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  1. Cruise planner is fine now. IT finally woke up.
  2. Premium package will work for me. Guinness, JW Black, and Glenfriddich
  3. I'm afraid there won't be any revolutionized ships for a while.
  4. The worst that can happen is you get charged the difference plus gratuity.
  5. I still can't get in. I get the message to try again i 15 minutes. My cruise shows up with no problem.
  6. Go with the Oasis. She has undergone the Makeover, and is now very similar to the Symphony.
  7. The Local is basically O'Sheehan's. The reason for the name change is because O'Sheehan is no longer with the company.
  8. My guess is masks indidee for quite a while, especially with this Delta variant.
  9. I don't kknow of any specific problems that MSC has had, other than their customer service.
  10. All the cruise lines have long wait. It would be nice if they followed the airlines and give you an option for them to call back. I used that on American, and it was a pleasure not hanging on the phone. They did call back.
  11. Al the cruise lines have the same rules. Vaporing is ok in smoking areas only.
  12. On the Miami webcam, you can see the Divina anchored off the coast, where she's been for the last 2 days.
  13. Princess is the only line REQUIRING the cell phone. The others recommend it, but everything is available on line, including check in.
  14. At this point, I'd call MSC, and be prepared for a long wait for someone to answer.
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