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  1. Exactly why I am a dedicated HAL client - did all the others, and with the exception of the one Celebrity cruise, never have considered any of them again.
  2. I did read it - sounds like an Antigua internal problem - not sure..
  3. I downloaded my boarding pass a couple of weeks ago with Microsoft Edge no problems...…..
  4. And the folded items are wrapped in tissue & delivered in a wicker basket...….just lovely!
  5. I found one of the little tags a couple of days ago - last cruise ended in January, 2019
  6. I had a mother who did that - 60 years ago - I still hear her!!
  7. Last December there was a special dinner for Christmas Day, & New Year's eve in the Pinnacle, and a "family style special dinner" in Canaletto. The menu was a a secret, and I never did find out how they were. I wasn't going to spend the extra for something I might not care for.
  8. I have been complaining about ATK since shortly after they were started. The chef demos were so much more interesting! I asked a question about high altitude adjustment for a recipe (ATK) was trying to make - the answer was "just do what you do for other recipes"...…….I stopped going a couple of years ago. I hope they take their series off the TVs also.
  9. This atmosphere is exactly why I no longer sail the "Behemoth" ships. I sail to explore other countries/cultures and even if I am only in 1 or 2 ports there, it is enough to decide if I want to go back for a longer stay. I like the classical music presentations, the fresh flowers all over the ship (even in the Lido), the extra special staff, the elegant décor, the teak walking deck, and the dining experiences. The longer itineraries give me a real chance to wind down and get away from the daily routine at home. I do not need to be entertained, can find plenty to do on my own, but if there is entertainment, I will attend if it is something I think I will enjoy. I am sailing on my 8th & 9th Hal cruises in the next 4 months.
  10. I am also staying at the Hyatt Regency - booked a room for $116 vs HAL charge of $509 - figured I should be able to get transfers for a lot less than $400.00 (approx. difference). I also travel alone, and a little wary of taxis in foreign countries who do not necessarily speak English. But, I thought most Aussies would be able to communicate! I have already booked my return with HAL, have had good luck with this in the past. I will definitely check on the website you recommended for the pre-cruise transfers. Do they accept credit cards? Thanks for this information.
  11. I covered a former "microwave" stand with the little cupboard at the bottom. They look great on top, and there is room for glassware and bottles in the cupboard. Sorry, I don't have a picture of it. Looks like the serving tray......
  12. I think that Canaletto has changed their menu, and it is no longer posted on the "Specialty Restaurant" area of the HAL website where you can make advanced reservations. Is there another site that might have it. I thought it was posted here somewhere, but can't find it. I would hate to anticipate having some of the things I have enjoyed in the past only to not be able to order them. Thanks in advance.
  13. I have booked a room at the Hyatt Regency Sydney Hotel - will have to take a taxi from the airport and to the terminal. But should be quite a bit less than what HAL is charging for it. Thank you for the information.
  14. I am checking out hotels in Sydney for my 28 night cruise on Maasdam beginning 12/23/19. I am assuming the ship will dock in Darling Harbour, but I believe that there is another harbor in Sydney. Any clues as to how I can find this out? Thanks
  15. It is my understanding that there is a Catholic mass said every day on HAL ships, and on occasion the priests have also provided a Protestant service also.
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