to move up to a C-1.
  7. I’m hoping to cruise June 2021 on the Sirena to Ireland(Covid willing). Any opinions on deck 3 cabins? My thinking was less motion low and midship. Does the smaller porthole make a difference compared to the deluxe OV one deck up? Thanks
  8. I have only sailed Oceania ( R and O ships) and was thinking of trying Viking but it seems much more expensive. I usually book inside or ocean view cabins( I know Viking only has balcony cabins at its lowest price point) and my question is the value between the 2 lines worth the extra expense? Again, this probably depends on a personal opinion but I have had fantastic Oceania cruises to Europe for $2700 per person( yes-inside cabin-but different port everyday) for 10 days. Thanks
  9. Just got off the Insignia and we were very impressed with new interior decor. Shower door is a big improvement over the shower curtains. Yes, shower is small but not as big an issue than some make it out to be. I’m tall(6’5”) and it was no problem taking a shower. Plenty of hot water and good pressure. We were in a veranda cabin and thought it was very comfortable. Bed, linens and towels are excellent. Bravo Oceania on the updated Insignia!
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