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  1. Good thread! Cafe Baccio has some really nice artwork on EDGE.. the general EDGE Art book has great info about the collection on board and we enjoyed the Art Excursion...,received a special Art Book included with the tour! Hope to see the Apex Collection in the future,
  2. To read the article at the sky.com link..one .had to agree to cookies. So we couldn' t see much of it. Many opinions, studies etc...we'll have to see what takes place.
  3. Way Too much for me! Nasal swabs by strangers, indiv tracking by wrist bands like probationers, ,daily temp checks, lots of disinfectants all around...and you have to pay for this antiseptic fun filled cruise! I get what they are trying to achieve but we would rather stay home where we decide the protocols...just our opinion. Others will differ.
  4. Yes , we will get the first one asap ! Hope okay as we are babysitting a 7 month old???? Good news if Medicare covers it.
  5. NY state Phase 1..frontline healthcare Phase 2..essential workers...teschers grocery Phase 3..65 and older and hi risk Will be awhile before dh and I get it as Srs and hi risk we..may have to cruise with just mask protection
  6. According to online article, governora of various U.S states are working on "distribution plans" . Looks like in my state..NY, seniors will be in phase 3..not sure of any timetables..no vaccine yet!
  7. Exactly..arrive together.. as you check in make sure you get the same tag number to be in the same bus. Stick together in line and as you board.
  8. W E L C O M E ! wishing crew and future pax smooth sailing!
  9. It's not just the airplane ride. It's also the security lines, screening,.lines to get on the plane(SW Air), sitting in the terminal, bathrooms etc. Last Feb, we flew SW Air to NY from Fl, changed at Baltimore. A few days later we were sick beyond belief..even though we had enhanced flu shots. There was no Covid testing back then..We just suffered for a few weeks being tired, low fever, breathing issues, no appetite. We'll never know what it was or how we caught it. Not pleasant..scary! We will be flying back to Fla next month ( very nervous) but will have masks and sanitizers etc and do our best to isolate. Hoping we make it safely and can enjoy some sunshine for a few months. We beilieve cruising is a greater risk of exposure for a longer period, so we are waiting for 2022...hopes of a vaccine?????
  10. Like many others, we finished with all our refunds and cancellations..and just did a lift and shift. Could not bear to go through all that again!
  11. Thanks for expanding info on this topic, Quite alot to think about. I am Type 2 high risk, and have been semi isolating since March, as are many in my age bracket. Interested in the vaccine for obvious reasons and have a cruise booked for 2022. Planning to fly next month,,very nervous! After we arrive in Fla we will try to get the updated shingles shots..we believe not covered by Medicare??? Already had our flu shots. Hope to follow the vaccine developments...
  12. We are happy QUEST is not offered on Celebrity..diff strokes for diff folks. Our son in law had his camera stolen on Royal during QUEST..and securty gave HIM a really hard time!
  13. Distribution of vaccines may become a potential hurdle .I saw our NY Gov on TV today raising many issues. He talked about the State(s) being responsible for storage of vaccine doses at proper temps, distribution, and in what order, etc and convincing people to be vaccinated and tracking (?) . Said folks will likely need 2 doses. And need for Fed Gov funding. Sounds like another huge bureacracy in the making. How this will all play out is a serious question, esp if a vaccine is needed before folks can cruise. Actually never gave this much thought. For flu, pneumonia and shingles vaccines we just get them at our local pharmacy. Either covered by insurance or pay cash.
  14. EDGE is in a class by itself..til APEX comes on line. Very upscale, classy and lots of things to do day and night. Nothing we did not like ...except we are not fans of EDEN show which is no longer done every night. EDEn itself is amazing! AQ Class BLU might be best for personal dietary needs and service but we did not like lack of any outdoor view and at times the kitchen ran slow..Acoustics were poor at busy times. Food itself and service in BLU was top notch..loved breakfast. With AQ class you have access to the amazing Thermal suites including the Relaxation room, heated loungers. The Infinite Balc was fine for us..gave us more room..but is NOT a true balcony. We also enjoyed a Sunset Veranda with huge outdoor aft balcony. The SV Cabin is larger than IV. A long walk to and from the elevators, but a nice quiet cabin area, with good service. Loved the 4 mdr plan, esp Tuscan, the Greek restaurant and Normandie dining rm. Suggest advance res and contacting special dining needs dept if you go this route. Cafe Bistro was a fav place fir lunches..extra charge..well worth it. Have only sailed Royal C's Oasis which was very disappointing as to food, need to line up and make so many pre set res. Perks are a bit nicer on Royal but nothing to sway anyone IMHO.
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