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  1. I doubt it will be ready in Oct, 2024.
  2. The ocean will be cold in Match, but not the pool.
  3. Royal doesn't enforce anything. They're so afraid of offending these useless parents who do NOTHING to supervise the kids. That's one of the reasons I've stopped sailing Royal even though I'm Diamond and miss my free drinks.
  4. YC completely. Premium drinks, amazing service, and access to the thermal suite, even though you get the thermal suite in Auria. The private Jacuzzi is a non issue to me. Don't need it, and probably wouldn't use it.
  5. I've seen kids there before, so nothing new. It's up to the parents to control them (ha ha), but there should be staff to get the kids out when they don't belong there, along with the parents.
  6. I'm a smoker, but think this is a great idea. I hope it goes fleet wide. They should do like Celebrity They have multiple areas outside for smokers, most of them under cover of some kind. They do a great job of it. No smoking indoors on any of their ships.
  7. If you're Diamond on Royal, no other cruise line can match their perks, such as the free drinks.
  8. They have the Star coming next year, then an unnamed one after that. By then, maybe, the Icon prices may come down.
  9. Our first MSC sailing was on the Divina in the YC. The YC on the Divina is a lot more personable than the newer, larger ships. By far our favorite. The only downside is the restaurant in in the Aft, but with great wake views. The walk is wonderful, especially after dinner.
  10. It makes no difference what cruise line. If you do a move up bid, they put you where they want. You get what you moved up for.
  11. I'd rather have the difference between the low deposit and regular deposit in my hands, not RCCL.
  12. Outside the Top Sail Lounge and one area under cover on the YC pool deck. No smoking inside anywhere in the YC.
  13. Probably a medical emergency.
  14. I don't think that Princess actively markets for the 50+ crowd. Look at the new Sun Princess with all the family attractions on that ship.
  15. It's also possible the guest services can help. If you're diamond, then the concierge in the Crown lounge can help.
  16. The Edge class gives a lot more to do on the ships. Much better and more entertainment.
  17. Celebrity will allow you to use OBC on line if it's theirs, but not if it's from a TA.
  18. If everything is perfect and you do self debarkation, it's doable, but I, personally, wouldn't do it. I don't book any return flight before 11:30 or 12:.
  19. As long as they don't stop the free drinks for Diamond and up, I'm a happy camper. I don't care about the Crown Lounge.
  20. We're booked on the Seascape out of Galveston for Nov, 2026
  21. I've found the only way to see if a cabin is available is to call. Their web site is useless for booking yourself, or even through a TA. They often have the same glitches, but, at least, the TA has to hold for someone to answer, not you.
  22. Enjoy your cruise. The Symphony is my favorite ship.
  23. I wouldn't pay what they're asking on any Royal ship, unless I was in a top suite. Royal just isn't worth that kind of money in my opinion.
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