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  1. Thank you. This will be very helpful to my husband.
  2. Has anyone sailed on Viking Star cabin 4001--Explorer Suite? How did you enjoy the balcony? Thank you.
  3. Same with the ones we bought. We called and the representative and he told us that it was good until January/February 2022.
  4. What happened to Lauren? Surprised to hear that she left. Maybe vacation? Thanks.
  5. We found out that MSC has finally got around to transferring our bookings to our travel agent---since January 2021. It seems that our bookings were cancelled so that the clerical department could assign new booking numbers to the travel agent. Thank you for all of your help. It was appreciated. Sorry if it caused you to be concerned about your sailing dates. We all just want to go.......
  6. We received two emails today stating our cruises were canceled on Seashore for February and March 2022. We were booked in the Yacht Club. Does anyone know why? Any news regarding this? Thanks in advance.
  7. Sounds like we have been on the same cruises. Also on EDGE in July, Equinox in August and September 4 is our next one. Making up for cancellations and time. We felt safer on EDGE than local stores--all are vaccinated on the ship.
  8. On Equinox in August and the Daily Planner listed Arts and Crafts a couple of times.
  9. As of now, we are going. Once onboard, you do forget about the outside world. There is "automatic" social distancing among people. Hope you go.
  10. I felt safer on EDGE in July and Equinox in August then in local stores---- and we live in Florida. People and crew are vaccinated. We are also booked on the September 4. Making up for lost time and all of the cancellations. It's hard to decide with all of the news.
  11. Loved your post! We love the Equinox. I was just wondering if you were in a certain group or category to get all of those beautiful gifts, or was it just because it was the first week back for Equinox. Thank you.
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