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  1. My information from HAL says I will be rebooked in the same stateroom at the rate already paid. The new booking is 1 day longer, not charged more, get additional OBC for $250.00. I will receive a new booking number and confirmation within 30 days (this notice dated Sept. 24, 2020). Have not received it yet. I anticipate that I may have a new travel advisor, but this has happened with my 2 other cancelled/rebooked cruises.
  2. Re. South American cruises - my 2nd half of the Grand South America cruise, Feb, 2021, was cancelled last week, and rebooked for February 2022
  3. I do like the compatible films also - on my South Pacific Island cruise they showed "The Bounty" and one about Vincent Van Gogh, and "Tango Argentina", as well as "Evita", on the So. America cruise.
  4. I am booked on the second portion of this cruise if it happens - if it is cancelled, I will try for 2022. I am the eternal optimist.
  5. I am curious about any restrictions ON the MSC ships - also the cleaning protocols?
  6. I am booked on the 2nd part of the Grand South America, Feb 2021 - last day to cancel & get full refund is Oct. 15. But I'm assuming they will cancel the entire cruise if it has to be. Will be so sad if it cancels. Then in July 2021, I am booked for the Voyage of the Vikings, and Sept 2021 7 day Alaska. Might get at least one of them.
  7. Anything to avoid the horrific mess on Costa Concordia!
  8. Volendam, Alaska, 7 days, September 22, 2021, substitute for 14 day Alaska on Maasdam, Elizabeth Zink, daughter & son in law Becky & Darrell Podbevsek. First HAL cruise for them.
  9. Zaandam - Voyage of the Vikings, 35 days, July 17,2021, Elizabeth Zink
  10. I am booked on Zaandam Voyage of the Vikings 2021 - didn't know there is one this year........
  11. Hope I get to meet some of this wonderful crew on Zaandam next July - Voyage of the Vikings!
  12. It varies for me, sometimes I can zip thru what I want to find, lately more difficult. I'm not surprised with the events of Coronavirus cancelling so many booked cruises, then the disappearance of 4 ships with all their booked itineraries. I called my Cruise Counselor on Thursday to rebook my Alaska cruise on Maasdam next year, tried to see anything available as a replacement on the HAL website, but I'm sure it was jammed with everyone else doing the same thing.
  13. I'll bet they were sold "as is"
  14. Can't wear it, I'm allergic to Neoprene - ha-ha!
  15. I saw this topic & how to do it a while ago, but mislaid it. Can you enlighten me as to how you get a schedule for a ship with dates/itinerary? Thanks so much, EZ
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