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  1. So for me, it's purely a comfort issue. It's hard to squeeze between tables placed that closely together. I understand why it won't happen - but to be honest, some of the extra distance between tables is something I had hoped might stay after things return to normal.
  2. I'm having a similar issue. We changed our cruise. The app didn't update with the new information, so I removed the cruise but when I try to add it back, now the App doesn't recognize the reservation number as valid...
  3. I'm jealous! I'd love to do the Hawaii cruise, but it's hard for me to take off that much time from work.
  4. We love the smaller ships. The crew feels like they have a bit more time to get to know the passengers (although that may also be caused by the longer sailings), they're easy to move around on and (to me) have more interesting itineraries. I believe DCL also holds some reservations out for on-board bookings at Palo, so even if you can't find them on line, you should be able to get in. Also, check back regularly to see if something opened up. It does happen. @gometros - Kungaloosh!!!
  5. We were in Disney two weeks ago when it was over 90 almost every day. I'd arrive at temperature checks already feeling hot and sweaty, but never ran into an issue with a high temperature, even mid-afternoon. They also had 'cooling tents' for people who did have a high temp - they could go sit in the cool, drink some water and try again before being denied entry. I would assume that the cruise ships would do something similar because of just the situation you described.
  6. Yes. I would much rather resume travelling, even if it means wearing a mask.
  7. You may be able to use the free Disney transfer back to the airport (just give them a flight number that leaves about 3 hours after the time you want to leave your hotel) and then purchase Royal transfers from the airport to the port. That should be a bus, similar to Disney's transfers. With the amount of traffic in the port Canaveral area, I wouldn't be comfortable walking just me from port to the other (even if Disney did let you buy a transfer when you're not cruising with them).
  8. I love my Travelon bag. (Although I must admit, while all the security features are wonderful, I think the best feature is that I can carry two 20 oz bottles in the pockets on the ends! ) https://www.ebags.com/product/travelon/ant-theft-classic-cross-body-bucket-bag/261878?productid=10607817
  9. We loved Misty Fjords!! Also, for Juneau, if the clouds are low, you probably won't want to do the Mt Roberts tram - you won't be able to see anything. If you can find a Mendenhall Glacier tour that doesn't include it, you can always walk up and do the tram very easily. It's right there at port.
  10. *my 3-in-1 coat (has a detachable inside layer and hood) *new travel space bags for packing all my cold weather gear together so that it takes up less space (just be aware that it will add weight to your checked back for flying) *a multi-usb charging port *a usb backup for the pictures on my phone
  11. Congrats on the deal!!! I added it to my room, too (Emerald, Sept '21). We normally don't drink package because we don't drink enough for the value - but the cost was low enough that we felt like while we may not quite drink the cost value, being able to pay it out and not having to find soda to lug on board made the difference worth while.
  12. As I get closer for time to start planning for my cruise next fall, I know I'll be here a lot! Thank you all (in advance) for your help!!
  13. Last Sunday we joined the line between 6:30 and 6:45 and it was already around the Main Dining room. I was distracted by the fight among passengers when we started moving (seriously - they called security over it), so I didn't notice what time we actually began leaving the ship. However, we were at the airport to check bags around 8.
  14. When we were in Boston last year on Anthem, the line for the HOHO near the port was 3-4 busses worth of people long. We had thought about booking, but after seeing the line, decided to Uber into town and walk the Freedom Trail (which was easy and really cool!) It may have been the time of day (we got off fairly quickly after the gangway opened), but just something to be aware of.
  15. We rented a car in St. John's and drove out to St. Andrews by-the-sea. It was a spectacular 45-60 drive and the town was lovely. We could see the difference in the Bay of Fundy tide from when we arrived and before we left about 3 1/2 hours later. If you go down to the light house, there are steps to the sea floor. It's a summer resort town - we were there about this time last year and there was hardly anyone there. Probably my favorite day from that cruise!
  16. I know it wasn't full menu. If I remember correctly, we received a couple of appetizers (including the guac) and your choice of one or two of the entrees - but it's been quite a while, so I may be misremembering. Sorry!
  17. Depending on where you're renting from, you may consider spending the little bit of money for a cab to pick up your car. For my family (admittedly out of shape), the hill/mountain that we had to go up and down to get to Enterprise was a rough start to our day. The car rental was absolutely worth it though. We went the other direction out to St. Andrews. No caves, but we could walk on the sea floor and got some stunning views of difference in the Bay with the tide going out.
  18. We thought the Guacamole/margarita tasting (under activities in the cruise planner) was a better deal than the dinner. That price includes a drink!
  19. Hello! I'm just starting to plan for my cruise next year out of Montreal, but I wanted to thank you for the wealth of information!!
  20. You may mention this later (I'm only on page 5 right now), but this is the BEST spot for stargazing at night! There are hardly any lights, so you can see a million stars.
  21. Make sure you're not over or under Boleros. I was over them on my cruise and I could understand the words of the songs in my stateroom. I will say, the band was great! But it was too loud in my stateroom. Loved the Empress and am looking forward to sailing on her next year!
  22. And I would echo with, never book a cabin directly over Boleros, either. And after that experience, it goes hand in hand with my, never book an inside gty stateroom again, rule! That said - the sound quality of the amplification system in Boleros is impressive! :-)
  23. We did this in January and did not get any souvenir items. I have to admit, we laughed when we booked it - we're from Texas and know how to make guac. However, the food/beverage inclusions made this a less expensive option to full dinner at Sabor. We had a great time - enjoyed the food and drinks!
  24. Hi! From what I've been able to piece together, the private journey is more expensive, but I'll get a more personalized tour experience. Although with the private car, that still does allow for some personalization on the tour. I think I'm going to have to really chew on this...
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