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  1. At my husb's workplace, HR identified HIPPA, FOIL and privacy as possible issues. Keeping actual copies of the cards on file with batch nos were a concern. It was resolved with adequate medical record protection. Hardly matters now with reports of so many fakes being sold. We hope most folks get vaccinated but do not believe folks who choose to stay home need to justify their choices..as long as they are prepared to live with the everyday consequences.
  2. Welcome to the Moderna club. The way they handled your proof sounds very good.
  3. Four days is hardly time to explore the ship and settle in. Many short cruises have a diff vibe..party atmosphere. As mentioned, we would do it to burn up FCC..in a suite,
  4. Thanks.. just started seeing the blue hands recently. To avoid the dup initiais I might pick a scenic photo to upload . I assume that would be okay. As to the topic.. Does anyone think CDC is makiing it difficult for Fla and US cruises due to how cruise lines acted at the start of the pandemic crisis which possibly did not please CDC? Or still relying on earlier studies of what is needed..? Or possible political motives which really can't be discussed on CC? Or could they be looking for a cruise line financial contribution to some type of
  5. Here's the link.. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/st-vincent-volcano-erupts-prompts-thousands-to-evacuate/929927 Spectacular photos!
  6. Prime Minister is quoted in Accuweather linked article as saying vaccination required: "Gonsalves said in his press conference that people have to be vaccinated before boarding a cruise ship or to go to another island. The minister also highly recommended those taking shelter in Saint Vincent be vaccinated."
  7. When DMV was essentially "covid closed" for months in NY ( very little to no access), it really impacted people , trucking, etc in a big way for getting renewals, plates etc & .also businesses that sell , register and insurers cars. Different job than CDC and hopefully CDC did not "covid close" or work remotely from home like many agencies and businesses like X.
  8. That is true. Sad to see them go but lack of interest, lower ad revenues and rising costs are factors. Luckily in Fla we still have several reputable print choices..both coasts, diff viewpoints. But they could still do online articles or a large full page in print "ad" for major markets.. I'd be interested in reading what they have done or are doing by any means available. They are not getting word out very effectively
  9. We did the first request via the CLIA link to our elected reps . Received 1 automated gen "we care" response from 1 NY Senator. With so much going on in Wahington right now, not sure a return to Cruising will become a top priority for the Legislative Branch of gov...some are probably not even aware of the issue or lawsuit. ???? PS.. can someone tell me what the little blue hand is that I see on some of the initials in the circles for some posters, seems to be quite a few Also many posters have the same initial and color...makes it hard to see who is posting
  10. Excellent post! Wonder who at X or Royal is running this " campaign" ? Leadership has been quiet lately,
  11. Quite possible. Hopefully they are talking behind the scenes. Maybe the Cruise lines /CLIA could buy a few newspaper ads explaining where things stand, from their perspectives, instead of asking their customers to push the issue??? We'll take our cruise if it sails but are starting to lose interest.
  12. Pre cruise testing seems to be a no brainer. Hoping the process can be simplified to book and get results. Difficulities of access in some areas still turn people off..The test itself is not invasive, just uncomfortable and over quick!
  13. Wondering why cruise lines and or CLIA do not join the lawsuit or start their own? Are TAs clamoring for re opening or relying on others? * * * * Getting the required local okays that are required by the CDC might be rough. I recall seeing some of the local Fl govs in action on TV / news videos...at the beginning of the Covid nightmare. Not too impressive...lots of self interest and in my opinion...one hearing spent way too much time on how to shelter pets rather than ill people. (Love pets but would think people shoul
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