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  1. As always..good thoughts! Hopefully , the advisors decision makers have cruised a few times and not as VIPs!
  2. Perhaps true while on board...but cruisers will return to land and disperse. Wonder if there will be a post cruise quarantine required? Probably most who sign up live a "driveable" distance from the port of________.(?) But anyone desperate to cruise any which way might even fly.! No details in the LLP letter so it all remains to be seen!
  3. And many others did,,, Your experience was not our exprience, We loved EDGE..one week in AQ Class in an Infinite Veranda was too short! We appreciated most aspects of the Veranda sunroom and had no complaints, AQUA class Included dinig in BLU, and Acces to Thermal suite which Included heated loungers and the Relaxation room. Add on spa services were outstanding, (gym was okay but did not blow us away,,,) We also did the 9 /10 days to ABC Islands in a Sunset Veranda...with the 4 mdr plan, Stateroom is oversized with a huge outdoor aft balcony. Food and service were excellent. Loved the Solarium! The shows, music and art collection were amazing...yes, there a few negs ( did not like the teminal ) but overall a very pleasant updated cruise experience! We will be excited to try APEX in 2021.. but.not sure if we will go BEYOND, as we want to try Viking after APEX...looks like a good fit for our taste and cruise reqirements.
  4. We also received the LLP e mail... Hope this new blue ribbon advisory panel is better than the Women's Design panel of a few yrs ago.....many of whom apparently never set foot on a cruise ship. We are not looking for a solitary, antiseptic, masked cruise experience...but we'll see what they come up with!
  5. How countries ( and cruises to or from their ports) fare, depends on individual behavior...Govs and other entities can only do so much to solve this , unless they have full control like Korea.....perish the thought! Being cooped up for months with or without any income or meaningful socialization takes a big toll on some more than others. Some simply are in denial or do not believe in the seriousness of it all,., Many seem too quick to judge others...but may not know their situation. Others are plain out selfish...no excuses! When the number of cases recede things will open up...but it may not be as soon ss some would prefer. Eventually it will work itself out...
  6. Sometimes it's not the user or their equioment, cookies or browser. You can contact Jenn at CC Help or post on the CC help thread. A solution usually comes through.
  7. We also cancelled a Nov 2020 cruise on APEX ..refund of our deposit was slow but is now done . We added a 5 day cruise on her for Nov 2021 ( getting my yrs confused but that seems right?). It's shorter than our orig choice but we reserved a Sky Suite so we could experience Luminae and the Retreat. Hope the APEX art collection is awesome! We enjoyed AQ Class on EDGE ( Blu and Thermal suite) and a Sunset Veranda with the 4 mdr plan.. ...so this will be a new experience for us! Hope to see some Celebrity regulars on board!,
  8. Thanks..i know that one..did not know the name or purpose,
  9. Hope they arrive safe and healthy! Quite an adventure they have had...
  10. Note to self.. pack a wash cloth and use it as a cold water compress on head and wrists in restrm before boarding. Or run cold water over wrists. Drink an icy slushy. I run cold but just in case..... Can someone explain the pulse oximetry reading,?????
  11. Thank you for your good wishes ..we are in tryIng times but will prevail. The Queen is a special treasure to the World!
  12. Might have been funny at another time. Not today!
  13. EDEN show was very toned down and mostly on the ground .by our second cruise on her.( Nov 2019) . The elevated stage platform was taken down..much safer. The show was still stupid and audience interaction insipid..but most folks tolerated it ok...we left. Good news EDEN is not all that show..great variety of music there! Looking forward to APEX
  14. We had no disruption from the window locking. Closed during 2 rain storms and promptly opened when it cleared. Window cleaning in port..but we were not sitting in our cabin! For us a non issue! We also preferred having the windows closed anyhow..We used it as a sun room, chairs faced inward. Contrast with our oversized Sunset Veranda..small overhang. Limited use when sunny and no use in rain...but great unobscured sunrises, sunsets and stars at night
  15. Coincidentally, we received a beautiful brochure today. Looks like a good fit for us. We definitely will consider a Mississipi River cruise, Great Lakes cruise, and a few of the Carib itins...if cruising returns. Maybe X will be history....
  16. A reminder of that hideous mess. Rags from the ceiling, filthy beds and most views to the sea blocked. Intrusive interaction from the creepy characters...made me cry to see a beautiful venue destroyed. No one liked it...so bye bye.
  17. Overlapping discussion on this thread..plus other approaches.....none of which appeal to us!
  18. We also like the Viking look...would give it a try if we cruise again.
  19. Cruise lines are in a tough spot..Convey safety to guests and authorities but try to provide a pleasant vacation. The two goals may not be simpatico! The Ponant manifest lost me at the word "drastic"!
  20. Thanks for posting... Seems a bit better than the other plan..but no dancing, no parties and only outdoor swimming are a turn off. More show times..shorter shows? Limits in elevs, venues and excursions..Could work if they severely limit # of guests on board but one would have to be really wanting to cruise to accept these circumstances. Safety is key but we may as well stay home! I agree that another outbreak at sea would be catastrophic!
  21. For awhile RCL let Celebrity flourish on its own, but little by little they became more alike than they were different in some key areas...dining, website, mgmnt style, client service, advertising. I think most of the Celebrity mgmnt is long gone.....Perhaps a deal with the devil! Ships are still different..no big malls on X, a saving grace.
  22. Hope you conclude that APEX outclasses OASIS... More modern luxury, less mall! Enjoy!
  23. Perfect description...great food, interesting spaces, live music everywhere, excellent showsm very classy yet not stuffy, and a great art collectiion.
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