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  1. Will cruise companys ever install hepa filter systems in their ships ventalation systems. I believe it would help stop or slow down the transfer of virus through out the ship. What do you think? Do the cruise lines care enough about their customers to do what is right to protect them.
  2. we are still a little over 300 days out from out next cruise and will wait to sept. to make a decision. We will only lose our deposit which is a couple of hundred dollars.
  3. My wife and I will be on the Emerald in January 2021 that is why I wanted to know about how to determine which ships can go through the old or new locks. Well here it is: The old locks max. length of a ship is 1200ft. the max beam is 93 1/2 ft. so the Emerald will be going through the new locks because her beam is over the max allowed. The info came from the panama canal web site.
  4. We are doing a particle canal cruise and looking at this tour to do the rest of the canal. Have you done this tour? If so tell us what you like about it and if you would do it again. Panama Canal & Locks Transit by Boat PC1-615 | Panama Canal Partial Transit
  5. How do you determine which locks a ship can go through? New locks or old locks? Max size for each locks? I can't find the info I need. Help.
  6. I have never really thought about it but when is the best time to book a tour? I booked a cruise that is a little over a year off and want to get a particular tour that is very popular. So I want to book as soon as I can. What is the furthest out you have booked a tour?? Also do they require payment now or when you take the tour?
  7. My wife and I are looking at the Crown for a transatlantic and British Isle cruise in april 2021. When would be the beat time to book and does princess offer any deals for this type of cruise? This will be our first transatlantic and European cruise.
  8. My wife and I done a 28 day south pacific cruise on the star in april this year and loved it. The ship is an older model but the crew done their best to make everyone comfortable. We were in room A746 with the extra large balcony and it was very nice. the room was close to the rear pool (about 25 paces), close to the rear elevators so the dinning room was easy to get to. the entertainment was good not great. you had to get to the main theater early for a good seat. the theater is old and some of the seats are not good to sit in, so watch where you sit. hot tub and kiddy pool and sun bathing area are close to your room. oh and the buffet is right next to the aft pool , so you are close to everything. the food was to us just average cruise ship food. let me know if I can help any more.
  9. What time does princess start boarding in LongBeach?
  10. Leaving for the port and am wondering, what time does princess (Star) start boarding?
  11. We just rented one with enterprise through Costco. They will pick you up , all you do is call when you get in.
  12. Thanks, we have a car rented in Kakalui, the one island we are going to that we have never been to. The rest we will just take uber ,bus or taxi.
  13. We are not doing tours on these islands since we have been before on different trips. This is our first cruise there and was wondering what is the best way to get to the shopping areas and some local places to eat? Rent car, Uber, Lyft, Taxi? wife wants to shop a little and I will just roam around with her. Let me know what you have done on your on there.
  14. bobnfl

    Tours in Hilo

    Check TripAdvisor they have lots of tour and tour operators listed.
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