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  1. Are the self-serve laundries not on the long itinerary (world, Grand) ships - Zaandam and Volendam any more?
  2. Tuesday 3/23/2021 front page headline of the WSJ. "Cruise Lines Fear Another Lost Season" . Not much good news - "The CDC says guidance is coming soon. Future orders and Technical instructions will address additional activities to help cruise lines prepare for and return to passenger operations in a manner that mitigates Covid-a9 risk among passengers, crew members" spokesman Jason McDonald said, declining to comment further. No response from the White House. So even when the 40 pages of the rules that are already required, looks like they might give another set of rules that will be imp
  3. I was also on that cruise - best one I have ever been on. Sadly, they have not been able to even come close since.
  4. Don't the Seattle cruises stop in Victoria?
  5. "They" as in the Canadian officials was my intent.
  6. Article in this weekend's WSJ by Michael Taube. 1st 2 sentences: "If you're impatient with the pace of Covid-19 vaccine distribution in the US, count your blessings. At least you don't live in Canada. " Goes on to explain several issues with ordering, distribution, etc. Get a copy or look it up. Might be part of the reason they are blocking cruises to Canada.
  7. I miss the HalCats - never heard BB King, but Blues/Jazz isn't my favorite......
  8. Exotic cruise in 2019 (I think), waiting for it to repeat. I saw a cruise in the South Pacific which featured all of the battles of WW2. I read about it when it was almost over, but have looked for this itinerary ever since. Anyone have any information about it???
  9. I have a relative who worked about 45+ years in government, mostly classified positions. His opinion on elected positions was that their job was to be reelected, never mind what was best for the country or anything else.
  10. I emailed my Cruise Agent about all the chatter on CC re. this topic. I am on a Sept. 2021 Alaskan cruise which has been postponed x 2 - she messaged me to hang tight, the cruise companies are in contact with the govt. and trying to work something out. I have been cancelled x 2, so I don't mind waiting awhile.
  11. I am on this cruise - saw my confirmation # and dates a few days ago. Haven't seen the confirmation data from my Consultant. But at least I am going to be there!
  12. I was booked on the 2021 VOV cruise - 1/15/2021 has come, and apparently will go without the promised information from HAL. I have been blocked from seeing all 3 of my future bookings!!!!!!
  13. I am already on this cruise - moved from Summer 2021 - so I expect that those reservations will have taken a lot of space.
  14. I was also on that cruise - so memorable - will never forget the "Birdman"!
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