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  1. I have always used my Cheers to get coffee the morning of debarkation, even after 6AM. I only had to pay tax since it was a US port.
  2. I am cruising on the Vista soon and am thinking of trying Jiji Asian Kitchen for dinner. I know it is served family style and the number of items you can order is determined by the number of people. If there are just 2 of us, how many items from each category can we order? Is it just one per category for us to share? Does anyone have any items they would recommend? ji-ji-asian-kitchen-dinner-menu.pdf
  3. True, but if you are planning on visiting the steakhouse anyways, which I am, it makes sense to do it on the first night for the free bottle of wine.
  4. I have actually purchased Cheers in the past. I did love the freedom to order anything I wanted any time I wanted. I found myself drinking way more, both alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, than I typically would just to get my money's worth. That is way too many unnecessary calories. Six drinks a day for 7 days straight is a lot for me.
  5. Does it really matter what you use the VISA/MC gift cards for? Use them to purchase your groceries and then the cash you would have used for the groceries can now be put towards your cruise expenses. Use them to purchase clothes and other items like sunscreen for the cruise, etc.
  6. I just don't think I would get my money's worth on the Cheers package and am looking for ways to save money on drinks. I have no intention of smuggling alcohol. I know each adult can bring on a bottle of wine. I know you can purchase bottles of liquor through the Fun Shop to be delivered to your cabin. I know you get a free bottle of wine the first night in the steakhouse. I also know there is a drink of the day for $1 off. What other ways can I save money on drinks on-board. I have heard about happy hour specials for 1/2 drinks. I have actually never seen this on-board. Can any one give me more details about when and where these happy hour specials take place? Also any other tips for saving money on rinks would be helpful. Thanks
  7. I always check in oline using a credit card for my Sail & Sign. Then sometime during the cruise whenever there is no line, so not the first day, I visit guest services and apply my gift cards. They will use the gift cards before using the credit card. Be sure to get a receipt when you apply the gift cards. My sister's cards were never applied to her account and had she not have had the receipts, she wouldn't have been able to prove it.
  8. Thanks, but the AARP gift cards are cheaper. They are $90 for a $100 gift card.
  9. My husband and I are supposed to cruise in 4 weeks with my family. We have pre-purchased Cheers and gratuities. My husband will not be going on the cruise. If he is a no show, will I get his Cheers and gratuities refunded or should I just cancel them outright? I would still like Cheers for myself if possible. I pre-paid using gift cards so I assume the gift cards will be refunded.
  10. I get there is nothing Carnival can do, but I would be so upset if I had to sleep on yoga mats with a bunch of strangers. What about people that have health problems or are elderly? Does anyone know how many days are left on the cruise? Personally, I would demand to be flown home at the next port. There is no way I could spend my cruise like that.
  11. What do they do with all the passengers whose cabins were flooded? It's not like they have a bunch of empty cabins to put them in.
  12. You can actually order an alcoholic drink and a non-alcoholic drink at the same time. I ordered a Long Island, but I also wanted a Coke. I asked if I had to wait 5 minutes for my Coke and was told I could order one alcohol and one non-alcoholic together.
  13. I would absolutely move to the Lido deck.
  14. My husband and I recently tried Cheers for the first time. We have never, ever come close to having a bar bill the amount of the Cheers package, but we were always cost conscious. This time, we decided to splurge on the package. We loved it. We came nowhere near the 15 drinks per day limit. We may have had 5 or 6 drinks each in a day tops, but we loved being able to try new drinks and not worrying about wasting our money if we didn't like them. We really got our money's worth with the non-alcoholic drinks included. We were at the coffee shop constantly getting specialty coffees and milkshakes. We also got a lot of bottled water and energy drinks.
  15. Has anyone ever pre-paid their gratuities and still been charged on the ship?
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