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  1. Yes you do get a new email with the status moved. However mine were shipped after I was supposed to receive them so that was a bit disconcerting. They were listed for no later than Friday. I called to check Sat and learned they had not shipped. But they arrived on Monday amazingly.
  2. I ordered 3 packs of two the day that they went on sale with Royal - Sept 8. Expedited delivery was to be by Friday Sept 10. On Sat Sept 11 they had not even shipped. Quick scare. Somehow they did arrive just today. I ordered them with 3 cruises in mind - in 2 weeks, 6 weeks and mid-February. However the expiration dates are not quite long enough for my February cruise and Abbott/Optum won't take them back for fear I could contaminated them. You've been warned. Good luck with your orders.
  3. Thanks. I'd summarize the responses by saying no one knows anything for certain (which is how Royal likes it) except we all know/feel free upgrades are less common than sightings of the Loch Ness Monster (which is also how Royal likes it).
  4. Thanks both. How dare they! Kidding. Really no surprise. If there is any opportunity for such an upgrade I think it is now with partially filled boats. The surprise would be for someone sailing soon to give us info to the contrary. I've got about 5 weeks till I return.
  5. Years ago a benefit was added for D+ and Pinnacle guests for a free cabin upgrade when available. I was lucky enough to get one about a decade ago. Now there is Royal Up. Yet the D+/Pinnacle benefits still note "We may offer reduced rate upgrades" to D+ and Pinnacle guests. Does anybody know, does the Royal Up app take into account whether an offer comes from a D+/Pinnacle guest and has built into its algorithm to accept an equal (or perhaps even a lower ) offer from such a guest? Or is this C&A "reduced rate upgrade offer" benefit something that happens entirely outside of Royal Up and perhaps after all the Royal Up offers have been considered and accepted? Thanks.
  6. Thanks to those who confirmed what I remembered about Oasis coming to NY back then. Getting old and glad to know I still remember it right now and then.
  7. I have a recollection that on Oasis' inaugural sail over from Europe it stopped in NY and docked on the West Side for a day or two and tours were offered to those considered important. So this was not its first time under the Verrazzano. But I have nothing to back that up except vague recollection. Anybody else recall this?
  8. I have credits in the name of my now 14 year old niece and 20 year old daughter. I paid their fares on my credit card yet my TA is telling me the credits can only be used when they sail. So, fine, give me a refund at 100% rather than the 125% FCC. Making no headway so far. Credits in my name and my wife's are a mess as well. Can't tell what has been applied to current reservations. Really disappointing the way that RCL has handled.
  9. I just want to clarify that I'm as confused about what that article says about Spring Break trouble as I think most of you will be. (I say to myself) Can it really be true that Spring Break trouble is caused more by non-students as that article suggests? I have trouble believing that. But I thought I would share the article given that data surprise.
  10. Perhaps behind the scenes that hard(er) line Spring Break week stance does exist. But while travelling with parents? I wish I could find some articles about Spring Breakers causing problems while travelling with parents (land or sea). That would probably set me straight on the hard line stance. Though not related to cruising (or parents travelling with Spring Break "kids") I thought the following article on Spring Break trouble was interesting given that those charged under 25 years were just 14% of this sample. And perhaps less than 10% were students. And then it was 11 of 97 were students the following weekend which is also not much more than 10% of the problem: But Miami Beach's finger-wagging at college students may have been misguided. Arrest data from one of this year's first major spring break weekends show that many of those charged with committing crimes were locals, the homeless, or older tourists. Of 51 arrests reviewed by New Times, only seven involved out-of-state visitors younger than 25. Only three police reports clearly identified the arrestee as a student. Whole article link: https://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/miami-beach-spring-break-2019-college-students-arent-the-problem-arrest-data-suggests-11130260
  11. I shared this thread with my TA and he let me listen in on his call with Royal. First a regular agent denied him and then he asked to go up the ladder where he was denied again although the agent agreed, as was noted by not-enough-cruising above, age would not matter if the kids were married. Cruise a holic suggested getting two suites. We booked late, it's Spring break week and kids are out of college. We got the last remaining cabin bigger than a junior suite. This isn't an Oasis class ship which tends to have a few of those 17th floor suites (which I love) available till late. Many thanks.
  12. Thanks again to all. I will aim to follow-up on the end result but it may not be until the cruise in March. I'm not trying to find a way to get the suite benefits for all 4 travelers, just for my wife and I who will be in the suite. I'm trying to have the trip be stress free with no awkward confrontations at venues, no extra waiting around for managers and supervisors but it if makes a difference even up to check-in time, that would be fine. One of the more recent comments was it is their ship and their rules. Usually you make most rules a bit more extreme so they can be bent a little on a case by case business and still be reasonably. As a comparison, how often do you get a speeding ticket for doing 60 in a 55 zone. 55 is the rule so it could happen but I think most would that would be unreasonable. We are not looking for permission for the "kids" to stand on the balcony railing as was done recently. I'm all for Royal permanently barring that traveler.
  13. Thanks Shilly Shally. I'm bugging my TA at the moment. But I like that you suggest I should be optimistic if it takes till check in.
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