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  1. Staggered times are difficult to coordinate with flight arrival times times and hotel check out times, but not impossible to observe . Folks should be able to linger for coffee or snacks at airports or hotels.
  2. IMHO... The multiple reasons or excuses have been difficult for most to swallow.. Holding onto other people's money past a reasonable time is not acceptable , esp for a big corporation with many assets and high paid executives!
  3. Good suggestion for expert opinion On deck muster drills were always too crowded....intervals probably would not help too much...stairs and elevs also overcrowded they will have to come up with some plan..the rules are not waivable
  4. Another dream cruise will come along!
  5. Thanks Anne for sharing this. It was uplifting and hopeful! Well done......Bravo! Thanks to the entertainers and those who put it all together! 👍
  6. In this case, i would NOTmake final payment unless you have a set cabin reservation at a fair price. If you have not yet booked flights why spend more $$$ you might lose. Yes, it will be disappointing, but your only hassle will be waiting for a refund of your deposit. Why chance giving them more of your money . By the time they "deal" with your situation, what rooms will be left??? And that's assuming Oct will sail!
  7. For folks who do not want to read or be bothered with posts by certain others, just hit the ignore feature. . That will allow the conversation to flow freely...without other commentary.
  8. That is our big fear... our Connie cruise is booked for Jan 2021 (great price...Sky Suite).. We are not confident that it will happen and are looking for a back up later in 2021, so our fcc is not lost! We were excited about the home port of Tampa for Connie, but Celeb may not want to set up shop there while getting back into other ports....or X might move one of the upgraded M Class ship's there instead. Seems Infinity and Summit get chartered alot so we will probably suck it up and book out of FLL one more time , and take an S Class ship if we can. Enjoyed EDGE twice but we want a more traditional ship experience next time.
  9. Many long time loyal cruisers have not been thrilled since it became more like Royal C, esp under LLP. The whole cancellation/ refund debacle also a turn off. I am sure we and many others will be back in time but right now we are on "PAUSE"
  10. Easy fix... use money saved from refunds to get a cleaning service, stop making beds, and do take out or eat out when things open up. Grill outdoors if you can so you can share the cooking chore. I personally don't cook, and we share doing laundry tasks. That's what we do other than having a cleaning svc. Since we retired, we usually handle that ok. We have a great lawn maint company. I have a few fun areas for gardening, and we hire folks to do big jobs. We did buy a big snow blower, just in case! We enjoy our yards, deck, screened porch, and lanai. In Fl, there are many amenities where we are located, gulf sunsets.....ahhhhh! Cruising is/was fun but even a nice weekend away can sometimes do the trick! Enjoy, stay safe and healthy!
  11. O.P. good thoughts! I always thought there should be a one day gap with a much less frantic turnover process. Ports ( and some airports like FLL) are very congested as some pax are leaving while others are arriving, Always seems rushed and hurried... and the staff gets no time to truly prepare properly. Why not let everyone take a deep breath and focus on getting the ship ready? Our Captain on EDGE mentioned during his lecture that with so many ships coming on line, it would necessitate that ships would have diff scheduled arrival/ departure days in the future.. Not everyone would cruise on Sat and Sunday..but schedules would be have to become staggered. OP raises what might be the next logical step.. The new normal....less stress on everyone, and ships could be cleaned better and sanitized by specialized service companies that use very high tech methods. Many offices are having this done this on weekends already. NYC subway cars are now being cleaned overnight. At first fewer ships will be sailing so that would be a good time to try something like this. Added costs for all...but might be worth the price! Maybe cruising should be a more upgraded activity, less like a day at the mall....cruise less but enjoy more!
  12. Glad your X refund came through! They must be subjected to various audits from time to time...must be a total mess! We used to trust X with multiple deposits on account for future cruises. Not any more!
  13. Hopefully, the industry will respond to unfavorable reviews on customer service/ refund/billing issues,. They may actually revert to treating customers better in order to fill cabins in the long run, after the pent up demand tapers off. If not, they may find themselves with lower budget party cruisers who apparently don't care too much about customer service, luxury and top level amenities.
  14. Actually, Cap Club was always marketed as giving enhanced service to its members..But that was "then" and this is "now". Even before the current mess, Cap Club Membership has been downgraded in comparison to service for suite guests. The former was based on brand loyalty, the latter based on $$$$$
  15. Not all "snowbirds" are from Canada.. Lots of folks from all parts of the US and UK have seasonal homes or rent places for the "season". Always a nice mix in our Community!
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