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  1. I booked a last minute cruise 4 weeks from sailing date and I had to make a full payment upon booking. 3 days later the price dropped and HAL still gave me OBC for the price difference 🙂
  2. I will be travelling with my 8 month old in a couple weeks and the best tip I found so far was to get magnetic hooks and cheap blackout curtains to make a separate dark sleep space for the little one. The cabin ceiling (and walls) are metal so you can hang the curtains up. I will be trying this myself soon as I expect we will have some earlier nights in the cabin and hopefully this helps our son sleep without having my husband and I sitting in a pitch dark room lol. The hooks can also be used on the wall for extra storage.
  3. Hello All! We will be doing the Alaska inside passage cruise in September going to Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan. We are avid cruisers but this will be our first time to Alaska and our first time cruising with a baby! Our boy will be 8 months old when we cruise and was wondering if any of you have been on any excursions you’d recommended that is suitable for a baby? I’ve checked our personalized excursion pdf but the ones that appear to be suitable (but perhaps may not be) only list child prices with no minimum age restrictions. I’ve called the excursion line but they also could not provide any additional info. Obviously we won’t be considering active excursions such as hikes or canoeing. We’ll check with the excursion staff onboard who are more familiar with the specifics just to be sure, but any suggestions from your past experiences would be helpful too! And perhaps the best option really is to just walk around town (which we don’t mind) but we’d like to know all of our options so I’m trying to do as much research as I can! Thanks!
  4. Yea I looked at the personalized excursion pdf and it had child prices but no age restrictions listed. It just occurred to me that I should have just asked all you experienced cruisers for tips on excursions! I will make a new post to ask for any tips/tricks for excursions/city walks with a baby 🙂
  5. Thanks for all the info everyone! I called the cruise excursion line for more info but the lady wasn’t super helpful and couldn’t tell me any age restrictions. We won’t be booking any excursions until we board the cruise so that we get more info from the staff who are more familiar with the excursions.
  6. Hello, We will be travelling with an 8 month old baby in about a month and we would like to do the Tracy Arm Excursion. I’m wondering what the restroom situation is on the catamaran? The tour is 6 hours so we will need to do a couple diaper changes. I’m not expecting a diaper change area in the restroom but was wondering if it’s big enough for both my husband and myself to be in there at the same time so that he can hold baby up while I do the diaper change? Or is it a super small restroom and would be better to do a quick diaper change in a quiet corner of the boat? Thanks!
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