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  1. azpilot

    Switching cruises. Penalty?

    The only time I have been able to switch a cruise and not get a a penalty for it is when they canceled my Feb 2019 cruise due to booking the ship out to a private party. As soon as I found out about it I called and said I didn't want to cancel and I wanted the cruise the week before that was the same but different ship. Took them a bit of time to figure it out but they moved me to that cruise with the original price I paid and no penalty for it.
  2. azpilot

    What? Carnival got rid of this too?

    Table cloth is gone for normal dining, bread basket is still there and they change around the bread it seems during the cruise for what they put in it. Picture of us at the table from April cruise and we had no issues with the table arrangements or no table cloth.
  3. azpilot

    Long Beach cruise port and Queen Mary

    You can walk the ship and do your own tour, this is included if you stay at the QM. You can also I believe pay for a tour but we have found it much more fun to explore the entire ship ourselves at our own leisure.
  4. azpilot

    Cabin selection help please

    If noise could be that big of an issue, I'd suggest booking a cabin between decks that have only cabins above and below you. With that being said, we have had a cabin with the main lounge below us and didn't hear any noise from it. I'm a pretty light sleeper so....
  5. azpilot

    MDR Attire on 3-4 Day from Long Beach/LA

    Nice shorts and T-shirt or polo shirt will be just fine. Been dressing like this for years on the cruises and never had an issue
  6. azpilot

    Junior suite questions

    We are in PHX as well, we normally come in the day before and stay on the Queen Mary overnight and then just walk over to the ship in the morning for checkin. We park in the parking structure for the ship when we arrive so we don't have to do anything else the next morning. We have been doing this for years. Any Suite guest gets priority embarkation and debarkation, but can't go to the cabins first thing unless you get the FTTF package. Suite and FTTF can pretty much check in as soon as they open up there is no set time for checkin and then you wait in your designation area in the new terminal until boarding. The new process is so much easier that they have setup. Really painless. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. azpilot

    Luggage Tags

  8. azpilot

    Staying overnight in Cabo Carnival cruise

    Just remember you stay overnight and for some reason the ship can not tender the next day, you will have to find a way to the next stop or home at that point. Not a good idea IMO
  9. We had no problems on our Alaska cruise last year, brought back some Fish and Chips and then took it our room and ate on the balcony as we left port. No problems at all with that.
  10. azpilot

    Paradise - Chef's Table Question

    Either going to be Day 4 or Day 5 on your cruise
  11. azpilot

    Long Beach boarding and Queen Mary

    Really? Just stayed there and its not falling apart by any means in fact they are redoing much of the ship and inside and out. we stay here several times a year and its only gotten nicer each time.
  12. Was there 2 weeks ago on a cruise, dome not completed and still a few weeks away from what Carnival was saying.
  13. azpilot

    Up-sell fairy

    We had an upsell email and I got a balcony cabin upgrade for an extra $10 for our cruise in April. I took it!
  14. azpilot

    Salsa Salsa excursion in Cabo San Lucas

    Wife and I did this in Cabo a few years ago. Tables sat 8, lots of fun making the salsa, margaritas (watered down) but still good. Here are a few pics
  15. azpilot

    Seattle hotel prices extremely high?

    Moore Hotel in Seattle, easy to walk around downtown, prices are pretty good and cheaper than the other hotels. Quiet and clean. Had no problems when we stayed there last year.