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  1. I thought I replied to this, but it may have been lost when two threads were merged. Sorry if I double post. Anyway, yes, the above is ”our take”, as in what Mrs. Trout and I understood from the announcement made by the Captain at 0800 re. a meeting at 1000 hours in main stage. Neither my quote nor OP’s (from the “other”, now merged) thread was exactly what the Captain said, but what I shared was as we understood him. The meeting was indeed a Q&A session, was not mandatory and was introduced by the Cruise Director as a “coffee chat” (coffee and tea were ser
  2. While I certainly appreciate the seriousness of this situation and the concerns of all aboard, including me and my wife, I think it is important that we strive to be very precise with the verbiage we use on these boards. Misleading, incomplete or inaccurate information will spread faster than the Coronavirus! To the best of my knowledge, we were not denied entry to St. Kitts, as stated in the subject line of this thread. Per the announcement of the Captain, St Kitts authorities we waffling as to the conditions under which ships would be allowed to disembark. Rather than w
  3. Update - ship cleared to disembark @ St. Lucia...departure time will be 1 hour later Trout
  4. Also on Koningsdam and we heard the Captain’s announcement regarding St. Kitts slightly differently. We heard that the authorities in St. Kitts were waffling on under what conditions to let a ship in and, therefore, a decision was made to skip St. Kitts and go to Antigua instead. Admittedly, OP may have additional info that we were not privy to. Regarding St. Lucia, however, we are now an hour late disembarking and as of now have not been cleared to do so. Not sure why, yet. Trout.
  5. BTW, we had a corner aft NS, starboard side for Alaska. I didn't get much sleep on that cruise. Was light til midnight and there was just too much to see. Enjoy, Jess
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