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  1. I always pre pay. To me, it makes no monetary difference, since the yield is so low anyway. Sounds like the OP is trying to rectify not paying.
  2. The pricing is the main reason I won't sail the Edge. I don't care about the reviews that much. My Equinox sailing in December is much less than the comparable sailing the next day on the Edge. I've also priced the Apex for April, 2021 and the prices are still crazy.
  3. What do you mean they told you the deposit was non refundable? When you are pricing the cruise, there is a very obvious choice on what kind of fare you want, refundable or non refundable. As far as specialty restaurants go, it's also your option whether you want to go or not.
  4. I did a mock booking last night for Dec,2020 and got the same thing.
  5. MSC is privately owned without stock holders, and really don't care what customers or anybody else thinks. The ownership is very stubborn and nobody stateside has any power to do anything on their own. I'm not anti MSC, having sailed with them twice, but just stating my observations of what to expect from them.
  6. Not sure about N.Y., but any other terminal, lock the car an take your keys.Only at off terminal parking do you leave your keys.
  7. I saw the you tube video and it was pure conjecture of all cruise lines. On Royal, I can see the Majesty and maybe the Vision Class, but I can't, for the life of me, see selling off the Radiance Class. Of course, if the price was right, they could sell off any ship.
  8. Very reasonable. MSC finally seems to be listening.
  9. I don't think so. There are other companies that provide this service, as well as taxis and Uber. If you go to the ports forums you may get a more definite answer.
  10. My wife and I both enjoy formal nights and will continue to dress accordingly. The only time we dress up is at a wedding or on a cruise. I can understand people who have to dress every day for work not wanting to do it while on vacation, and I have no problem with that. I don't care what people wear as long as it isn't offensive.
  11. We usually get room service in the morning for continental breakfast, and I always tip $2.00 for the service. the delivery person appreciates it.
  12. Just like any other cruise line, you are paying a premium for a new ship.
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