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  1. Thank you MartinCath for all that wonderful info. I will google "luggage storage Vancouver BC" and also Pan Pacific hotel. Very much appreciate your reply
  2. Thank you GDNPolar for the info, I am leaning towards the cruise terminal luggage drop and wandering or booking a day tour
  3. Hello, we disembark the NCL Jewel on 29th April and our flight home is not until 11 pm. Would appreciate any info or ideas how to fill in our day so we are not sitting at the airport for so long, watching the clock go round. We will have our luggage to consider also. I was thinking that we take our luggage to airport and put in lockers but then what? thank you
  4. Not that I have noticed, last on Gem Sept, and one section was designated for smokers
  5. There are many reliable tour companies and I would try one of the more reliable companies who wont let you down and leave you all standing on the pier waiting, waiting, waiting
  6. Beware, if you don't have 8 participants, they just won't turn up. Happen to us a fortnight ago, left standing on the pier waiting, they sent an email the evening before saying because we didn't have the numbers the tour was cancelled. We didn;t see the email until much later as we didn't have internet connection all the time we were on the ship. When I read the email, I replied to them, and was furious and then I was threatened with a Law suit should I say anything on Cruise Critic or Tripadvisor.
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