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  1. Sorry..sometimes I just don't get it. .So this is an alleged decor item..not to be read. So sad to see books destroyed like that. They will be dust collectors just like the Hoppen pillows and faux coral!
  2. Are they kidding ?..What a travesty...how awful...so fake. Far cry from the QM 2 library...my favorite!
  3. WOW. Thanks How much is the lunch ? Looks Yummy.. and with a good wine..oh yeah! I like it a bit more cooked ( just me) but we will def book that as soon as we get on board. Glad the staff is nice! Do you have the daily menu link? We used to eat lunch or brunch at the B on 5 on most days..til they took it away for sushi. It was not that well attended ..often just us and the officers! Sal got some great soup recipes from some of the B on 5 chefs...one was for Celery Soup..He served it for Thanksgiving that year and our guests were licking their bowls!
  4. We use the bathroom hooks for robes too...usually swap out the really heavy ones for the waffle style that take up less room . Can,t wait to see the Hoppen pillows....hope they do not trigger any allergies. Was surprised to hear there is a late show in EDEN..OMG ! We heard it all ended at midnight with a big crescendo! We are booked in an SV deck 7 right over EDEN.. for a future cruise which is fully booked Could be noise issues esp from the speaker outside EDEN Thanks so much for all the details!
  5. Great review...hope you submit it to Cruise Critic. You made some great observations and info that will be helpful when we cruise next week. How can there not be towel racks,....where do the towels go? Did you go to any shows in the theater, EDEN or the Club? If music gets too loud in the evening.. we will do our workouts at night and use the Solarium or Thermal suite..Did you use any of these?
  6. I person usually goes to the table and gets the tix for 2 people for excursions.. I do not think they will let one person get them for all of you as you must be present to check in. Best to inquire ahead.. If you ALL get there early and can get the same stickers you,'ll be on the same bus. We do that if we are meeting up with friends.. Arrive together, get same # sticker..same bus!
  7. Enjoy lunch..and the Cabin Crawl.. So happy cruise is going well! Seems the Bistro does not take lunch res. Let us know how you enjoyed lunch there. We cancelled Rooftop Grill for dinner next Tuesday (San Juan port day). Instead, we plan on trying the Bistro for lunch ( rack of lamb sounds good and a few other items) . Hope they are open on port days. Glad X is reaching out. I am starting to believe they do want to retain their loyal customers while appealing to new ones. If they lower the music volume all around....that would be great start! As for the IV.. I think it is not so much a question of understanding it, but figuring out how to deal with a space that is too small with the current furniture that is too big and clunky. We'd enjoy a nice high bistro table and chairs..drinks with a view.. We are sorted out and slowly starting to pack..
  8. That"s what they did with cart..very cute! But a small library would better!
  9. Thanks again for hitting some of my spots..Solarium, EDEN in daytime for mellow...Your photos are awesome BLU sounds not so great.( although it's the food that matters, I guess). We moved to BLU yrs ago to avoid MDR congestion and the ever present MDR din. Maybe at the earlier time, which is when we dine, it will be less noisy! Sal looked at the outdoor area and said No Way...too industrial looking! We may change our Rooftop Grill dinner res..seems the space is too iffy weatherwise and windy. We will decide today and maybe try the Seafood Place instead.. or a big lunch at the Bistro with buffet for dinner..
  10. Not on EDGE! balc furn is not a big hit..hope they change it up..
  11. Glad to hear that ..thank you for all your reports back.. hope you have a happy cruise!
  12. hcat

    Quick Review of Jan 13, 2019 Edge Cruise

    Got it..thanks
  13. Thanks for your comments We cruise next week but have no tender ports. in Nov we will have GC with an excursion , so hopefully they will get the tender situation better organized, ... I think that using EDEN for one type of show is a big loss.. once you see it, where do you go on the other nights,,,theater maybe once if not too loud..They should consider more of a variety in EDEN,.some dancing, musuc, soloists, bands..etc, We are looking forward to experiencing EDGE..it looks beautiful and fresh!
  14. Why did they change chic nights? We have our specialty dining booked for next week( Eastern) , and figured night 2 , the sea day would be chic night.. also birthday night! Hope Rooftop Grill will not be too windy for our port night in San Juan...At least no rain is predicted at this point. Hope you are enjoying every minute!