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  1. We mostly cruise smaller ships, specifically Seabourn and Azamara, but thoroughly enjoyed our 2019 Celebrity Edge cruise in Suite Class, so for us it’s never say never.
  2. We have a B2B2B booked on Seabourn for June 2021 and a B2B2B on Azamara for November 2021. We have not yet booked for 2022 as not all cruise lines have released their itineraries yet. Floris
  3. Agree. Deception is the wrong word. Seabourn acted precisely in accordance with its offer. The opp is clearly disappointed in the offer but that’s something else.
  4. Very well said. When this post appeared I wanted to ask what future bookings are like if you take out all bookings made with vouchers or credits... but I held back as I didn’t want to stir the pot.
  5. 100% agree. If they resume cruising it’ll be select Caribbean or European ports. There’s no way South America, Africa or Australia / New Zealand will happen this upcoming season. Although there is now talk about a travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand starting January that would allow for cruises to operate with Australian and New Zealand residents only.
  6. Love these questions. They give me a sense of normality that in the middle of a global pandemic and uncertainty whether some cruise lines will ever sail again one can still discuss a clothesline 😝 Awesome!
  7. Yes indeed. Quest was scheduled to sail the Caribbean November 2021 - March 2022 but those sailings have now been cancelled and she’s being redeployed to Antarctica. Venture is launching December 2021 but she’s scheduled to stay up north sailing the Norwegian fjords in winter... now there’s something new!
  8. Seabourn just cancelled its entire South America season with most ships now out of commission until May 2021 except for one ship in the Caribbean. Azamara will follow.
  9. I haven’t made any new bookings since the covid crisis started but am still booked on Seabourn in June 2021 and Azamara in November/December 2021 for a 6 week B2B2B... Keeping all my fingers crossed too!
  10. It baffles me that Seabourn (and others) are still selling cruises to Australia and New Zealand starting November despite the fact that both governments have clearly stated their international borders won’t reopen until well into 2021 earliest. Taking deposits for cruises that will never sail is a really poor business practice, even more so given that it takes Seabourn 4+ months currently to process a refund.
  11. Indeed. And really strange to post this now in the middle of a global pandemic.
  12. I fully agree. Same for cruise lines still selling Australia & New Zealand sailings for November 2020 - April 2021 with both countries very unlikely to re-open their international border before mid 2021 and Qantas already having cancelled all international flights until June 2021...
  13. Australia’s Prime Minister has said repeatedly not to expect Australia’s borders to re-open before 2021 yet many cruise lines are still selling AU/NZ cruises this side of Christmas and taking deposits. Just one example. I would be highly surprised if any ships sail anywhere this year. Just assembling a crew is all but impossible with border restrictions and a total lack of international flights.
  14. Amsterdam: The Dylan and The Waldorf Astoria.
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