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  1. I agree that ANZ will get cancelled. Very curious to see what will happen to the world cruise. Given that many more countries than just Australia and New Zealand have their borders closed (Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Vietnam, India, etc.) I fear it might get cancelled in its entirety. It’s just too soon for global sailings. We booked the 2023 World Cruise.
  2. That’s Qantas big gamble. The government has said the October date is not based on anything they’ve decided / confirmed. That said, the Prine Minister did announce this past week he’s investigating whether it’s safe to let Australian permanent residents and nationals currently overseas travel to Australia without hotel quarantine if they’ve been fully vaccinated.
  3. I’m probably missing something obvious but why don’t you cancel, get a refund and then book the cruise you want? If your answer is “because it’s a lot more expensive” then you probably know why Azamara doesn’t let you lift and shift... Floris
  4. Outside of the US and the UK, the world is many, many months away from making vaccines available to all. Even a country like Australia is now openly saying it won’t complete vaccinations in 2021. And who knows, by then there might be mutations requiring everyone to get a booster shot... I’m highly sceptical about if and when the old normal ever returns.
  5. I live in Australia and am 99% sure that the 2021/2022 season of AU-NZ cruises will either get cancelled or be only available to AU and NZ residents. The international border to the rest of the world will simply not open in time. The Australian government is now openly saying it won’t be able to offer vaccines to everyone this side of Christmas.
  6. Ultimately all cruise lines do the same. My June Seabourn cruise just got cancelled, so my next booking is now December on Azamara. I have to say this is the first time I'm at least a little hopeful that my next cruise will actually sail! Floris
  7. Yes! On many of these boards, particularly the boards of the mainstream cruise lines, people seem to think that cruise ships are good to go as soon as you can fill them with vaccinated passengers. What they keep forgetting is that most countries don't want tourists until 60-70 percent of their residents has been vaccinated / is protected.
  8. Seabourn can write as many protocols as they like but it’s what local governments do (or here in Australia even state governments) what matters. I’m pretty sure that if a ship would carry even one guest with Covid, even if quarantined in a special suite, docking would be denied in Queensland, Victoria, etc.
  9. Before I cruise, what I want to know is what happens if a case is detected on board as vaccinated people can still get or carry the virus - symptoms are just a lot milder. If each time that happens a cruise gets cut short and everybody is booted off in the nearest port, I’m out.
  10. Thank you! Yes I saw that. Our sailing is from Lisbon to Amsterdam. Seabourn informed us yesterday that they have not yet made a final decision and are therefore pushing our final payment by 5 weeks.
  11. I think it will be quite a while before cruising resumes. Countries are simply not interested in welcoming hordes of travellers, vaccinated or not, given continued uncertainties around whether or not vaccinated people can spread certain (newer) strains of the virus. Furthermore, many European countries are still in a hard lock down with all non essential services closed. Australia and New Zealand have told their airlines not to schedule any long haul flights before 31 October. I’m hopeful for Christmas but that’s about it. Still waiting for Seabourn to cancel our 5 June Sojourn cruise.
  12. Actually quite the opposite. Some European governments have expressed concerns that hordes of vaccinated people running around might cause a 3rd wave because although the vaccine suppresses your symptoms, you can still carry and spread the virus to those not vaccinated yet.
  13. I live in Australia and no, so far that has not been said. What the Australian Prime Minister has said is that he doesn’t expect the international border to re-open before everyone is vaccinated, and for that they’re targeting late October.
  14. I love it when Seabourn representatives know more about how and when France, the UK, Portugal, etc. will come out of a hard lockdown and closed borders than the governments of those countries 😂
  15. The WHO found nothing suspect after the Chinese had 14 months to clean up / remove any evidence that might have been there, while on a heavily guided tour accompanied by Chinese officials at all times 🙄
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