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  1. The damage was fine, 2kg max! Good quality and variety of food and (mostly) small portions. Do try to stay away from the bread and butter before meals!
  2. Thanks for this comprehensive info. Everyone seems to share the same opinion about the suites and bath shower combo. Strange that this remains possible for a highly rated (and not cheap) cruise line as the suite remains an important factor for satisfaction after all. Those who want a bath will not be satisfied here either. I tried it but the bathtub was too small.
  3. Mariner 899 Frederik Nov 2023 starboard Aft 1 tub + shower combo No ordinary suite, old appearance. Shower in bath tub too low. Bath tube to small for bathing. Matress worn down. Good, quiet location.
  4. Yes we enjoyed this trip very much, many memories together with mom to cherish!
  5. Very interesting, thanks! Nice website, I will try to add a review.
  6. The same goes for us, although we enjoyed the cruise, it keeps us from booking with the mariner anymore.
  7. We didn't look if there are different bathrooms because I didn't expect that old type of bathroom... . Does the majority of suites has this kind of bathroom? Do all Regent ships have this kind of bathroom? I was thinking only the oldest ships like Mariner? Yes, she's 81 but still loves to see all corners of the world. She almost never skips a port even though it takes energy from her. And we are happy to spend time together at a slow pace and make some memories forever!
  8. It was a very rainy and cold day so we didn't see much of the town. We did a tour by bus to see the mansions which would also have been nicer on a sunny day. After the tour we didn't feel to go into town. We saw the town from the bus but it didn't seem that interesting. There is Fort Adams which I think was close to the port.... . We found Newport to be the least port of the route but this was probably partly due to the bad weather. We had an excellent guide with lot's of stories about the rich then and now.
  9. Maybe the 'stock' comes from other rooms but the ship was almost full... . Yet one positive thing I would like to mention: my mother got another room with walk-in shower because it is not possible for her to get into a bathtub.
  10. Wow, you had a very nice suite, you are lucky! I agree with your opinion about the general condition of the ship and public areas but our room was really bad. The shower was in the bathtub and old. I'm not the tallest but it was too low for me so I always had to shower bent over. The mattress was completely worn out so after a couple of days I had back and headaches every morning. I asked for another mattress but there was no available at the ship... . For the rest, I found everything very good but you understand that a good bed and bathroom are actually among the most important things. I don't know if I would go with Regent again unless I had a room like you hahaha. The waiting lines for the buffetrestaurant La Veranda was a little odd too for a luxury cruise liner.
  11. A video about our last cruise "A Glimpse of Fall" aboard Regent Seven Seas Mariner to Canada and New England. The highlight of the cruise was definitely the food so in this video you will see a lot of food and drinks passing by. About the suite, however, we were not so satisfied and not worthy of being called a luxury cruise line. The video also includes short sections about the activity we did at each port of call. Enjoy!
  12. Indeed, maybe too quiet! I think there were only 500 passengers on board which is excellent for service but we had little to no connections. It felt really empty at times.
  13. Yes the cruise was in June, it took me half a year to finish the video 🤭. I thought only the rooms have been renovated or is it the whole ship?
  14. Thanks a lot for your kind words! The cruise was in June, it took me half a year to finish the video 🤭! The weather was perfect. Cheers!
  15. Oh so exciting. Your first cruise but I'm 100% sure you will love it! Enjoy your cruise!
  16. Hahaha, we have the 'no limits policy' 🙂 on holidays but during the year we do our best to eat healthy everyday! Good companies like Oceania and SilverSea are serving good quality food, so weight gain is still limited because of that I think. The porterhouse is really out of this world, but this is a small steak at the Polo Grill hahaha. For sure our favorite, the most delicious steak we have ever eaten!
  17. Let our newest video of The Oceania Riviera Med cruise make you dream of cruises in 2023 !
  18. Hi, Here our new 2 minute video of the Moon cruise.
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