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  1. On 5/6/2020 at 10:14 AM, kelbell said:

    Could someone please tell me how do I see my FCC when I log into Carnival.


    Thank you.

    According to an email from Carnival, it will not show up in cruise manager, it only shows on your cabin confirmation email. Below is a portion of the email.


    "Please note this will not appear on your cruise manager however it will reflect on your revised guest confirmation listed under the Itemized Charges as On Board Credits and credits and coupons"



  2. 2 hours ago, TNcruising02 said:

    They know they won't be able to offer the cruises in April, so they could have cancelled them today.  They said they were going to have a decision today and they should have kept their word, even if it only involved April cruises.  Other cruise lines already announced cancellations, yet Carnival keeps putting it off.  This will only make people more likely to want a refund and not rebook.


  3. 9 hours ago, lizord said:

    All cruises till May 12 were removed from the site as well as all Carnival Miracle sailings till October have been removed. I expect the hear about these cruises cancelled on Friday. I don't understand why Miracles Alaska season has been removed while Spirit's is still being sold, maybe the gov. took carnival up on the medical ships offer and miracle will serve for San Francisco or L.A

    We're  booked on Spirit for April 27th. When we try to print luggage tags and boarding passes nothing is there. I assume they're holding off cancelling hoping people will rebook and fewer refunds will have to be issued.

  4. According to Carnival two days ago, the Alaska cruises were continuing as planned, but now I see that may not be true. Cruise hive is reporting the crew is having to disembark and scheduled cruises are cancelled. Makes sense considering Canada has closed their borders to large ships. Has anyone received an email from Carnival? I haven't, but would like to know one way or the other so I can cancel flights, etc.  Article link is  below.


  5. We are Platinum with Carnival, but haven't cruised with them since assigned boarding times began. 

    We're  sailing out of Seattle and our boarding time is 12:30 to 1:00. Does anyone know the earliest   we can board or if we can wait in a designated priority room? Im sure there are threads pertaining to this, but I couldn't  find them. Thanks in advance!

  6. Self rising or A/P flour?



    This is the actual recipe from carnival that I received when doing a behind-the-scenes tour(Sidenote excellent tour if you’ve never done it) you must use a very good dark chocolate and use extra fine baking sugar. I use ramekins just like in the picture. Comes out perfect every time. I have family that begs me to make this for special occasions.



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  7. Our LAST 3 cruises our cabin was extremely hot. Maintenance would check it and it was a consistent 78°. According to Carnival, anything between 74° to 78° is within Carnivals standards. Definitely too warm for us to sleep. We no longer cruise with Carnival for this reason!

  8. It is going to depend on the ship, port and personnel. There is a great big sign as you exit the ship that says no food or drink to be removed from the ship. I have watch security make a small child throw away a half eaten ice cream cone. I also know of people that pack a lunch from the Lido buffet at breakfast.


    Just be prepared to discard. Maybe don't go purchase a $5 coffee on your way off the ship. I love coffee too much to see it have to go in the trash.


    That sign cracks me up. Standing a few feet from it they always have a crew member standing there selling bottled water and the insulated carrier for it. We always take a snack off ship and never have a problem. Worst can happen, you have to discard it.

  9. I know Carnival supplies shampoo, but how decent is it?

    I already planned on bringing conditioner, so that's a no brainer, but if the shampoo isn't bad then I can save a little space in my suitcase.


    Wife is picky about hair products and brings a couple travel size bottles of her shampoo and conditioner. She also brings her own soap. For most men, the shampoo provided is fine.

  10. We cruised the Breeze April 3 - 9 to Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. We had been to GC and Coz before but this was the first trip to Ocho Rios. All in all we had a great time. All of the ports did not disappoint and we had plenty to do.


    The ship, however, did not live up to my expectations. The food was horrible! The breakfast buffet had a variety but was the same every single day, the scrambled eggs were the equivalent of a sponge and completely inedible and the breakfast meats were greasy and under cooked. The bagels and toast were pre-toasted and sitting under a heat lamp making them hard, rubbery and old tasting. I am by no means a foodie but I was very disappointed in the quality as well as the taste of the food. The Omelette station was pretty much the only place to actually get "fresh" tasting eggs, but the line, early or late was at least a 25-30 min wait every single day, in or out of port. The Omelettes were very very good and worth the wait!


    The tried the lunch buffet twice and found it absolutely terrible. The salads were pretty good but the entrees were just plain bad and not tasty at all. I don't understand why Carnival has resorted to covering every cut of meat or meat dish in some kind of sauce. It might be to cover the fact that they are using very low quality cuts of meat, but whatever it is, it's just not appetizing. Needless to say, The Guy's burgers were pretty much the lunch time go to place. One afternoon I decided to try the "Sea Dogs" but alas after trudging up there, I was informed that they had no hot dogs, just sausage. I was just a tiny bit upset but oh well. I remember the days of the lido grill with the grilled hamburgers and hot dogs available all afternoon and wish that were still an option. The deli was ok but I wasnt a big fan of the slapping the meat on pre-toasted bread and calling it a "grilled ham and cheese". Didn't try the BBQ as the lines were way too long and all I heard were people complaining that it just wasn't worth the wait.


    The MDR was visited only once because of the bad service and sub par menu choices. I had ordered the beef tenderloin cooked medium rare and it was fatty, grizzly and hard to chew, again, it was covered in some secret sauce that was just terrible tasting. I ate one piece and left the rest on the plate. The baked potato came in a bowl, uncut but turned out to be the best part of the dinner. The wedge salad was good as it is hard to mess up lettuce and the dressings were very tasty. My son ordered the grilled Mahi Mahi and it was rubbery and tasteless. Disappointing to say the least.


    The Italian restaurant on board was the best meal we had all week, but then again, I would expect it to be since we paid extra for it.


    The room steward was very nice but very pushy, he was extremely irritated when we were in our room when he decided that he wanted to service it at 7 am in the morning. I asked him for an extra pillow and he was openly exasperated with the request.


    The bartenders on board were the best! They always remembered who we were and what we drank and we never had to wait very long for a cocktail.


    The casino staff was top notch and the casino wait staff was as well.


    All in all, I liked the ship but I think it really needs some improvements in the culinary and staffing areas. I have never sailed anyone but Carnival and have always received the best service and enjoyed every other ship I have previously been on. The Breeze, however, just did not meet my expectations. Might be time to try another line or move back to the smaller ships.


    I've always said cruise food is quantity over quality. Do I go hungry, no, but I do find a good restaurant when we dock. I consider the ship an all inclusive resorts, less alcohol, and the food is definitely not on par with land resorts. But again, we always find something to eat.

  11. My worst nightmare has happened. We are cruising April 7 and I just found out I have a 2cm gallstone. I meet with a surgeon on Monday, who will most likely tell me I need gallbladder surgery. This is an elective surgery, and I have been controlling my symptoms with a low fat diet. Would you go on your cruise, knowing that you could possibly be in pain or worse if your symptoms flare up or would you try to have the surgery before the cruise? Yes, I have insurance, but this is my kids' spring break and we have had this planned for a year. :loudcry::loudcry::loudcry:


    I had my gallbladder removed and had zero pain. I was only out of work 5 days, 2 of which were weekend days. Everyone has different pain tolerance though, so I recommend asking your doctor's opinion. Something else to keep in mind, cruise food isn't the healthiest of food.

  12. We pretty much live in the spa on our cruises. For whatever reason, the spa staff ALWAYS trys to get you to come to the spa for your couples massages wearing the bathrobe from the room. We've never done it, as it would be really weird, but they do.


    One of the oddest things we've seen was on the last cruise we took out of Charleston last October. Everyday around lunch time we kept seeing people sleeping on the benches on the Lido Deck. I mean, why not go sleep in your cabin? Why didn't the staff wake them and tell them to go to their cabin? It was odd, but there were a lot of people doing it.


    They probably didn't go sleep in their cabin because they are so hot you can't sleep in them.

  13. I love Carnival, but it's been 9 years since my last cruise. I know Carnival has cut back on some costs in the last decade. Is there anything that you miss that Carnival used to offer that they don't offer now?


    From what I have read here in Cruise Critic, it appears that Carnival has cut back on:

    --no more mints on the pillows

    --no more lobster on the shorter cruises

    --no twice-a-day housekeeping on some ships

    --no past-guest party for non-platinum guests

    --no tablecloths on non-elegant nights in the dining room


    Anything else?


    A cool cabin! Not joking. It seems to be hit or miss on getting a cabin that's cool. We no longer cruise with Carnival because of it. Our last 3 cruises we were miserable trying to sleep. Not gonna pay that much money to have a cabin so hot you don't want to be in it. Maybe that's why they have increased the cabin temps, so you'll spend more while on board ;p

  14. No, but I read a great tip once on how to keep from forgetting anything in your safe, Put one shoe in the safe and put your belongings--passport, money, cell phone, etc.--in the shoe. You won't get off the ship wearing only one shoe so you will have to open the safe and get your stuff before you disembark.



    Awesome idea!!!

    I'm always paranoid about leaving something in the safe. Thanks for the tip.

  15. Some people are special, after all, right?


    Why should they wait with the great unwashed while they enjoy another drink on the Lido deck?


    Glad they were forced to do it... those are the same idiots who would panic and run roughshod over others in a real emergency!



    We missed the muster drill in Puerto Rico once. Not because we think we're special, or didn't want to stand with the great unwashed! In order to get to the airport on time we had to get up at 2:30 AM. Since sail away was at 10:00 PM, we laid down to catch a quick nap and simply slept through the announcements. We received a note the next day asking us to attend muster drill in the theatre, which we did. There are many reasons someone may miss it, don't be so quick to assume anything. I'll never understand why some people are so quick to judge and think the worst of others.

  16. You are entitled to your feelings, but I can see why it wouldn't be allowed. I would think young children could be frightened by such a large costume. I would also be annoyed if I met you and "your security" in the hallway and had to hug the wall to get by you, not to mention elevator and stairway issues it had to cause for other passengers. I may be mistaken, but don't you have to acknowledge your ticket contract when you check in on line? I'm all about having fun, but I also try and remember there are a few thousand other people on board who may not appreciate my version of fun. You also stated security pushed you, did anyone video this? That might strengthen your case with carnival. Sorry your cruise was ruined, I would have packed up my t Rex, had fun for the rest of the cruise and dealt with it when I got home.

  17. On another site John Heald recently asked if your cabin temperature was acceptable. Most said it was too warm, even hot! I know room temperature is subjective, but for those of us who are tired of paying alot of money for a cabin that's to hot to sleep in, lets do something about it. This is an issue that has been ongoing for several years. Maybe if we all sent an email to adonald@carnival.com

    someone would finally listen and do something about it.

  18. Did you by any chance take pictures of the menus in the MDR?


    I'm a dork, I know, but I like to know which nights we can skip the MDR, and which nights (spaghetti carbonana :D ) are not be missed!

    I also love the spaghetti carbonara and the first night when we go to dinner I always place a special request for it every night of the cruise. Haven't been turned down yet. Some nights its my main course, other an appetizer.

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