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  1. I think perhaps you have misinterpreted the poster's tongue-in-cheek comment about "not trying to sell you an insurance policy." As an insurance professional, I think his/her point was that the insurance industry regards an individual who is unwilling to fly as someone who may not be in compliance with their travel policy. Seriously, how are you going to get home from half way around the world without flying. I think that's what the poster was trying to convey.
  2. We recently had to cancel a cruise because of illness with this agency and paid the $100 cancel fee. I knew about this fee going in. I also knew that they offered me a cruise rate which was over $200 better than any other that I could find at the time of booking. So I took the chance....and lost. Maybe the fee is reimbursable under my insurance plan and maybe it's not. We'll find out. If it isn't....so be it. We've also lost other money on this trip, but health concerns come first. I also prefer to book with agencies that have no fees, and if all things are equal, I will. Otherwise
  3. There are (I read) three confirmed cases of the coronavirus in St. Barts. Possibly the ship was denied docking to protect the passengers and crew from being exposed. Even if that wasn't the reason, it may be a good thing that no one disembarked there.
  4. Thanks for your responses. We probably will give them a chance to see what they can offer.
  5. My SO contacted norovirus years ago on the Tahitian Princess, and he was quarantined to the cabin. Princess did not quarantine me, but I quarantined myself to make certain the virus wasn't spread, and I never did get it. Fortunately for us, we had booked a mini-suite, and I spent time on the balcony reading, napping, and watching the tenders go back and forth to the islands. The quarantine was lifted on the third day when he was no longer symptomatic. We agreed that we were so glad we had the larger cabin with a balcony and fresh air. He was sleeping a lot, but I felt fine and even
  6. The cruise we are considering booking currently has a $500 air credit offer. Right now there is very reasonable airfare available, and we would prefer to book our own flights. The last time a cruise line booked our flights there were problems we'd rather not repeat. If we choose not to use the air credit, is it a "use it or lose it" situation, or would we be able to get any kind of credit from Seabourn on our cruise fare?
  7. Sorry about my previous meaningless blurb. I hit the wrong button. Here's what I was trying to say: I recently completed my first Seabourn cruise. Like many posters on Cruise Critic, I have been cruising for many years (since 1970) and have sailed most of the mass market lines. Obviously, cruising has changed greatly, and the two of us were disenchanted with our last few cruises. So it was time to try something new. We have always enjoyed small ships, and, for me, it's not seeking a "luxury" experience as much as a more "civilized" experience, which means no lines, no noise, no lou
  8. We just booked our first Seabourn cruise this past week to the Caribbean, and I have just received our confirmation and booking number. Since the cruise is in November, we had to pay in full. We have no cabin credit for this cruise, so If anyone has a coupon you wish to share....and it can be used after final payment....please let me know. My email address is october609 at yahoo dot com. Please put "Seabourn" in the subject line so I don't miss it.
  9. We just came back from a 10-day Alaskan cruise last week which was round trip from Vancouver. We are frequent travelers in our 70s and have been to Alaska many times on both land trips and cruises, and we have sailed several times in and out of Vancouver. Never have we experienced so much trouble getting through the Vancouver airport. Even though we had transportation furnished by the cruise line and we disembarked on a weekday (Thursday) with little activity at the port, it was still a 45-minute drive to the airport and after arrival, it took us well over two hours to get to our g
  10. We also did our trip last week with Gastineau, although it was the photo safari, a somewhat pricier option but ideal for the camera enthusiast. There were 10 of us on the photo safari, and several of us (myself included) didn't even have a camera. My other half is the amateur photographer, and he got hundreds of pictures, mostly of a pod of orcas but with a few humpbacks thrown in. We've done a number of whale watching trips, but the boats that Gastineau uses with the sides that flip up and wide, open windows are great boats for whale watching. I'd use them again. They do have to be booked th
  11. Gardyloo…..You are so right. On our last land trip to Alaska, we did exactly what you recommended and enjoyed it tremendously. Spent 4 days in Nome, driving every available mile of road, even went to Teller, which was an eye-opening experience. I think I recognize a couple of those musk ox! Got some up close and personal pictures very similar on the road by the schoolhouse just outside of Nome. We also got a spectacular view of The Mountain on our flight back to Anchorage. We're doing just a cruise next month and have flightseeing in Ketchikan (with Michelle at Island Wings) and an
  12. I'm guessing this is just word play from Princess trying to make their Natural History Tour sound impressive. If they were offering a more inclusive tour, I'm sure they'd play it up big time. I can't imagine it would be even less than the Natural History Tour, but my experience with Princess tells me it's possible. The last time we were there in September several years ago, we'd take the Park shuttle early in the day, and upon our return, we would drive the road back and forth several times looking for moose. I was shocked at how many Princess Natural History Tour buses I saw leavi
  13. We've done both....the train and driving ourselves. Both are scenic routes. The train gets the edge for comfort and stress free travel, and the car gets the edge for flexibility. Seward is a neat, quirky little town, though, and I have always enjoyed spending time there. One of my all-time favorite Alaska excursions is the Kenai Fjords boat trip out of Seward. If wildlife is of any interest to you, you'd have time to do a 6-hr. National Park cruise, whether you choose the train or car. A good chance to see whales, stellar sea lions, puffins, otters, in addition to glacier viewing.
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