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  1. We were on the same sailing! I completely forgot about the delayed departure. Funny how little details slip your mind. We were at the same comedy show 😞
  2. While I would generally agree with you - on our Oasis and Fredom sailings we were fighting for a seat, but on Symphony between 12:30 and 1 - on embarkation day - park café was empty. We had no trouble getting a seat.
  3. I like flavored (citrus) vodka (kettleone botanical is my fave) with soda water. I'm feeling splurgy I add a splash of grapefruit juice. On our recent cruise- I avoided the alcohol package to eliminate the temptation of sugary cocktails. I carried on 4 bottles of cabernet sauvignon (two cabernet) and that was all I drank.
  4. No. We had two cabins - DH and DS in one cabin - myself and DD in the other. We only bought 3 refreshment packages - no problem and I did it online. I'm counting calories and prefer my coffee from starbucks. not sure what ship you are on - but if you are on a ship with a FreeStyle machine - the beverage package includes the freestyle cup which offers things like powerade and vitamin water. Personally, I had enough to drink with the included lemonade and iced tea, strawberry kiwi and mango juices at select locations. We also carried on 4 bottles of wine which was my beverage of choice when I wanted the calories 😉
  5. Not sure, but keep in mind that it includes soda, all non-alcoholic beverages from Café Promenade and Vitality spa, milkshakes from Johnny Rockets and bottled water (including sparkling) and fresh-squeeze juices at breakfast. If you can get it for $20/day - you will likely get your money's worth.
  6. like @ryano I keep my carbs to under 50 grams a day. Of course I blew that on my Symphony cruise 🙂 but a few days back with intermittent fasting and I'm 1/2 pound away from my pre-cruise weight. Keto and intermittent fasting has changed my life. As for Jamie's ...I've been to a Jamie's on land and it was far from impressive. I figure of the land restaurant can't wow me - I won't waste my time with it at sea.
  7. Thanks Biker! This is what I bought https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0716NPWNW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. I bought the "WINE TRAVELLER" from Amazon. Not sure if I can post a link here? It is a bubble-wrap bag, with a velco-fold closure. We had two cabins, so I took 4 bottles of wine. I put the wine in the wine traveller. I put the wine traveller in a Ziploc bag. I put the 4 bags in a large Ziploc storage bag. This went in a suitcase with all clothes in packing cubes. and then the packing cubes stored in large plastic recycling bags. I WENT A LITTLE OVERBOARD but it was my first time trying this. the wine travelled in our checked backing along with a wine-shopping bag. When we arrived at FLL, I opened the suitcase and removed the wine bottles (still in the wine traveller) to the wine carrier, so I could carry them on board. I should add that I placed packing cubes in the suitcase, and then the wine on top and then sealed the ziipper closer so that essentially the wine was suspended in the middle of the suitcase. I also added a note to TSA telling them what was in the bags and begging them (if opened) to reseal the bags 🙂 Next cruise, I would be satisfied just using the wine traveller. I bought a set of 4 for $34 Canadian and they are reusable.
  9. @Host Clarea MDR service was pretty good - can't complain about that 🙂 @Merion_Mom thanks very much! lol, took me a while to figure out GlitchGate, but I did. Sounds like a good plan.
  10. Good to know! I stored mine with the printed tags inside. Will pull out the paper tonight.
  11. I have a hockey player too. 3 years ago on Oasis, I brought his skates. I don't recall any advanced times. In the general open skates he was always being told to slow down. on Symphony, he did not bother bringing his skates.
  12. So - for the 3.60 I pay each day (and all gratuities paid by all other passengers) - is divided amongst all beverage staff regardless of whether they served any passenger a beverage? Interesting and good to know for future cruises. Going off topic here, but I noticed very few waitstaff in the theatres and the pools. Most times, we had to get a beverage on our own. It became a running joke that at ever show, DH would order a water and it would never show up. Now, we know why 🙂 We tipped extra at Café Promenade, and probably should have tipped extra at Vitality Spa.
  13. @Merion_Mom - understanding there is no such thing as too much or too little - just curious what you would tip for a family of 4 in chops? We were caught off guard by the tip line and thought gratuities were included. We left $10. Also do you know how tips work with a beverage package? With 18% gratuity paid on the package how does that get paid to the staff. My hubby and kids had a lot of specialty coffees at Café Promenade, and we put money in the tip jar on the last morning - but I'm curious about how it works. If we paid $20 per day - and pre-paid 18% gratuity - if he had several coffees each day AND bottled and mock-cocktails throughout the ship - does my 3.60 get divided amongst all the places I visited - or does the ship pay 18% to each server based on the cost of the drink I ordered?
  14. its not a service that we would have used, but I don't recall seeing any pamphlets on it left in the room.
  15. it might have something to do with how the beverages are priced. The entire menu at Vitality Spa was priced at 6.25 - perhaps it was covered because of the price? YMMV and my experience on Symphony may not be representative 😞
  16. Yes. I should clarify that this was at the Vitality Spa. There was a meal replacement power shake and a Muscle Building Shake. Creatine and Protein Powder could be added to any juice or smoothie, and covered on the refreshment package.
  17. On Symphony - they were included with the refreshment package.
  18. I think what did me in, is despite my best intentions, I gave up intermittent fasting. I had not "intended" to eat breakfast. Some days, I took my almonds and my coffee and watched the family eat breakfast. Other days, I opted for a muffinless eggs benedict. I usually eat 11 to 7. Most days, we were eating after 7. It's all good - I enjoyed my cruise and am almost back to where I was pre-cruise.
  19. After 15 or so cruises, I finally bought the plastic tags off Amazon, and they work great.
  20. Are you still on the Symphony or did you get off on the 10th? If you were on 3-10, we were on the same cruise. I also follow a keto diet (except I eat read meat) and had no problem modifying every meal to suit my diet. I had not problem ordering extra veggies either. I did cheat a few carbs and drank about 2 glasses of wine a day. Gained 5 pounds (mostly water) - and five days later, am back to my pre-cruise weight 🙂 @Cruisegirl6 On the very last night, I noticed in the casino bar a sign for a 10 cocktail package. I can't recall exactly but I think it was $75. I thought it a pretty good deal and next time would give it a try. We also had C&A coupons for buy one drink, get one free, which we never used.
  21. We just got off Symphony on AUGUST 10. We had a late flight so we did not stress about getting off the ship, and were outside the terminal by 9:30. THE CROWDS WERE INSANE AND THE TAXI LINE EXTENDED BEYOND THE TERMINAL. We got in our taxi by 10:30. Not saying don't do it - but don't risk the crowds. Get off the ship ASAP before there are crowds and chaos outside the terminal. Perhaps this is normal for getting off the ship at 9:30, we generally book early flights and get off the ship early. So I don't know if our experience was due to "port of Miami" or due to the 9:30 disembarkation. Things moved pretty smoothly getting of the ship, but it does seem like everyone waits until the last minute.
  22. You will have to do the math. What are they offering the soda package for on it's own? See if makes it worthwhile to buy them together or separately. Are you sure they offering the drinks/voom for you in CDN? I paid for mine in USD. Could be because I booked me trip through a US travel agent, but I would have much preferred to pay for everything else in CDN.
  23. From one planner to another - try not to overplan 🙂 While long pants are requested to be worn in the MDR - many do not follow this advice. Go with what works for your family.
  24. There were no theme nights on Symphony. The "show" was one of the formal nights but we missed it as we were waiting to be seated for MTD. They tend to target the shows (parade of chefs) for the early and late seatings.
  25. So, my son loves his chocolate milk. At breakfast, he is able to get the tru moo chocolate milk in cartons doesn't love it - but it fits the bill. It never seems to be available at lunch or dinner, and if it is available, it's always served warm. Nothing worse than warm milk. So for dinner, the first night - he ordered a virgin mudslide. He was told - the bartender could not do a virgin mudslide because a mudslide required alcohol. So, we ordered a "frozen chocolate milk" as this has worked on other cruiselines. What showed up was a vanilla-like milk shake with swirls of carmel and chocolate. He really enjoyed it, and ordered it every night in the MDR. The night we were in chops, he ordered a frozen chocolate milk, and the waiter asks "you mean a virgin mudslide" and we said, "sure, if they can make". He got the exact same drink he'd been getting in the dining room. On celebrity, the virgin mudslides were like chocolate milkshakes.
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