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  1. So true! If you will use the tux again and make it worth the money you spend, go for it. However, we have found that Alaska cruises are even more casual than Caribbean or European cruises and our last Alaska cruise was 10 or 12 years ago. 🙂
  2. My DD and her hubby and a few of their friends did this on a cruise a few years ago and loved it. DD is a real wine lover and a food snob to boot, and in general is not a fan of cruise food, but she and all of their party LOVED everything at Chef's Table. I have no personal experience, but DD was definitely impressed and I would trust her judgment. If you go, I hope you have a great experience! 🙂
  3. They are great if you enjoy a hockey puck on a bun !!!! LOL!
  4. Bread pudding with vanilla sauce (usually served during afternoon snacks) in the Windjammer ! Most any of the bread/rolls served at dinner.
  5. ..or something light from Room Service if dinner has to be a little later. 🙂
  6. If you were/are outdoors by your self or with just members of your household, I agree, BUT if you are/were outdoors in a gathering with others and NOT socially distanced then you most certainly should wear a mask.
  7. Tauck has a great reputation. I have not personally taken a river cruise with them, but family members and friends have. They all have said how well organized and efficient the Tauck cruises are. Every detail is taken care of. You basically just show up and enjoy ! 🙂
  8. I know...the poor thing. I feel sad for her. It is really kind of pitiful. ;-(
  9. I have not heard that term before. The British do so love their tea! Good for them. 🙂
  10. Thanks for all the kind comments( Including all posters here!) about my explanation of afternoon vs. high tea. I know many people are confused about the two terms. I think it is always a good thing when we know the "truth" even if it is a very small truth. LOL!
  11. The picture shown is not high tea, but rather afternoon tea. High tea is served later in the day and is like supper...something like a simple casserole or soup and bread. I am not trying to be snarky. I hope no one takes offense. 🙂
  12. "for reals"...is that like "totes adorbs". Sounds like someone is VERY young ?
  13. Popeye's Classic chicken sandwich is delicious. I am not a huge fan of fast food sandwiches(although I have eaten my share! and probably more), but IMO the Popeye's chicken sandwich is a notch above. Ironically, I did not like the chicken pieces nearly as much...tasty ,but the sandwich is the best!!
  14. Thank you for the heads-up on the OP. I did a little "research" and I get your drift. From now on, I will read the whole thread! 🙂
  15. I have not read every post in this thread, so not sure if this has been mentioned. If so, I apologize. Yes, the food was better years ago...higher quality as cb at sea says. The other thing that was higher was the price of a cruise !
  16. Hi Bill...Glad to see your post! Hope you and Rita are well. Laura
  17. We loved listening to the "Rosario Strings", mostly in the Centrum before dinner. This was many years ago. Sometimes they would stroll through the dining room during dinner and play requests. I think there may have been more than one group who used this name, but all with similar format . They could play pretty much anything on their violins and other "strings". Anyone else remember them? 🙂
  18. Also, someone who has no passport (by her own admission) and only cruises to the Caribbean, obviously has never taken a transatlantic voyage of any sort and should not be offering any advice on them. Personal experience, CB.
  19. Pay no attention toCB. This "advice" is just another of her constantly repeated stock posts. Her favorite line is "you're a family now, so that's how you vacation" She doesn't get it that some vacation options are more suited (or not) to young children. Speaking from personal experience, our grand-daughter accompanied us and the rest of the family on a cruise at about 20 months, and my daughter said "never again". It all depends on the child and the family make-up. I hope whatever you choose results in a wonderful vacation for all. 🙂
  20. I hope mr. "luxury lines" doesn't ever get caught in the rain...his nose is so far up in the air, he'll drown ! (evil grin emoji here!)
  21. Thanks for that info. We have not stayed there for a while, but the buffet was included at that time when booking with VT. I think buffets everywhere may be gone for quite a while! 🙂
  22. I say ditto to this post. We have stayed here at least 4 times and book through Valutrips. Rooms are large clean and comfortable and they used to offer a complimentary breakfast buffet (not sure if this is still the case).
  23. I am pretty sure that he is not with Royal any more. Irky from Turkey. He was the best trivia guy ever! Funny, personable...a real delight. 🙂
  24. This is the best thread !!! Thank you Ukigirl for your humor and creativity. You made me laugh and really brightened up my day. Also, your "waiter" is very handsome!!! My best wishes to you and the "waiter" for good health and happiness as we all get through this. 🙂
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