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  1. This is the email below that they finally sent me yesterday and I have forwarded to all of our group. I would be very wary of them or paying any deposits as if the tour is cancelled you will not receive a refund. They have liquidity problems and you have to wonder if they will even be in business. n Fri, May 15, 2020 at 5:01 PM Ramses Tours Egypt <info@ramsestours.com> wrote: The Safaga Port was closed on the 4th March before the cruise was even cancelled so Ramses knew that they would not be able to conduct the tour and our sailing was on the 18th March and they
  2. Fellow Cruisers beware of Ramses / Ramasside Tours , We were on the Norwegian Jade March 18th cancelled cruise. We had paid fully for our Luxor Day Tour and after many many many emails finally received a reply re our Refund. Our whole group of 14 have not received a refund. We all sent emails the day we got notification of the cruise being cancelled and requested our refunds. This is the email below that they finally sent me yesterday and I have forwarded to all of our group. I would be very wary of them or paying any deposits as if the tour is cancelled you will
  3. Thank you for your reply. I notified Ramses, the day we received notification of the cruise being cancelled and our group are still awaiting refunds. Some paid just the deposit but in our case, we paid fully. Ramses will not even respond to messages.
  4. We were booked on the Norwegian Jade 18th March cruise which was cancelled. I was the Leader organiser of a small group tour of 14 persons to Luxor from Safaga Port. Some paid deposits and others paid the full amount. Has any other groups received their refunds. Our group has not received any refunds. Emails have been sent and mostly they have been ignored. Received one email that said I had been refunded which I promptly replied to informing them that myself and our friends had not been refunded. I have received emails from the other participants saying that they too have n
  5. We have just received our refund for the cancelled February 27th sailing of the Jade. I inquired when our March 18th refund would come through and I was told it could take up to 90 days.
  6. We were on B2B cruises and both have been cancelled, 27th Feb and 18th March, still waiting on any refund. Rang NCL and advised that refunds could take up to 90 days to process.
  7. Hello, thank you for your reply, yes we had 2 b2b cruises cancelled.
  8. To get the discounts do you have to book direct with NCL, thank you
  9. Well now it is Official, Our cruise on 27th is now Cancelled, what to do now for 22 days before we depart from Dubai on the 18th March
  10. Hi Casofilia, We have cruised together previously on the Jewel and met at meet and greets and lovely lunches. Appreciate your comments. I have read messages of fellow cruisers who are now sitting out in Singapore to see if their B2B2b2 cruise is going to go ahead on the 27th. I was going to book the 17th Feb cruise out of Hong Kong because that is my birthday but decided just to do the Singapore/Dubai/Rome and now it is a waiting game to see if NCL cancel the cruise. We are cruising with friends from Minneapolis St Paul and they are very anxious. thank you
  11. thank you LdLdl for a most welcome and relevant message, I didn't think of that web site, that's great info, will keep checking that, the Jade is due to dock on Monday 17th and was due to start another cruise but that cruise is now cancelled so wondering what the Jade might do now until the next cruise due to commence on the 27th, (the cruise we are booked on) Trying to think what to do for 22 days if the 27th cruise is cancelled as we will be in Singapore, 4 days before the commencement of 27th cruise. If they cancel the 27th cruise then we will have to make our way to Du
  12. thank CMH, that is interesting, we are on B2B cruises starting on 27th Feb from Singapore to Dubai, 18th March Dubai to Rome . I rang NCL yesterday and they told me that there have been no further cruises cancelled. We fly to Singapore on 23rd so hoping for confirmation that our first cruise is not going to be cancelled.
  13. Well Cole Thornton, it is Sunday here and if your NCL is not open on Saturdays then our NCL Sydney Office is open on Saturdays. This topic was opened so that others in the same situation could also post and maybe NCL will get the message. Also fellow cruisers or members could add any info as it comes to hand.
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