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  1. we went to chops twice on Harmony in July. It was excellent.( Last year on Anthem , Chops was just okay. )
  2. On anthem last year the photographer didn’t show up until the end of our session. Missed most of the divers.
  3. Was it really Bullseye? 20 years ago I moved across the country and flew my dog and my infant daughter with me. Ticket for my dog was over $400 and he had to be under the plane in cargo. My infant daughter’s seat was only around $200. Drives me insane that dogs are allowed on board a plane or a ship nowadays for a very small fee if any . (I was on harmony last month and a dog left a nice surprise for everyone near elevators by Central Park. Any responsible owner would always be on the lookout for this. Service dog or emotional support dog.)
  4. Interesting. Anyone know if the differences are because an airline is a source of transportation (to which no one should be denied) while a cruise ship is a vacation and not merely transportation?
  5. On a recent cruise I called security around 3 a.m. when the cabin next to me was hAving a party on their balcony. Seriously loud music and talking. It was super loud. Normally I’d ignore it but no one could sleep. We noticed that they also were smoking on their balcony and throwing the cigs overboard. After an hour of this , we called guest services. Security came to our room and asked if they could come in to witness it via our balcony. We said yes. They immediately mentioned they had cameras on them before entering our room. We said okay. (We didn’t mind at all. They saw the cigarettes and immediately went next door. I could hear the people defending themselves but once the security mentioned the cigarettes ...they were quiet.)
  6. Kay’s fine jewelry (not related to Kays Jewelers in USA malls). THey have a place in St. Maarten and st Thomas. I’ve purchased from both. Huge selection and great prices.
  7. Can you apply the value to a bigger room and pay for an upgrade for yourself ? I stopped playing two years ago when it came down to me and another person each with one number. I lost and still am not over it LOL. (It was my understanding that it’s usually a cheaper room.)
  8. I was on anthem last year and am booked again for December. We liked anthem. We prefer oasis but we enjoyed anthem. It doesn’t hAve a promenAde yet it does have the esplanade (?) and the via. Same idea. We loved the sky plex. So much to do no matter the weather. Didn’t care for the North Star (once was good for me) and the iFly (tried it . Not for me.). Also liked the dedicated indoor pool just in case of bad weather. It’s what you make of it. Try it! We had two teens on board last year...super adventurous. Also 270 is a great area!
  9. Right LOL. I was more worried that MA rating was more like a R rating and didn’t want to see a racy love scene with my teenage son watching with me :eek:
  10. That’s a good idea. We are thinking universal may not be as busy.
  11. I’m booked for the Christmas sailing this year on anthem out of NJ. We booked at the beginning of the year. Price is now much higher. Anthem is great for the cold weather sailings bc of so many inside spots (covered pool and the seaplex. I’m sure getting a chair by the covered pool will be no problem (haha). The itinerary is different than normal so I’m not too excited about the ports. (Port canaveral, Bahamas and cococay.)
  12. Haven’t watched it yet. Anyone know why it’s rated mature?
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