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  1. Cancelled on March 8th. Refunds were processed on the 18th, but did not show up on my credit cards until the 20th and the 21st. I have received all my money back.
  2. Lately when we have cruised, it has been on the Jewel Class ships. On those ships there is usually a different nightly show that ends about 7:45 or 8PM. After that we could get in most any restaurant without a reservation or much waiting. We really don't like planning where we will eat on a given night months in advance, but most posts about the bigger ships make it seem like this is mandatory. We are now planning to try the Bliss and stay in the Haven. I don't think there are new shows each night, but several big productions that repeat throughout the cruise. Is there a reserved space for suite guests, or do we need to make a reservation for the shows? How hard is it to eat dinner at 8PM or so? Will we need reservations specialty restaurants or the Manhattan Room that late? Will the concierge take care of those? Thanks for any advice.
  3. Thanks. I saw my booked cruise was included on the list and I am getting the extras. I would have never thought to look at the list again.
  4. We sailed in 15500 on the Pearl. We liked it so much, we booked another cruise in the same suite. On the Pearl it is just one big room. In any event, NCL decided to charter the Pearl for the cruise we selected and offered to switch us to the Jewel which did not have that suite at the time. We had a great Personal Cruise Consultant and she told us not to cancel, but wait to see what suite NCL would offer us. After a month or 6 weeks of waiting, we got upgraded to the Garden Villa at no increase in cost. That was a 19 day cruise from NYC to LA through the canal, and it was fabulous.
  5. Our next cruise ends in San Pedro, CA. Instead of going to LA we we rather go to San Diego, stay for a few nights, then fly home from there. Has anyone either rented a car or hired one to take this trip? If so, was it economical? My initial search shows that airfare to San Diego from Long Beach is quite expensive and takes hours, since there is usually a stop in Phoenix ( of all places) on the way.
  6. Thanks. I used my phone when I first got the offer. I found the dial by going into the modify offer section.
  7. I received an offer to bid on our upcoming cruise in March. The form consisted of a sliding bar starting at the lowest acceptable bid and going up from there. There was no advice as to whether the bid was good, bad or indifferent. This is a bid for a higher category suite. Are things done differently for suites?
  8. How humid are the seating areas in the thermal spa, specifically on the Star?
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