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  1. Thanks. I used my phone when I first got the offer. I found the dial by going into the modify offer section.
  2. I received an offer to bid on our upcoming cruise in March. The form consisted of a sliding bar starting at the lowest acceptable bid and going up from there. There was no advice as to whether the bid was good, bad or indifferent. This is a bid for a higher category suite. Are things done differently for suites?
  3. How humid are the seating areas in the thermal spa, specifically on the Star?
  4. Try OneSim,. They offer a sim that would fit your needs.
  5. cjbx

    Use your Amex Platinum

    I have a Cruise coming up in March. I had booked directly with NCL made the initial payment with my Platinum Card several months ago. When I saw this thread I called Amex to see if I could take advantage of the offer. After speaking with several of their reps, they brought a NCL rep on the call. The bottom line was that I could not get this deal unless I booked with Amex Cruises and I could not transfer the booking to them because it was too late to do so. I would like to know how others got this without booking through the Amex Cruise site.
  6. We have been unable to cruise or even keep up with these boards for over 4 years. We have two questions: Does anyone know if the DVD players in suites (particularly on the Star) have been upgraded to BluRay? Does voucher for the Meal Speciality Dining Package cover one or both travelers on the cabin booking? Thanks for any help.
  7. This worries us since we are in a GV on the Jewel next month. If it were me I would immediately call security and report intruders in my cabin, but this should not happen in the first place. On the Pearl there did not seem to be an issue with intruders in the Haven. I hope the Jewel management has properly addressed this problem.
  8. We had the same experience with Monica on a two week Panama Canal cruise. Saw her in passing a total of three times in two weeks. I don't think the level of suites matters. We were in a DOS.
  9. The only thing we reserveed for our 2 week b2b was the circus and the Blue Man show. We could get reservations whenever we wanted through the butler or concierge - in most cases they weren't needed. If you want to get a good table in the main dining room the butler can escort you and usually you get a good table, but even then we had no trouble when we went on your own.
  10. cjbx

    Can the Concierge do this?

    On my two cruises in NCL suites, I too have found the concierges to be generally unhelpful. However, s/he should at the very least make restaurant reservations for you when asked. The behind the scenes tour is not free except for very special passengers.
  11. There was when I was on the Epic. Problem was the concierge was never where she said she would be so we went on our own. Never had any trouble getting in or getting good seats.
  12. Yes it does. The sun deck is huge and the hot tub is great. We used it every day of our last cruise. Be warned, there is little shade and it can be windy. It was okay for us in the early morning and after about 2 PM.
  13. cjbx

    Haven Suites

    It's usually very quiet and pleasant. You can have meals served to you there. A roof can be closed to keep out bad weather. Overall you feel pampered and secluded. A great place to spend a honeymoon. Enjoy.
  14. I've read many good things about aft cabins and was thinking of booking one. Today this review of an aft balcony appeared today - http://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=99606 I have read of some problems with soot, dropped food and people looking down at you before. Is what this reviewer wrote typical of the experience of an aft cabin or is it a bit exaggerated?
  15. cjbx

    Water retention

    elastic socks sold for circulation problems in most drugstores