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  1. I'm a big fan of all the art on EDGE..except for the pierced head shown with your post. Too tortured for me. We have a group lobbying for a curated EDGE art tour. Please let X know if you think that would be a great idea. Til then, on our next EDGE cruise, I will try to organize a small EDGE art crawl with anyone on our roll call who is interested. This review with amazing photography is renewing my enthusiasm for EDGE.!
  2. Checked one of our booked cruises today..same offers but higher prices! "APEX 2020 sailing from Ft Lauderdale which we booked in April 2019. Same offers are there, but price for Sunset Veranda with 2 perks..refundable dep....has gone up from our fare of $ 1679 to $2098 I think or $ 2298..hard to tell from the website Kind of a big jump..irony is we may cancel it in favor of a cruise on Constellation in a sky suite 2 ..same ports.
  3. Checked our APEX 2020 sailing from Ft Lauderdale which we booked in April 2019. Same offers are there, but price for Sunset Veranda with 2 perks..refundable dep....has gone up from our fare of $ 1679 to $2098 I think or $ 2298..hard to tell from the website Kind of a big jump..irony is we may cancel it in favor of a cruise on Constellation in a sky suite 2 ..same ports.
  4. Crown Bay is not convenient to Havensight or the main town shopping area or other places we have enjoyed in the past, including beaches and an X excursion boat to St John for snorkeling, We were docked there once on a Royal C cruise when it first opened up with very few stores and NO places to eat. There was no trouble getting a cab into town where we had lunch and walked around...but on the return to Crown Bay we had a taxi driver who was so reckless that I wanted to get out and walk.....but the walk is VERY long and dangerous. Guess he was in a rush to dump us off and puck ip another fare. Never again! Why not look for sn excursion that leaves from Crown Bay area.? Hopefully it has improved! That's what we'll do. Losing Havensight is a shame!
  5. Well..maybe the folks that truly maximize their drinking (to put it politely) have caused an economic need for possible changes... With a few drinks a day plus a tea and coffee in Al Baccio..we may hit or slightly go over the Classic cost amt..but not very much over. We also stopped using the included water in the metal btls so we pay for that on our own now. Maybe the perk was not properly valued by X when they priced the cruises with this perk.???? We,ll find out on Sept 1st...
  6. Enjoying your review . We love Barcelona, the Gaudi architecture, great food. Your photos were excellent! Same for Valencia and the Science Complex....would love to return We also enjoyed our Infinite Veranda ...and look forward to hearing more of your review. Have a great cruise !
  7. Wow.. you certainly did Chic night proudly.....Looking good and happy. That's what it's all about! We had a daytime stop in Victoria on our cruise, but the city should be nice and sparkly at night!
  8. Congrats and Bon Voyage! Seems like an EDGIE mini reunion!
  9. Wow.. it won't be long. Hope you and your group are getting more excited each passing day! We just made final payment in oue Nov 15 EDGE cruise to the ABC Islands! Going back b/c we enjoyed it!
  10. Maybe there's a way up for exceptional cases!
  11. Room is laid out diff from EDGE...I guess we will have to adjust back to M Class layout for our Summit and Connie cruises. The shower looks a bit tight...or is it just the angle of the photo.? Is that the only closet area or just the part for longer dresses? And is it part of the dorm like metal cabinet storage? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the info... very interesting photo.. It might be worth it one night...assuming no need for a nearby bathroom!
  13. X reps have coaches? What happened to supervisors? Usually the reps are among the last to be informed.. As Arno said " Modern Luxury" As to the side note, we had to buy our Cruise Care for our upcoming cruise by going to a third party ins company.. Caused by change (?) In NY Law but it was not as easy as just adding it on to the cruise final price. Also did not get any BOA dbl cruise points for the purchase as it was not done directly through the cruise line.
  14. I also prefer an elev to stairs....I assume they are outdoor? I have progressive lenses in my glasses that make stairs difficult... and some open ship stairs can be slippery.. also no bathroom up there either? Not a sun worshipper but it could be nice for sunsets and evening sky watching . Anyone try that or is the area closed at night? Basically these were areas of little use converted to a suite area.. sort of like the M Class outside movie area
  15. Is it reg Q sine or le petit chef menus,?
  16. That would be really wrong! Crass, crude, chintzy.....add your own adjective!
  17. Need to line up VERY early for walk off And hope no delays at Customs, on roadways, airport security line..etc Too much stress for our taste but they say it can be done
  18. More questions than answers. Seems that's always the Celebrity way til it actually rolls out. Hope they adequately train the Customer Service Reps who are often kept in the dark!. Wonder if they will hire more servers, fewer servers ; or no matter what, be able to provide better bar and drink service? Those not on packages who must pay, do they still get indiv receipts? Right now if on a package... I believe you just get your card back
  19. Hope Moderators can add this to the existing thread ( see link) .that' where we started our posts on the subject.
  20. Seems the Celebrity Official postings here were discontinued. Maybe someone from X will post on other social media sites if the topic catches on there. The packages were very popular and brought cruisers over to X who would not have done so without them. It did change the X demographic, esp with new folks who wanted the perk but also wanted X to be more like lines they crossed over from. It wasn't necessarily a good thing in some ways! ( sorry but just my opinion) Now after having folks hooked on X and the perk, X finds they can gain revenue with so many drinkers taking advantage of the perk or possibly reduce costs for those who won't sign up. We would not select it as an included perk if there was an added charge for the grats . We would, as before, make do with our 2 btls of wine, Elite cocktail hr, other events, and purchase a few drinks here and there. Doubt they will charge grats at the cocktail hr or in Michaels for suite guests..that would be chintzy. All food for thought as it unfolds. Thanks for the heads up miched. "Thanks and have a great rest of your day." Guess thats the new X sign off!
  21. Video played on my " old" Samsung tablet...Awesome. Glad your honeymoon is going well. Making great memories- It was also good to hear they are punching up AQ class events...like they have done with Concierge. We may return to AQ eventually...
  22. Yup..that's our cabin but for a diff itin..great price 4 perks plus suite amenities!
  23. Previously, the Classic Alc package which we select as one of our 2 perks, includes the grats and is coded as such. Our most recent booking includes the Premium, which we would never buy or upgrade to on our own..( one is basically a non alc drinker) This would be a big change.,,
  24. It can be confusing but we are used to it..... it will never be perfect. We booked a suite for the first time and were happy to learn our offer came with Premium Alc, On Bd Credit, wifi and grats..,..and a Refundable deposit..which is something for which Regent may not offer a price differential ( refundable vs unrefundable) Having it all together in one pruce made it easy... The Cruise Planner reps are fairly patient if you give them a call with some idea of what you are looking for...
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