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  1. Love the donuts!! How could you have missed them 😁
  2. As these are 4 sea days from/to Southampton on a 12 (not 14) night itinerary that does not reach Honnigsvag, yet the cruise is priced at the usual much higher “Norway“ per day price, I’d say that the traditional 14 night itinerary from/to Copenhagen is better value. Only 2 real sea days (the others will be scenic around the fjords) plus you reach the North Cape - all of which makes it worth the extra $$$. And Azamara does Norway really well!
  3. Have a wonderful vacation Ann! Looking forward to reading your updates 🙂
  4. I’m all for Seabourn going paperless. It’s not just the paper and printing that’s an unnecessary waste, but also the trucks, planes and cars that deliver the mail. We’re in Australia and no matter how often I try to unsubscribe, Seabourn continues to send us printed stuff all the way from Seattle almost weekly... and it goes straight into the trash.
  5. Apologies Phil, I didn’t write the above targeting you. I have great respect for you and your always very balanced posts. I was thinking of the almost continuous Lisa bashing on the X forum.
  6. Great post - thanks for sharing your feelings! I agree with your sentiments regarding Lisa. I’ve met her twice and she seems a strong leader that has somehow managed to remain humble. I also agree with your comments on online naming and shaming, it happens too easily. For what it’s worth, contrary to most on Cruise Critic I’m a big fan of the changes at Celebrity under Lisa’s leadership. Edge is an amazing ship and we’ll definitely be back. And we love Suite Class. That said - Azamara should NOT go in the same direction. I agree with everyone on here who has commented that Azamara’s current vibe is very special and a tier / class system would not do it any good. Different lines, different strategies. Let’s keep it that way. Floris
  7. It seems that one simple change would solve 90% of all issues... Make sure that each tour delivers what’s in the description, nothing more, nothing less. No surprises. Surely that can’t be too hard to make happen...
  8. I don’t follow your logic, sorry. If everything on the ship was “properly cooked local cuisine“ than why bother getting off the ship? If you want a local experience, have lunch and/or dinner on shore as we do (and support the local people and economies who need it).
  9. I don’t understand this complaint. The terms and conditions clearly state that the Best Price Guarantee doesn’t apply after final payment. Educate yourself if you book direct or get a good travel agent. Regardless, the opp has no case.
  10. We did this last year. I was in shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers as it was 35 degrees. Others covered up because they were afraid of sunburn. I didn’t get wet.
  11. Can someone who’s on Journey’s current September 21 sailing post some photos please? 😝
  12. They only just released spring 2021 3 weeks ago...
  13. We can agree to disagree. I’m not calling them and therefore don’t randomly get one of 100+ RCI call center agents. They are calling me and have probably assigned 2 people to this outbound sales effort. They can afford to properly train these people and they should.
  14. Although I totally agree with you and Phil that this is a non issue for me, I don’t think it’s necessary to flame the opp for having a different opinion. I do agree that if they call me to sell shore excisions they better have the knowledge ready to answer questions.
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