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  1. I think part of your increase is that the Discovery is a brand new ship, which always brings a premium.
  2. I never use wi fi. My phone goes into the safe as soon as we board, and I don't bring a lap top or I Pad. So now they want me to pay for something I don't use. No Thanks, there are other cruise lines that are comparable to X without the outlandish prices.
  3. We're booked on the Seashore for Dec, 2021, and hope we are sailing by then.
  4. I just priced a Celebrity with all inclusive, and it was $1800.00 more that my booking on the same ship, and date. If Royal does the same, then I'm done with Royal. I have one more sailing booked, on the Odyssey, that was affordable. If Royal keeps it's pricing structure, without the all inclusive, I will probably sail with them again.
  5. If I remember correctly, it was only one ship that wasn't allowed to dock back in Florida because DeSantis didn't now there were Americans on it. DUH!
  6. As Jim_Lain said it's a very simple process if what they are offering fits your schedule. I did it, and only had to change from the first week in March, 2021 to the 2nd week in 2022. Same ship (Apex), same cabin, and same price including all my perks, grats, and insurance.
  7. Thee prices are ludicrous. If I ail with Royal again, though I'm booked on the Odyssey for 2022, it won't be with a drink pkg.
  8. Sea Dream had a no mask policy, which had to be the dumbest decision that a company can make. It sure bit them in the a**.
  9. The idiots that run Sea Dream thought, and told their passengers that masks weren't necessary. This is the result. How can MSC with a large ship, have no Covid after quite a few cruises, and this Mickey Mouse company with 200 passengers can't get through one cruise?
  10. It would totally depend on pricing. I stopped NCL because when you add their "free" drinks, it adds almost $300.00 to the price because of the grats.
  11. I haven't seen a senior rate on X or Royal for quite a while
  12. The Sea Dream had a no mask necessary rule. Talk about STUPID.
  13. I, personally don't see this happening. Royal is primarily a family cruise line competing with Carnival, NCL, andto a lesser extent, MSC. Royal would price themselves out of that market.
  14. The Away Class is terrific, but I would hope the don't copy the Encore, and at least give some deck space. I wouldn't sail on he Encore, only the Bliss, Joy, or Escape, our favorite.
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