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  1. Perhaps try the lunch menu first - $10.00, and nice choices on the menu. Very attentive service & quiet surroundings.
  2. You were fortunate to have parents who taught appropriate behavior that "stuck".. Sadly this is not emphasized as much now, think parents want children to "express" themselves however they want.
  3. We are just used to more elegant décor (think: castle, palace, mansion décor) I am also not a fan.
  4. That veranda is TINY! Not sure how you could enjoy breakfast out there?
  5. Well - this is what is really great about having so many choices of cruise ships. I dislike the huge mega-ships, don't like any ship over 2000 passengers. So, that and the unique longer itineraries are the things I like very much about HAL...... Happy sailing, whatever you choose!
  6. Actually I wrote that I consulted the Princess site on CC. Lots of complaints re. cuts & constant upsells. There was even a comment about their new CEO's changes, not for the good.…….
  7. So glad I read this thread today. I had decided to break ranks & book a cruise/tour to Australia/NZ on Ruby Princess next winter. But after reading these comments and a few of them on the Princess Boards, I'm staying with HAL. The itinerary on HAL isn't exactly what I'd prefer, but at least I'll be happy with the cruise/ship.
  8. Actually not - I was on Zaandam 22 day South America/Antarctica cruise in Dec/Jan. Quite a few doors decorated on my deck - lots of Christmas/penguin themes.
  9. I agree - I have given up on their beef dishes, there are many more choices.
  10. I noticed on this menu that "Colorado" had been dropped from the lamb chops description. I also remember thinking when I ordered them on Zaandam in January that they were difficult to cut & very chewy. First time I had this problem. Wonder where they are getting them now. I hope this was just a fluke - they are one of my favorites on the menu.
  11. I have dined at the Pop-up Rudi's on the smaller ships every night that it is offered. The main part of the menu is basically the same, fewer first-course items. But I like very much the salt-crusted Bass, and tried the Duck Cassoulet on my last cruise in January. It was very good also. One of my favorite parts of travel is having different food offerings.
  12. I went through this last year. Yes, the application is exactly the same as when you applied the first time, including the original birth certificate. Since your cruise is next year, you shouldn't have to pay the extra for expedited service, unless you want it In your hand as soon as possible. As an aside, when I got home, I found the "lost" one in my printer/copier......Grrrrrr.
  13. I also pack everything as flat as possible - tops laid in front down, sleeves folded over the back, slacks alternated waist up & down in the suitcase, etc. I find I can get lots more in the suitcase. But I have to watch the weight since I can pack more.
  14. There used to be a band on HAL called the "Halcats"- was deleted several years ago. They played by the pool for a few hours per day. There was a lot of controversy from passengers who loved the loud music, and the ones who hated it. I thought that band was one of the best they had, then or now. But, I understand those who wanted a little peace during the day.
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