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  1. The real fun in Key West is in the evening, when you go down to the docks to watch the sunset, have a drink, and be entertained by the strange and wonderful street performers. It's a party every evening, but I suspect most of the cruise ships are gone by then.


    Interesting place, especially for those of us who remember the 60's and the flower children. Some of them are still playing their guitars and singing in Key West.


    Some good restaurants, lively bars, an interesting maritime museum, and some fun folks here. A cruiseline could do worse.

  2. Date: 9/27/06

    # of nights: 1 (pre cruise)

    Hotel: Westin Long Beach

    Rating: 4 stars (Priceline rating)

    Area: Downtown Long Beach

    Site: Priceline

    Winning bid: $90

    Taxes & fees: $20.83

    Total: $110.83



    Rejected at $80, rebid $85 and rejected, rebid and accepted at $90....as high as I was prepared to go. Had been bidding off and on for the last couple of months, bids ranging from $70-$100, all rejected. I think if I had waited a few more weeks, I might have been able to get an $85 or $80 bid, but since my backup room was $131+ and was a lower rated hotel in a less attractive location, I'm satisfied. Lowest online price I could find for the Westin on that date was $199+tax.

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