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  1. I'm really late for this party, but I went back to look at the pictures if the food, and, for the life of me, couldn't see anything wrong with them.
  2. For selection, I'd say AH Riise in all probability.
  3. Whatever X names the charge, it's still the same thing. Leave your TA alone. There's no problem there.
  4. I'm not sure they give status match to a previous cruiser, especially if you got it earlier.
  5. You can take the threads that complain about changes and or cutbacks and put them on any of the mainstream cruises, because they all complain about the same things. Heck, Princess even took away the chairs in the rooms, and the std balconies don't have a sofa or love seat.
  6. I'm glad your wife won't let you wear it.
  7. The ships are beautiful, the staff is great, given what they can do, the cruises themselves are wonderful, but when it comes to make a decision about service for a passenger, whether on land, or on the ship, Italy always gets in the way. Grow up, MSC, or you will fall further back. Let your people that you hired do their job.
  8. The Adventure has steel balconies.
  9. The last thing I would use is a debit card. I use a credit card, and if I didn't have one, I'd use a cash account.
  10. I usually order a continental breakfast for two, and tip $2.00 in cash each day.
  11. Been to Costa Rica once, and have no intention of ever going back. I'd love to take a chance on Acapulco.
  12. Condolences on your loss. It's good to know that the corporation has a heart, and it's not always about how much I can take from you.
  13. Look at the deck plans, pick a cabin or area, then call for availability asnd then book. No reason to pay in full, except after final payment date.
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