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  1. My wife and i both chuckled at the title of this thread and had the same question.

    Why would anyone NOT want to eat in the better restaurant?

    I know reasonable minds may differ, but we believe Blu to be head and shoulders better than the MDR and can’t imagine switching.


  2. Its sooo variable. I looked at a verandah on Edge just Wednesday morning and it was $1900. I tried to put it on courtesy hold real quick but couldn’t. At lunchtime when i had time to book it the price had DOUBLED to $3900. Yikes!

  3. 23 hours ago, kitty9 said:

    Can someone explain the whole IV thing?  I’ve looked at the pics on the X website, but it doesn’t explain much.  

    The IV differs from a traditional verandah or balcony. First of all it can be closed or open like the windows in your car. Sometimes by the ship, sometimes by you.

    it has been described as an oceanview where you can open the window.

    The complaints are mostly that if you open the folding door to the verandah, the AC in the cabin is disabled. Also, there are not curtains so if you wake early and go out on the balcony your companion will have the bright light too and cannot sleep in. The only cabins NOT equipped with IV are sunset verandah which are traditional balconies.

  4. The worst is “search engine” guy who asks if you tried the search engine!


    But seriously i prefer to think people are offering what advice they can, if they don’t know the answer (and in this case it varies) they recommend where you can go to find out. No one on here actually knows their specifics, so you aren’t going to get a direct answer anyway.

  5. Just to chime in, there are aft concierge balconies as well, category C1.

    You can keep your concierge points that way.

    I think there are a total of 4 possible aft view cabin categories:

    sunset verandah, C1 concierge, Suites, and on some ships Family Verandahs.

    If i missed one, someone is sure to correct me.

  6. And just to chime in, you may be just fine with a one device plan. What it really means is one device at a time. When you are connected and he wants to be, he simply logs in and it disconnects your session. You can then log back in and end his session etc. So, unless you really need two at the same moment, one plan will suffice. We usually do it that way, and if we both just have to be connected simultaneously the second person uses their 90 minutes.

  7. 16 hours ago, ak1004 said:

    We always book inside cabin because we spend very little time in the cabin


    If we had an inside cabin, we wouldn’t spend much time there either, but we LOVE our verandah. We have breakfast there, read there, watch sunrise,sunset, look for flying fish, dolphins, or whales. The sound of the waves against the ship is enchanting like the surf at the beach it’s our favorite place to be, AND can be affordable, on our 13 night cruise a balcony guarantee was the same or less than inside and oceanview.

  8. It is awkward to order them, after you hit the button, the screen goes blank, no confirmation is provided. The luggage tags do eventually show up though, but my comfort level was low.....

  9. You might like the C1 (concierge) cabins on deck 12, they have more of an overhang. Plus you’re on the same deck as the pool. One downside to ALL the aft cabins is the afternoon sun when sailing east is right in the window and the heat can be brutal.

  10. No, and yes. (Depending)

    First the no. However sometimes there are sales before you cruise, watch your cruise planner and stay tuned here or on your roll call for alerts.


    In my opinion the premium is worth the difference IF you specify the brand of liquor. Either package will get you a martini, BUT if you have premium you can specify Grey Goose for instance. If you don’t ask, you don’t get as they say.

  11. I agree the 3 night package is not a great value. The 4 night is only $20 more, wouldn’t you eat in a specialty restaurant for $20?

    As an alternative to the 3 night deal, you can usually get the first night at a discount and then shop for discounts during your cruise. There is usually someone near the buffet,sometimes at a podium, sometimes at a table, trying to get reservations and offering discounts. Another option is to attend any cooking demonstrations in the specialty restaurants (they’re thinly veiled sales promotions) and ask. We’ve even been stopped in the elevator on our way to Blu.

  12. My sweet wife has a saying “people on vacation sometimes forget to pack their manners”. I’ve seen rude (or ugly) behavior too, the worst was an adult male nearly knocking an elderly lady down trying to beat her into the elevator mumbling about catching his flight.....


    i hope the people mentioned are OFF the silhouette when we board in a couple of weeks!

  13. A change in gratuity from 18 to 20% should NOT make any difference in Celebrity’s profit and loss, as it goes to the crew anyway. There are so many comments on here about people tipping above 18% already that I’m surprised this was needed. As far as changing after you booked your cruise, i guess if you purchased a package already, you are locked in at 18%, buy one now, or pay as you go and its 20%.

  14. I don’t have RECENT experience on the Constellation but i can tell you that we LOVED the ship. This is the only M class ship we have sailed on and there were many things i liked better than S class (Aft elevators for one). Yes, its older, and probably would be better after it goes through drydock, but i would sail on it again if the itinerary was a good fit.

    We once wanted to sail on a BRAND NEW ship, to see the difference. Only a month or two after going into service. Guess what? There was  rust in spots and wear if you looked for it. The Ocean is relentless! 


    Just have an open mind, as the song says “i aint as good as i once was, but im as good once as i ever was”

  15. Your room service breakfast will NOT come from Blu kitchens. You can have breakfast from Blu only by going there, and it’s excellent by the way! 

    You do get a better breakfast menu than a non Aqua cabin, but it’s prepared in the same kitchen.

    No room service on the last day.

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